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How To Become Good Husband In Pregnancy? Here Are 20 Ideas


    When a woman is pregnant, it may appear that she is solely responsible for the pregnancy and everything related to it. However, that is not the case. If she has a supportive partner, he can step in and help be a part of the pregnancy and relieve stress for the mother-to-be. Although the mother will have to do the physical work, a support partner can help her in many ways. As she moves from one trimester to the next, he can be there to help her deal with physical and emotional changes, offering support for whatever is going on.

    A woman’s pregnancy offers the future father a great opportunity to learn to care for others, just as he will when he is a father. It is true that a pregnant woman is not helpless as a baby, but she will still need the love, the support and encouragement of her partner. It will help her during pregnancy and give her confidence in her man’s abilities before the baby arrives.

    Tips To Become Good Husband In Pregnancy

    Doing a few simple things on a daily basis keeps Dad involved in the pregnancy, connected to Mom and ready to be a father.

    1. Offer to do more housework

    A study published in the Journal of Family Issues in July 2015 showed that how partners feel about the collapse of housework plays a huge role in how fair the relationship feels during pregnancy. Considering the emotional challenges pregnancy can bring, supporting your partner by doing more than usual in the kitchen and cleaning can be particularly important during these months. Both of you are connected for connection, and you are not destined to go through such life-changing experiences alone. Remember that both of you are a team for everything that is about to happen.

    Pregnant women often have to deal with nausea and exhaustion. Picking up more chores may seem relatively simple, but it could mean a lot to someone who has spent much of their day feeling nauseous or tired. Importantly, it will show your partner that you know her needs and want to do everything possible to help her.


    Even if your partner plans to be the primary caregiver, both of you will be parents. So, to get to the same page when it comes to your parenting style, try taking a parenting class together. Learn how to change diapers, fix bottles, install a car seat correctly, and protect your baby-proof home with your partner. You will probably appreciate feeling that you are her partner in this process, not simply an interested observer.

    In fact, research published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth in July 2017 found that shared professional support during pregnancy can improve a couple’s communication skills and increase the feeling of togetherness. You can also learn from parents who have been through this process and get an idea of ​​what to expect.

    2. Share the second trimester of the pregnancy experience and help it once again by encouraging healthy eating.


    The second trimester is much better in terms of mood, and for most women the taste buds are back. This is the time when a woman needs to focus on eating foods with the necessary vitamins and minerals for the baby to grow inside her. You can help her make a food chart. However, do not force her to eat or not eat something. The taste buds for most women vary on a regular basis. Some women may have a strong desire to eat something specific at a certain time (it could happen at very strange times). If possible, try to get it for her.

    3. Prepare for delivery

    Get ready with her for the big day. Sometimes preparing for delivery and expecting a baby can be extremely stressful for a woman, so make sure you have your resources ready when you need it. Have a maternity bag ready with everything you will need in the hospital. Read about changing diapers, how to wrap a baby, how to make baby spit up and other things that are essential to good parenting. Make sure your wife is able to handle things while resting and taking care of the baby. Always show your support.

    4. Control your food and water intake

    Husband should always be sure that his pregnant wife is eating and drinking correctly. Make it your responsibility to know what you need to consume to stay healthy for yourself and your baby. What time do she has to take her supplements? Is she eating the right food at the right time? What is she reluctant to eat? What does she long for? What food is good for the baby and what is not? Is she drinking enough water? Make sure you have answers to all of these questions during your wife’s pregnancy, as her health is of utmost importance.

    5. Surprise her

    During the pregnant period, she may not feel or look attractive all the time, but it is your job to make her feel special at all times. Bring home your favorite flower or small gift, take it out for a shopping spree, or an evening stroll, as all of this will definitely be enjoyed by a mother-to-be. Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean you two can’t go on dates or movies. Also, make a note of the things she yearns to eat or drink during this time and make sure she gets all of that.

    6. Take her to the doctor; Take track of her appointments

    A pregnant lady considers her appointment with a doctor a big priority because this is the question of her pregnancy monitoring and the baby’s wellbeing. A husband needs to understand when his wife shares her worries and he should take special care of the concerns she faces about childbirth. It is simple to keep track of her doctor’s appointments and diagnostic tests but definite ways to keep her pacified and assured that someone is caring for her health and comfort.

    As taking your wife to doctor along with keep track of her appointments has three purposes. First and foremost, it shows your pregnant wife that you are with her throughout her pregnancy. Second, you will know exactly what is going on with her pregnancy and you will be better prepared to help her. Pay close attention to what the doctor says at these visits.

    A woman’s memory is submerged during pregnancy and she can be nervous and excited, so your wife can trust you to remind her what foods she shouldn’t eat. Finally, seeing the image of your baby, even when it looks like an indistinguishable lump, and listening to the heartbeat will help create a fetus/parent bond. Even if you are really busy at work or school, always make time for doctor appointments.

    7. Be Flexible

    In her pregnant time, your wife may need a lot more from you but this can be tough for a working husband. In this time, you may have to change your plans or even cancel them to be there for your wife. During her pregnancy, consider that as a possibility. Try scheduling your informal meetings with friends according to your wife’s needs, and do not hesitate to ask for flexible work hours every now and then so you can spend time with your wife. This way, you can be there for her when she needs you.

    8. Listen…and talk.

    Sometimes it may seem like your partner is doing these days is talking about pregnancy. Well that’s probably because it’s happening in her body every minute of the day.  Especially for the first times, pregnancy and childbirth can be a lot to handle. Even if you think her concerns are outsized or illogical, keep the thought to yourself. While pregnancy can occasionally forget you, she is bringing a very real reminder with her at all times. She may find it difficult to get pregnant, worry about childbirth, or have a crisis of confidence about her mother’s abilities, or maybe all three. Be a shoulder to cry, listen to all your concerns, and offer her the peace of mind and support she really needs.

    And since you’re a team, don’t hold back on sharing your fears, too. Speak up, and things will go a lot more smoothly for both of you.

    Listening is great, but talking and sharing your own feelings and experiences is just as important. She will have a whole host of concerns of her own and she may be dealing with some conflicting emotions about pregnancy and parenthood. Okay, it’s normal, and it will help you both if you are honest about your feelings. You may discover that you are concerned about many of the same things, and that you can support each other through any concern.

    9. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Treasured: Take Her Out

    Your wife might feel a little slow as the trimesters pass, but taking her out on dates will not only get you two moving but it is an opportunity for you to show her off. Be affectionate in public whether you decide to treat her to a fancy restaurant or just a simple movie date. She will be happy you are proud of her, in all her big-bellied glory.

    10. Handle her mood swings calmly

    Don’t let them bring out your bad version by her mood swings. She might end up crying, yelling, or shattering at almost anything and everything but you shouldn’t lose your temper. We know sometimes, it can be difficult but keep reminding yourself to be calm and composed. Firstly, listen to her and once she is done, sit with her, talk to her patiently, hug her and kiss her which will calm her down, and will make her happy from within.

    11. Let her know she’s beautiful

    A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Her belly bulges. Chances are she will also gain weight over the rest of your body! As her bump grows little by little, she will cry over her size. She will have certain insecurities about her appearance and whether or not she still attracts you. So the next time she is sulking in front of the mirror about her weight and appearance before pregnancy, you just need to get close to her, hug her gently, place a loving kiss on her cheek, and whisper “you’re beautiful.” Tell her she is beautiful even now and that even if she doesn’t return to her original shape, it’s fine for you.

    Pregnancy obviously can made her body to change, most likely she has stretch marks, she has grown in such a short time. Be her man, help her feel beautiful. Praise her beauty. Play with her with love. Congratulate her. Desire her. Make her feel desired and still the only girl in your eyes.

    As well, stress, mood swings, and low energy go hand in hand with the motherhood phase. Simply letting her know that she looks great during her pregnancy months can help her relax to some degree. Many women have angry hormones when they are pregnant. All it needs is your affection. Reassure her with loving words, a smile, a hug, kisses and hugs. Remember she is carrying your baby.

    12. Take her calls

    Since she’s already on the edge of her nerves in most cases, you definitely don’t want to rub her the wrong way ignoring her calls. Even when you’re absolutely busy, just text her to call her back … and then call her as soon as you are free! She would feel at ease when she knows you’re there for her, even when you’re not home. Also, you should be very careful about this during the final stages of pregnancy. There could be an emergency call at any time!

    13. Prioritize her

    The relationship that a pregnant woman has with her partner is very important. A large study in Scandinavia recently identified that the most important factor in prenatal anxiety was a woman’s relationship with her partner, and there is also a strong link between prenatal and postnatal mood disorders.

    Life can be busy sometimes. There are only a few hours in each day, and yet there is so much to include. There are demands for work, social activities, a family to see and a relationship to cultivate. It can be quite exhausting and sometimes you may wonder if you are neglecting certain areas of your life. Be sure to prioritize your relationship throughout the pregnancy. Take some time for it, make the effort and be excited to see how it is.

    14. Create some memories

    You will soon be a family of three, and although you will discover that life becomes more wonderful and rich than ever, it is true that it will never be the same. Lazy mornings in bed, carefree nights and makeshift weekends will be rare, at least for a few years. Now is the perfect time to create some special memories together. Take a trip, spend a weekend lounging in bed, and head out into the country for a walk. Do what you want, just make sure you do it together.

    Pregnancy photoshoots are not only not for celebrities to share the good news with their fans, but they take pride in showing off their pregnant bodies. Capture all of your wife’s important moments during this period, as it’s a great way to show her that you’re not taking this phase of life for granted. Take photos of her from the first ultrasound and document how she looks each trimester, right through to the actual delivery, she’ll love it when you surprise her with a scrapbook of her most precious moments.

    15. Be there

    The best way to support your partner during pregnancy is to be there, and not just be there, but be emotionally present with her.

    Go with her as many prenatal checkups as you can and make sure you’re there for the ultrasounds. Go with her to all of her prenatal classes, breastfeeding support classes, and anything else you decide to do to prepare for the birth of your baby. You will discover that you get as much benefit from these classes as she does, and you can even make new friends to see during the first few months of sleepless nights.

    Take time each week to sit down and be present with your partner and baby. Talk to your baby together. Feel your baby in her womb. Read a baby development book or website together to see what your baby has grown this week and share the wonder, joy, and excitement of it. It is a great way for you to feel more connected to the pregnancy journey and a gateway to your wife to see how you are becoming a father and a family man – she needs to know that you are there now and love this baby. and she as mom when you get there.

    16. Be patient

    Support, support, support – this is the key word during pregnancy, because that is what women need for the full 40 weeks, and even after the baby is born. During this period, men need to practice patience as much as they can, because pregnancy affects a woman’s hormones.

    In one moment he is super happy, the next she does not want to speak or see anyone, she can even erase all the numbers on her mobile phone, it is not what she really wants to do, it is just the fluctuating hormones in her body, at least you have something to who to blame. Be patient with her mood swings and give her a break when she needs it. Your sexual desire will also be affected during pregnancy, so try to be understanding and patient even in your love life.

    Patience is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Wife has to be patient with husband and vice versa. It is especially important for dad to remember patience during pregnancy because mom is going through a lot and can have difficulties at certain times.Pregnancy wreaks havoc on your wife’s hormones.

    Some days she will feel fantastic, some days she will bite your head off as soon as you open her mouth, and some days she will collapse and cry for no reason. Be patient and recognize that it is hormones. Also, be understanding when it comes to your love life. Your wife’s sexual desire will be everywhere during her pregnancy: she often crashes in the first trimester, recovers in the second, and falls again in the third. Patience, friend, patience.

    The hormones of pregnancy are difficult to manage, and the decisions a mother has to make seem endless when she is pregnant. She will try to decide how she wants to give birth to a baby, how to name the baby and a million other important details. Dad needs to give her time and not be frustrated if she changes her mind often or is stressed.

    17. Avoid rude comments

    If Dad is a joker, pregnancy can be a good time for him to stop joking. It is very important that Dad does not say anything, even if it is a joke, that Mom could interpret it as rude. Questionable comments about the mother’s appearance are off limits, as is any comment that questions the mother’s ability to get through childbirth or be a great father.

    Don’t make fun of the mother’s weight gain or pregnancy. Some women can take jokes easy, but many feel super sensitive during pregnancy and don’t find these comments funny. They hurt and can lead to fights that Dad could have avoided.

    18. Have her a bath

    It is important that your partner has some time each day to relax and focus on herself and the pregnancy. If you’re in pain and discomfort, and are struggling to fall asleep at night, you can benefit from a bath in the tub at the end of the day. Invest in a sweet-smelling bubble bath, light some candles, and prepare a bath for your partner so she can have some peace at the end of a long day. Do this often, daily if necessary. And while she is there, take time to relax, it is important to make sure that you feel good too.

    A nice warm bath can also help remove all the stress from the day, at a time when stress reduction is very important. At the end of a long day, it feels good to lie down in a nice, warm bath. What’s even better is that someone else has run that bathroom and spoiled the going to be mother. Make sure the water isn’t too hot and your wife has everything she needs, like her wipes and soaps.

    Light some candles and set a soothing shade for the bathroom for bonus points. Mom will never tired of Dad doing this for her because she is so considerate and romantic. It is a small thing that has great benefits because it makes the mother feel spoiled and cared for during a time when she may be experiencing stress and uncertainty.

    19. Offer massages daily

    If Dad wants to be the best partner, he should massage the mother daily from the moment he sees a positive sign on the pregnancy test. It is difficult to grow a person, and the mother will have aches and pains that she had never had before during pregnancy. Dad can help her feel much better by massaging her back and feet before bed.

    Whether it’s foot massage, lower back massage, or the whole body you want, now is the time to hone your skills. Use massage oil and delight your partner with a relaxing massage to ease her pain while adjusting to pregnancy. Massage is a great skill to have, because it will not only put you firmly on the run for “Mistress of the Year”.

    This type of care also keeps mom and dad in physical contact with each other during a time when the mother may not feel as attractive. These nightly massages are a wonderful way to keep the spark alive and treat the mother’s muscles.

    Oil massages, relaxing hands and feet, or hair treatments are a blessing during the period of physical and mental stress. The pampering rituals will leave the expectant mother relaxed and rejuvenated. Give her a gentle foot and back massage at home or book a session in the salon. The benefits will be countless and will bring relief to every stretched and aching part of her body. This will definitely give you additional merit of being a perfect husband and a loving father.

    20. Keep intimacy alive:

    The physical relationship during pregnancy can be somewhat difficult for most couples to understand. In the first few months, you’ll be so preoccupied with morning sickness, exhaustion, and mood swings that sex will be the last thing on your mind. As the months go by and the bump shows prominently, finding the right positions to do so will make it harder for the two of them to have sex as you did before.

    In such situations, you can talk to your partner about how things can work best for both of you. Moments like that unexpected vomiting or farting or something disgusting should be taken lightly, giving the two some excuses to laugh together and spark romance.


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