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AppTrana Website Security Scan For Your WordPress Site


    Data loss and theft continue to escalate, and barely a day goes by without significant headline gaps. Most of these data losses are caused by malicious attacks, in which the exploitation of web application vulnerabilities is one of the most common vectors of cyber attacks.

    A breach of application security is a problem that everyone must face, and regardless of the size of your company, your web applications are subject to cyber attacks. Hackers violate the sites for various reasons: some do so for reputation, others for information on the competition, some of which are just for financial gain.

    Regardless of the reason, the cost of a security breach is always greater than the cost of protection, leading to data loss, significant financial loss, and most of all, loss of customer trust. If you are a small or medium business starting to make your mark, those date violations can be fatal.

    AppTrana Website Security Scan For Your WordPress Site

    What is more worrying is that the cost of a violation and the scope of violations are growing exponentially year after year, and all of these points indicate that existing solutions are ineffective. When it comes to application security, WAF (Web Application Firewall) is one of the best-known defenses.

    While most existing solutions do not protect your organization from such attacks, they do adopt a one size fits all approach. The WAF generally includes standard rules without understanding the specific needs of the application. The dangers of such an approach are:


    • There is very little understanding of the application, and application-specific vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit are not protected.
    • Most scanners are ineffective when it comes to heavy single page JavaScript based pages. Furthermore, gaps in the vulnerability of business logic can only be identified through the ballpoint pen test. The results of these scanners are initially inadequate and most of the time WAF does not accurately identify the protection.
    • Out-of-the-box rules are good in an ideal setting. But as in life, real-world applications are far from ideal, leading to many false positives and false negatives, rendering the solution ineffective.
    • Proper WAF implementation requires the development of standard rules to meet the specific needs of the application, but unfortunately, this requires a lot of experience and time, which are not easy to find.

    All of this leads to poor implementation of website security, and the correct vulnerabilities remain undetectable, where WAF is most often implemented in monitor mode, for fear of FPs. AppTrana is Indusface’s revolutionary solution that was created specifically to address these shortcomings in existing cloud security solutions. AppTrana provides an extremely managed, highly reliable, and extremely convenient SaaS solution for protecting web applications.

    What is AppTrana?

    AppTrana is an application security solution designed to help businesses monitor, detect, block, and secure applications and websites against hack attempts, security threats, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.


    The platform comes with a vulnerability detection feature, which lets organizations conduct automated security scans to ensure safety against unknown vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. AppTrana includes manual pen-testing, which assists professionals with testing networks or web applications using authorized simulated cyberattacks to evaluate and improve security measures.

    The solution offers a host of features such as false-positive tracking, custom security patches, a 360-degree view of security status, guided and authenticated scans, real-time updates, and more. Users can also enable captcha challenges to protect content as well as avoid unauthorized access across websites.

    AppTrana’s bot rule mitigation tool lets you create enterprises, implement, and manage custom rules to facilitate protection and security against bot attacks. Furthermore, the web application firewall (WAF) allows the filtering, monitoring, and blocking of HTTP traffic, ensuring compliance with PCI DSS compliance standards.

    Indusface ‘s AppTrana provides a fully managed web application firewall included with content acceleration and cloud CDN. All you will have to do is route your traffic through the AppTrana Service hosted in multiple regions in AWS data centers by Indusface.

    AppTrana comes out of the box with streamlined core rule sets that can be put into locked mode instantly. Based on the streamlined core rule set that Indusface has developed by doing security assessments of thousands of other websites. Once incorporated, customers can do an automated on-demand security assessment of the website and gain instant visibility into whether they are already protected by WAF or require custom rules.

    Those who require custom rules can be requested from the centralized portal and Indusface’s 24 × 7 MSS team will create a custom rule with Zero WAF’s false positive guarantee and protect them. Website performance is improved through a bundled CDN included in the service.

    The AppTrana plan is available as a subscription service along with a free 14-day trial. Free trial logs are automatically enrolled in a free basic plan forever that includes automated security scanning twice a month for your website.

    How is AppTrana different?

    AppTrana is the only solution on the market, as claimed by the company, which takes a more comprehensive approach when it comes to application security. Unlike traditional vendors, AppTrana does not provide default rules and asks customers to manage them. But rather starts by understanding the application’s risk profile through its detection module which scans the application for vulnerabilities. Based on the detection, rules are written and adjusted to meet the application needs to ensure there is no FP with FN the least.

    This rule was changed by AppTrana security experts who have years of experience handling WAF security for thousands of sites, so they know what they are doing. The expert team constantly monitors the security room and keeps updating the rules, ensuring all zero-day vulnerabilities are immediately protected. Not only that, in the case of FP due to new changes in the application, but the team will also immediately change the rules to make sure the problem is resolved immediately without the need to open WAF and move the rules to log mode. In general, all applications under AppTrana protection have rules in block mode.

    Benefits of AppTrana

    Indusface addresses the issue of application security differently than traditional providers. With AppTrana, organizations can identify vulnerabilities in the application through superior quality automatic scans (manual penetration tests performed by experts). This ensures that an organization understands the risk position of your application in advance.

    AppTrana’s advanced scanner works perfectly with next-generation JS-based heavy sites. And is built from the bottom with WAF integration in mind, allowing you to learn from WAF traffic insights and report the status of vulnerability to WAF for protection. AppTrana enables organizations to provide immediate website protection through a virtual patch with the WAF module. With AppTrana, organizations can get:

    • Protection in minutes with zero downtime throughout the transition,
    • Access to a scalable and highly scalable PCI infrastructure for the security of scalable web applications up to terabytes of data without client configuration,
    • Ability to detect vulnerabilities, protect them through expertly created virtual patches, and gain 24-hour visibility for risk posture through AppTrana’s integrated portal.
    • Wait 24 hours a day, experts monitor site protection against sophisticated DDOS attacks and
    • The integrated CDN ensures that customers are not forced to choose between speed and security.
    • With AppTrana, organizations can focus on business without worrying about the security, speed, and availability of their website.

    With this approach, AppTrana ensures that security is optimized to meet the specific needs of the application, ensuring zero false positives. Additionally, AppTrana provides expert 24-hour monitoring and support to mitigate DDOS attacks on sophisticated applications, ensuring the availability of your site.

    Features of Apptrana that compel you to use AppTrana

    If you are an online business owner, you need a website security solution that is easy to implement. That provides adequate instant protection with rules in blocking mode and eliminates the pain of administration and continuous updates.

    There are plenty of cloud-based solutions for that, but AppTrana by Indusface is by far the best. AppTrana is a fully managed, reliable, and affordable SaaS (software as a service) solution to protect your web applications. Thousands of global online businesses trust AppTrana, including Reliance Insurance, National Stock Exchange, HDFC Life, Tata Motors, etc. Here are some major features of Apptrana:

    1. Application vulnerability scanner

    Scanning is the first step in running a secure business. Hackers are more motivated to target applications to bring down critical business processes. It is essential that you find all kinds of vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. With AppTrana, you get a combination of automatic and manual scanning to search for common security issues including SQLi, XSS, CSRF, etc. It is capable of automatic scanning and manual penetration testing to identify application risks.

    2. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    The most important barrier to the proper use of WAF is that it requires skills to maintain and update, which is continuously time-consuming. As a business owner, you would prefer to focus on your product and sales. The general WAF comes with ready-to-use standard rules without understanding the specific needs of the application. The dangers of such approaches are:

    • Little knowledge of the application context, so the particular application vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit are left unprotected.
    • Most scanners are ineffective when it comes to dynamic/heavy JavaScript sites.
    • Gaps in business logic vulnerabilities can only be found through the pencil test. The imported results of such scanners are initially inadequate, and most WAF modules do not accurately protect against such substantial risks.
    • The ready-to-use rules are reasonable in an ideal setting. However, real-world applications are far from perfect, leading to many false positives & false negatives, rendering the solution ineffective.
    • Proper WAF implementation requires fine-tuning of the standard rules to meet the specific needs of the application, but unfortunately, this takes a lot of experience and time.

    AppTrana WAF addresses the issue to eliminate the hassle of configuring and managing the security of the client application. It is capable of learning the application of traffic information to provide exceptional protection. Risks are mitigated by virtual WAF patches, which means there is no need to restart the application. You have the following options:

    • Advanced Rules: Rules written by security experts that come with a zero false positive guarantee.
    • Premium Rules: Complex rules for enhanced protection that may be generated by some FPs based on the design and behavior of individual applications. These are applied in registration mode, monitored, and adjusted to guarantee Zero FP for an application before putting them in block mode. An onboard site for AppTrana protection onboard with Advanced Rules in block mode. This means protection for the site will begin immediately. To avoid FP and normal service interruptions, any rules that they suspect are vulnerable to FP are put into log mode at this point in time. After the site is installed, a service request is sent to the MSS team who will monitor traffic patterns for 14 days and based on the logs observed for this rule, will determine whether this rule is in log mode triggered for each original user/request. If there are cases, they change the specific rules for the application to avoid FP without causing FN. After changes are made, this rule is moved to block mode, and the site is considered protected by Premium Rules. Users can check this status from the portal. As the name implies, only Premium customers are transferred to Premium Rules.
    • Custom Rules: AppTrana has application specific rules written by security experts with a zero false positive guarantee that are based on customer request. AppTrana helps you understand the site’s risk profile and then protect it. When a website is aboard, automatic scanning starts immediately, and the vulnerabilities found will be displayed on the detection page. But the true value starts only after this, on the detection page the customer can also see the status of protection against this vulnerability. They will find out whether the vulnerability is protected or not. A green check means that the vulnerability is protected. If they show a red icon, then it’s not protected. Customers can click on the protection status to find out how the vulnerability can be protected.
    • Continuous learning: There is 24/7 visibility of current risks through the scanner and their protection status through WAF.
    • Attack attempts that were blocked can be evaluated, including where they came from and what they tried to do, acting as intelligence for additional updates for continuous improvement.

    3. DDoS protection

    DDoS attacks are a great threat to companies worldwide. No matter how many vulnerabilities it fixes, they are all open to DDoS attacks. AppTrana provides 24-hour monitoring and expert support to mitigate sophisticated DDOS attacks, ensuring the availability of your site.

    With tightly integrated WAF and Scanner modules, AppTrana ensures that there is constant learning that can be shared between the two, improving detection & protection efficiency for all types of attacks. And you can always block a specific region or IP to stop attacks at once.

    4. Proof-concept ( PoC)

    Anyone who has used any application security testing solution will realize that the biggest concern is FP. If the scanner provides a report about a vulnerability that does not exist, then it can be very expensive. Because it might mean the application team is forced to chase wild geese without an actual return.

    That said, it is the nature of scanning applications that there will be some FP. If the solution tries to avoid all FP, it will lead to FN, which is more dangerous. To solve this puzzle Indusface has introduced a POC. One might be aware of the term proof of concept, Apptrana has extended this concept to the discovery of the vulnerability.

    For vulnerabilities discovered by the Apptrana scanner, customers can request proof of concept from the portal. This request will be sent to the Managed Services team who will verify the vulnerability found and provide evidence of the existence of the vulnerability. They will provide screenshots and / or steps to reproduce so there is evidence that a vulnerability exists. In the event that a vulnerability does not exist, the team ensures that the warning is removed so that it does not appear on the next scan. In this way, FP is effectively swept out without compromise on FN.

    5. Monitoring

    The work of the AppTrana managed service team never ends, our managed team continues to monitor traffic, and if there is an abnormality taking necessary corrective action. The team also continuously monitors the security landscape for any new vulnerabilities (zero-day vulnerabilities) and constantly updates security postures. Rules are updated continuously, and, on average, rules will be updated weekly for any site.

    Customers can track monitoring activities from the monitoring page on the portal. If FP is reported, the team acts immediately and changes the rules that ensure business continuity without jeopardizing security.

    Working with AppTrana

    With tightly integrated WAF and Scanner modules, AppTrana ensures consistent learning, shared by both, that improves detection and protection efficiency. For example, deep learning in WAF enables AppTrana to provide an application context to the scanner that provides better scanning and detection. This integration gives AppTrana an unfair advantage that allows Indusface to provide superior protection to its clients. Here is how you can start your journey with AppTrana:

    1. Choose a plan

    You can choose one of the plans listed below to start the AppTrana journey.

    • Basic plan – Free for life. Start by identifying your site’s risky position using AppTrana’s automatic scanner.
    • Advance Plan – A $ 99 / month with a 14-day free trial. Start with the immediate protection of detected vulnerabilities.
    • Premium Plan – At $ 399 / mo you get full protection from AppTrana. It comes with a premium scan every 12 months and unlimited custom rules.

    2. Begin

    • If your organization is interested, you can subscribe to AppTrana protection at any time at and integration can be done without any downtime. You will be asked to provide the domain you want to protect and you will be asked to verify the settings.
    • You can choose to enable CDN now or you can do the same on the configuration page later.
    • Next, you will be asked to provide the SSL certificate, which is required to decrypt and monitor HTTPS traffic for attacks. Indusface ensures that the certificate is encrypted, stored securely and that no one within the company has direct access to customer certificates.
    • Alternatively, the organization may choose to use the free LetsEncrypt certificate, in which case AppTrana will automatically generate the certificate for the domain and the organization will not have to provide a certificate.
    • Your organization may also choose to purchase an Entrust certificate from Indusface.
    • You will now be prompted to make changes to CNAME so that traffic is diverted to the AppTrana infrastructure and onboarding is complete and protection starts immediately.

    3. Work

    The client’s journey begins from the point where their DNS changes. Once protection begins, a few things happen:

    • Sites get immediate protection with advanced rules that are set up to guarantee any FP. DDOS protection is also enabled.
    • A request is sent to the Indusface managed service team to monitor traffic.
    • The automatic site scan that starts AppTrana identifies the risk position of the site. The scan generally takes a few hours depending on the complexity of the site. If the customer wants to perform the authenticated scan, they can provide it from the configuration page.
    • Once the scan is complete, customers will receive a risk profile email, indicating how many vulnerabilities have been detected. Customers can see more details by accessing the portal.
    • This page provides all the vulnerabilities that have been detected and their protection status, according to which clients can take other measures. Such as requesting custom rules, where the request is sent to the Indusface managed service team and will create specific rules for the site.
    • Customers can also do their manual Pen-Test check. You can request the same from the monitoring page. If necessary, security experts will reach customers, understand their needs, and perform a manual audit to identify vulnerabilities that automatic scanners cannot detect.
    • Takes 3-4 Weeks for experts to complete the audit and publish the report. Once the report is released, the vulnerabilities will be displayed on the tracking page, and customers can request a custom rule as needed.
    • Meanwhile, the company’s managed support team will monitor traffic for 14 days and transfer the site to Premium rules after making the necessary changes.
    • Once the site has been moved to Premium rules of AppTrana the manual penetration test is performed. And all vulnerabilities are protected and secured, the onboarding journey is complete, and the site is fully protected.

    4. Continuous monitoring

    Now the site enters a state of continuous monitoring. The rules are optimized by the Indusface Managed Service team, continually based on needs. The Indusface team continually adds additional rules without any action required by customers. Clients are encouraged to start automated scans at least once a month to update their risk profile.

    Even if no changes are made to the site as new signatures are continually added to the scanner, there is a high probability that new vulnerabilities will be detected. The client can monitor the effectiveness of the rules from the Protect page. Being a fully managed solution, the Indusface team is always in 24X 7 standby mode to help your clients counter any sophisticated layer 7 DDOS attacks if necessary.

    Reasons to use AppTrana

    AppTrana is the all-in solution for your website security. With the help of AppTrana, you can continuously monitor your site and protect it from vulnerabilities. Here are the reasons why you should AppTrana:

    1. All in one solution

    AppTrana combines all features like scanning, fully managed web application firewalls, CDN, and monitoring services in one solution. It detects application-level threats, including OWASP Top 10 and Zero-Day vulnerabilities, accelerates web resources, and protects against exploits.

    And provides managed rules on an ongoing basis to keep up with new risks and threat vectors. Real-time monitoring also protects web applications from DDoS and BOT attacks. What makes it useful for small and large businesses is that WAF not only fixes vulnerabilities by synchronizing the scanning of web applications. But also tracks the actions of hackers in the application to learn new attack patterns and how to detect and protect them.

    2. Easy to use and 14 day trial

    AppTrana from Indusface provides a fully managed web application firewall bound with content acceleration and CDN over the cloud. All you have to do is route your traffic through the AppTrana service hosted in multiple regions of Indusface AWS data centers. AppTrana comes out of the box with optimized core rule sets that can be put into a blocked state instantly based on the optimized core rule set developed by Indusface by conducting security reviews of thousands of other sites.

    Once onboard, customers can conduct an on-demand automated site security assessment and gain immediate visibility into whether they are already protected by WAF or require custom rules.

    Those requiring custom rules can be requested from the centralized portal, and the Indusface 24 × 7 MSS team creates a custom rule with Zero WAF false-positive security and protects them. Website performance is enhanced through a comprehensive CDN included in the service. AppTrana plan is available as a subscription service along with a 14-day free trial for its customers. Free trial registrations automatically sign up for a free perpetual basic plan that includes automatic security scanning twice a month for your site.

     3. 24×7 security

    AppTrana is a fully and securely managed 24×7 application solution for its clients that identifies application-layer vulnerabilities. It protects & accelerates them instantly through a WAF and CDN. It monitors traffic through proprietary machine learning algorithms and with its in-house security experts blocking emerging threats and DDoS attacks. Trusted by over 2000+ global customers, Apptrana currently serves the Government, Banking, Finance, E-Commerce, and SaaS-based sectors.

    4. Custom Rules

    Unlike traditional vendors, AppTrana does not provide default rules, it asks customers to manage them. Instead, understand the application’s risk profile based on the detection and scan the application based on the detection. Make sure there are no FPs with very low FNs to meet your application needs. As a fully managed WAF, this rule is coordinated by AppTrana’s security experts with years of experience in WAF security for thousands of sites, so you know what you’re doing.

    A team of experts continually monitors your security space, keeping rules up to date and ensuring that all zero-day vulnerabilities are instantly protected. Not only that but in the case of FPs due to new changes in the application, the team will immediately adjust the rules so that the problem is fixed immediately without opening the WAF and moving the rules to log mode. 95% of the sites will start in block mode behind AppTrana from day 0, and all apps will go into block mode within 14 days.

    5. Fulfill your business needs

    Built from the bottom up with an infinitely scalable cloud infrastructure, AppTrana is created to scale seamlessly to your business requirements without the need to pre-provision additional infrastructure. This also means that AppTrana can be effectively scaled to stop large-scale DDOS attacks. Not only is it a managed WAF solution, but Indusface’s security also ensures that the rules are up-to-date on a regular basis, ensuring that WAF is effective against ever-changing threat situations.

    6. User friendly

    You don’t have to worry about extending WAF in your business. Leveraging the power and scalability of cloud networks, Cloud WAF scales any amount of traffic indefinitely. WAF expands to protect against the largest DoS and DDoS attacks, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.

    There is no upfront investment in building a huge infrastructure to handle the surge in traffic. The entire WAF infrastructure is handled by the Cloud WAF player. Deploying is much quicker, with onboarding in minutes with no downtime required. Protect against emerging threats with a modern, fully managed set of rules. This means customers don’t have to invest huge amounts of OPEX to build an in-house security team.

    7. Protection from DDoS attack

    AppTrana is a manageable DDoS mitigation solution to protect from layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks. AppTrana uses the global threat database to monitor the latest threats. Since the database is based on customer information, the product is aware of common DDoS attack behavior. For your website to create rules and regulations, and alert conditions, you can use the AppTrana database. The site is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure no attacks are leaked over the net.

    The software can also automatically detect botnets and block them based on their behavior. This means that botnets cannot interrupt your site. To protect your network from Layer 3 attacks, AppTrana is built on AWS to resist common volumetric attacks.


    If you are an SME or an MSE and are looking for an application security solution that works, you need to look no further. With a seamlessly integrated scanner, WAF, and CDN modules, AppTrana is one of the effective solutions in the industry that can guarantee complete safety.


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