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Types of Best Artificial Christmas Trees


    A Christmas tree is typically a decorated evergreen tree, most commonly a spruce, pine or fir, or even an artificial tree of like look, related to the celebration of Christmas. It is usually decorated for the special occasion by hanging strings of ornaments, lights, and other trimmings related to the holiday. Often small children are present at a Christmas party and a tree topper is a nice gift for them.

    Most modern Christmas trees have spindles of evergreen trees tied to them. Traditionally the evergreen tops had been decorated before the lights went on in the evening. Decorations for the evergreen trees included shiny ribbons, candles, beautiful flowers, and evergreen garlands. The actual Christmas tree was adorned just before dinner, as part of the “trick-or-treating” tradition.

    artificial christmas trees

    The traditions of the early Americans have been brought to the United States through the commercialism of the Industrial Age. While the majority of our nation’s early Christmas trees were made from pine trees, we have incorporated many different types of trees from all over the world into our Christmas customs. Two of the most popular types of Christmas trees to ever be seen in the United States are those from the European continent and those from the United Kingdom. This article briefly discusses the differences and similarities between these two Christmas trees.

    The European evergreen trees that can be found throughout North America and much of the western world are spruce trees. Spruces are deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the winter and grow back in the spring. The spruce tree was first brought to the European continent by settlers coming from Germany, Switzerland, and France in the late 19th century. They were often planted in balconies of their building to provide extra decoration to their homes. Throughout the years, spruce trees have taken on a variety of colors and patterns to become one of the most popular of the modern day Christmas trees.

    The second most popular type of Christmas trees to be seen across our United States are those that are fir trees. Fir trees are deciduous, meaning that they lose their leaves in the fall and grow back in the spring. The interior of a fir tree is filled with needles, which are white or yellow in color. The natural scent of the pine tree can be very strong in the winter when the needles are covered with the snow. In the warmer months, fir trees lend themselves well to be used for Christmas table displays and Christmas wreaths.


    There is also a wide variety of “other” Christmas trees that can be purchased and placed on your home for display. One of the most popular to decorate are evergreens. Many people love the look of evergreens and have many of them in their yards; however, the smell of the pine tree is strong and some people are not comfortable having evergreens as part of their home decoration. There are other types of artificial trees available such as silk Christmas trees and plastic Christmas trees that will help you keep the smell of Christmas trees at bay.

    Other decorations include the classic red and green lit up Christmas trees. This tradition began at the Rockefeller Center in New York City. Each year, over half of the trees are lit up in the Rockefeller Center for all to see. Another tradition that is a part of the New York Christmas Tree is that of the star or angel tree. Every December there is a star-decorated Christmas tree at the American Museum of Natural History.


    Traditionally, December comes with a different style of Christmas trees for every city across the United States. Traditionally, pine trees are used for Christmas trees as they grow throughout the year. In the colder months, red and green are the colors of the Christmas trees. As the winter months grow shorter however, the Christmas trees are changed to white and the red is changed to silver or gold. In the warmer weather months, you will find many other colored Christmas trees on the stands as well as many artificial Christmas flowers such as poinsettias. You may even be able to find some wild holly or mistletoe on the stand as well.

    Decorating Christmas Trees – The Perfect Gift For Anyone on Your List

    A Christmas tree is an ornamental tree, usually a fresh evergreen tree, like a Douglas fir, spruce, or pine, or even an artificial tree of like look, most commonly associated with the season of Christmas, dating from the 16th Century associated with St. Nicholas. Christmas trees are decorated with special leaves which are usually white or two shades of red, usually done in silver or gold leaf. They are hung on Christmas trees, on mantels, windows, doors, and any place where they look beautiful. Some of the fancy Christmas trees are the Sugar Moon, the Christmas Star, the White Dog, and the Blue Sleigh.

    There are many ways to decorate a Christmas tree. The type of tree depends on one’s personal taste. For children one can hang artificial snow, fake snowflakes, and other winter items. Others have their trees decorated with images of Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, tinsel, and all kinds of toys and decorations. Adults can choose from among the more exotic types of decorations like palm trees, icicles, mistletoe, berries, ribbons, and garlands.

    One should always consider the safety and possible dangers when hanging Christmas lights, string lights, and other accessories. One must carefully look at their surrounding to ensure that there are no electrical cords, metal sights, sharp objects, and so forth near the tree to avoid mishaps. Hanging these types of lights too high can result in a fall, or even electrocution if the lights are attached too low. Remember that in the wintertime, bare floors are better than carpet. This is especially true of string lighting as it can be wrapped up and placed out of the way when not in use.

    A Christmas tree topper can be used to dress up a plain Christmas tree. One can purchase a topper from a store or online. Decorations can be added to the topper, such as garland and ribbons. A topper is an excellent item for putting on top of the tree. One can also add holiday cards and other small gifts around the topper.

    People often like to give out toppers with their own personal messages. It is important to note that these decorations are usually larger than regular Christmas trees. In some cases, it takes several people to complete decorating a tree this size. For those who are doing this for the first time, it is recommended that they purchase a topper that they can remove once their tree is completed. In addition, it is important to purchase a topper that is the same size as the actual tree that they will be hanging the topper on.

    In addition to the traditional Christmas tree toppers, one should consider other Christmas items to decorate their tree with. One great idea is to buy a star in the middle of the tree. By using this type of decoration, the star can act as a point of interest. These decorations can be purchased at most department stores during the holiday season. Another idea for a unique decoration is to place a handmade clay flower petal inside of a small glass ornament.

    When purchasing a Christmas ornament for a tree that is already in place, it is important to consider buying one that compliments the tree. One great option that many people enjoy is adding small pieces of handmade ornaments. By using these types of ornaments, it is possible to add a splash of color to the tree. Another perfect idea is to place a small wreath on top of the tree that includes one or more handmade ornaments.

    As with any home decorating project, it is important to take one step at a time. There are many steps involved in decorating a tree and each step is not as easy as it seems. In some cases, it may require the assistance of a professional. However, by following simple steps that anyone can follow, there is no reason why anyone should feel intimidated when trying to decorate their own Christmas tree.


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