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The Top 10 Best Cement Brands Of Nepal


    If you’re looking for the best cement in Nepal, then look no further. This article is a comprehensive review of the top 10 brands. From Surya to Tansen, you’ll find the best in the country. The list is constantly updated, so be sure to bookmark it for future reference. We also include information on other Nepali cement brands and their products. Read on to learn more. This article was originally published on the Chaudhary Cement Company website.
    Tansen Cement

    Palpa Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd., the maker of Tansen Cement, mines pure limestones from Palpa for the production of high quality OPC cement. The cement produced by the company is 53-grade equivalent, which ensures extra strength and durability. The company also makes sure that the cement is priced affordably, so that consumers can enjoy maximum satisfaction.


    Today, Nepal has 60 cement factories, including two government-owned factories. This growth is expected to be ten to fifteen percent per annum. With a capacity of 15 million tonnes, the country has become self-sufficient in cement production. While the country’s imports of cement have reduced over the years, the country continues to import small amounts of the material. In the last fiscal year alone, cement imports from India fell by 55 percent, to Rs13 billion.

    This brand is considered one of the best cement in Nepal. Its main advantage over other brands is its durability. It has a higher strength and lower cost than other brands of cement in Nepal. The company produces three types of cement: PPC, OPC, and OPC. The OPC is available in grades 33, 43, and 53. The 53-grade cement is used in fast-paced projects, where it is needed to be more durable.
    Arghakhachi cement

    Arghakhachi cement is the leading brand in the country that produces OPC cement. The company is a pioneer in cement production in Nepal. It uses cutting-edge Danish technology to produce uniform clinker. The company has two cement-grinding plants in Nepal, one in Birgunj and the other in Bhairahawa. It is also one of the few Nepalese companies that produces OPC cement.


    Earlier this year, the government took action against seven cement manufacturers for producing substandard cement. The bureau found defects in the products of the cements. The producers were not following the technical requirements of the Cement Standard of Nepal. The new standard requires cements to contain more magnesium oxide and more insoluble residue. The cement producers were asked to provide written clarifications within 15 days of the inspection.

    In a bid to attract consumers, Arghakhanchi cement Pvt. Ltd. launched an advertising campaign for consumers called “Aaun Sabai Mili Desh Banaun.” The company has also introduced a new consumer scheme known as Brij Super Premium Cement Ko Ekaichoti. In a bid to win consumer trust, Arghakhachi Cement Pvt. Ltd. has provided training for Armed Police Force personnel in building earthquake-resistant buildings.
    Surya Cement


    The Saurabh brand is made by the Saurabh Group, which is a well-known company in Nepal. They are the first cement producers in the country to use the Vertical Roller Mill, which allows them to cut energy consumption by fifty percent. This also reduces their carbon footprint, which is a huge concern in this day and age of global warming. For more information about the product and to purchase it, you can contact the company at Neupane Tower, Subidhanagar, Tinkune. You can contact them through their business email.

    Surya Cement is a Non-govt company that was incorporated on 07 Mar, 1984. It is classified as a company limited by shares, with 6.666667% paid up capital. The company produces over 900 tons of cement per day, and has a cost-effective distribution system from East to West. This helps it reduce the cost of cement by up to 30 percent for consumers.

    This brand makes OPC and PPC cements. OPC cement is the fastest-setting cement, and is used for fast-paced construction. PPC cement is slow-setting and can only be used for residential projects. Surya Cement is another one of the best cement brands in Nepal. It is a company that produces high-quality OPC cement and OPC grade 43 and 53.
    Maruti Cement

    Maruti Cement, one of the leading manufacturers of construction materials in Nepal, makes OPC and a variety of other cement products for a price of about Rs 630 per bag. Maruti Cement has a local clinker factory and has been operating in the market for about five years. According to its sales manager, the demand for cement has been increasing due to a surge in construction projects. Recently, Nigerian cement major Dangote entered the Nepal market with an investment of US$ 800 million and has started scouting for a location to establish a factory.

    Recently, the price of cement has increased by up to NPR160 per bag in three Nepalese cities. The manufacturers claim that this rise is due to higher prices of raw materials and cartelisation, but some consumers say that the price hike is artificial and has been triggered by a lack of electricity supply. The government is examining the possibility of implementing a price control law to ensure that consumers do not pay more for cement than necessary.

    During the last decade, the cement industry in Nepal has expanded at an average rate of eight to ten percent per year, but recently, it started to decline. In addition, a large number of cement producers operated without a NS certificate. Now, they must obtain a certificate in order to manufacture cement. However, despite the fact that demand for cement in Nepal is growing, there is currently a shortage of this commodity. The government is considering whether to implement a cement law in the country, a decision that may have serious implications for the future of the entire sector.
    Rapti Cement

    Siddhartha Cement Company is one of the best cement brands in Nepal. This company produces a huge amount of cement and clinker each day. The company has a large customer base in Nepal and boasts superior technology. In fact, it’s the only cement brand in the country that produces three thousand tones of cement per day. You can visit the company’s facility in Suntadi-2, Dumkibas, and Nawalparsi.

    Tansen Cement is another top cement brand in Nepal. The company uses quality limestone to produce 53-grade equivalent cement. This cement brand offers superior strength and durability to its customers at an affordable price. This brand has a strong distribution network in Nepal, running from East to West, which helps to keep costs low and increase consumer satisfaction. This company is a top choice for those looking for affordable, high-quality cement.

    Ashish Nirman Sewa is a well-known construction company in Nepal. Established in the mid-1990s, Ashish Nirman Sewa has a proven track record in the construction industry. This company specializes in water supply and sewerage, and its highly skilled manpower make it an ideal choice for any construction project. There are hundreds of construction processes in progress at KSNS today, and they have a wealth of experience working on major infrastructure projects in the country.
    Trishakti Cement

    The company produces two types of cement – natural and Portland. This company is known for its high-quality cement, which is produced in large quantities. It is also a green field project and boasts an energy-efficient mill. If you’re looking for the best cement brands of Nepal, look no further. Here are a few names you should know about. Read on to learn more about these top brands and where you can find them in your area.

    Trishakti Cement has been in business for over a decade. While other brands are still trying to compete with this cement manufacturer, it is well-positioned to remain the top brand in the country. In fact, it plans to open a new cement factory and begin clinker production soon. The company produces approximately 20% of the cement required in Nepal and has an annual turnover of Rs 2 billion.

    Jagdamba Cement is another well-known cement brand in Nepal. It was established in 2001 and has grown into a leader in the market. Hetauda Cement, another top cement brand in Nepal, has been around for a long time and is the government cement factory in the country. Besides Jagdamba cement, Hetauda cement is also a well-known brand in the country.
    Cement Brands

    The 10 Best Cement Brands of Nepal are a good choice for anyone who wants to purchase the highest quality cement in the country. Listed below are the top brands of cement produced in the country. If you are looking for a quality cement that is also environmentally friendly, Saurabh is a good option. The company uses modern technology such as a vertical roller mill to produce its cement. This process saves up to 50% of energy and drastically reduces the carbon footprint – a concern in this age of global warming. You can reach them by calling or emailing their corporate office. They have a cement factory located in Lele Lalitpur, Nepal.

    Since the price of cement has gone up in three Nepalese cities in recent weeks, consumers have been facing a hefty price hike. Cement producers say it is a result of higher costs for raw materials and cartelization, but some consumers say it is due to artificially high prices and price hikes. However, there is still room for improvement in Nepal’s cement manufacturing industry. The government should consider the concerns of consumers and ensure that all cement producers follow quality standards.

    There are many different cement brands in Nepal. Here are a few of the best to choose from: Shivam Cement, Jagadamba Cement, Hongshi Shivam Cement, and Sarbottam Cement. We’ve also included the most popular brands for your convenience. We hope you find the right brand for your needs! Enjoy! But if you’re unsure about which brand to choose, don’t worry! We’ve ranked all of them so you can make an informed decision.
    Shivam Cement

    One of the leading commercial manufacturers of three thousand ton per day (TPD) cement and two million ton per day (TPD) clinker, Shivam Cement is among the top cement brands in Nepal. This brand is derived from high-quality limestone, sourced from its own mines. Its success has helped Nepal become more self-sufficient in its cement supply, and it has paved the way for other domestic cement manufacturers to follow suit.

    The government has promised to build more infrastructure, but the pace has been disappointingly slow. But Shivam Cement has introduced new products such as Jagdamba Ultra Premium OPC Cement in innovative packaging. Shivam Cement has also sent a team of technical experts to customer construction sites to conduct quality tests. These new initiatives have boosted the brand’s reputation as one of the 10 best cement brands of Nepal.

    The joint venture between Hongshi-Shivam Cement in the Nawalparasi district has begun trial production of cement. The joint venture between Nepal’s Shivam Holdings and Hong Kong Red Lion Cement No 3 – a subsidiary of China’s Hongshi Group – has a production capacity of 6000t/day. The company is slated to open the new factory in March 2018.
    Sarbottam Cement

    Sarbottam Cement is one of Nepal’s leading cement manufacturers, operating a greenfield cement plant with an installed clinkerisation capacity of 1 million metric tons per annum and a similar grinding capacity after a recent capacity enhancement. The company has utilised the latest technology to cut the limestone consumption in its clinker production process, resulting in relatively low raw material costs.

    Sarbottam Cement was first established in October 2010 as a private limited company and was converted to a public company in August 2019. This company focuses on producing and selling cement. It has a production capacity of 40,000 bags per day and uses a Danish VRM machine to produce its cement. This company uses book building methods to increase profits by allowing its investors to participate in IPOs at higher prices.

    In order to evaluate the quality of Sarbottam Cement, a research team analyzed variation in quality parameters among the top 10 cement brands in Nepal. They conducted lab tests to determine the strength, soundness, setting time, and chemical properties of each type of cement. The results showed that the quality parameters of Sarbottam Cement were consistently within a six-month mean chart. All tested cements were of high quality and met the Nepal Standards.
    Jagadamba Cement

    When it comes to construction materials, the quality of the products produced by Jagadamba Cement is unbeatable. The company produces its cement using advanced technology and best suppliers. The main raw material, Lime, is strictly controlled through a computerized weigh feeder and regularly undergoes tests to ensure the quality of the product. The cement is extremely durable, with low hydration temperatures and balanced chemical properties.

    The company produces two kinds of OPC: grade 43 and 53. These are suitable for all general and semi-specialized construction. Moreover, the company also manufactures PPC and OPC cement. The latter is particularly good for interlocking tiles, pre-cast concrete, and industrial structures. Meanwhile, Jagadamba Cement produces several types of OPC, including Ultra Premium OPC and Shuva Shree Jagadamba PPC.

    While other cement companies may offer cheaper prices and superior quality products, Jagadamba Cement is worth considering as one of the 10 best cement brands of Nepal. The company was founded in 2001 and has since then become the leader in the cement industry in the country. In Nepal, it is responsible for making more than 900 metric tons of cement daily, and it has a long-established distribution chain from East to West. This ensures a low-priced product for the local population.
    Hongshi Shivam Cement

    Hongshi-Shivam Cement is a joint venture of a Chinese company and a Nepali firm called Shivam Holdings. The company owns 70 percent of the joint venture and supplies cement to 80 per cent of the cement grinding companies in the country. The brand has received praise for its high quality. Hongshi-Shivam cement has claimed a 60 percent share of the Nawalparasi cement market in less than three years. The brand has risen rapidly in popularity among consumers. This brand scored almost twice as high in quality tests as other competing brands. Its clinker is distributed to 80 percent of the cement grinding companies in Nepal.

    The company’s investment has helped increase domestic cement production by almost three times. The project has also made the village’s land value rise to Rs4 million from a few years ago. In addition, the factory’s location has improved road connectivity. The new 15-metre-wide road from the East-West Highway now reaches the village, making it easier for farmers to supply their produce to the market. Additionally, it has made it easier for villagers to go to the hospital.
    United Cement

    Saurabh cement is made by the well-known Saurabh Group, which is also one of the best cement brands in the country. This company has pioneered the use of the Vertical Roller Mill, which can reduce energy consumption by 50%. These modern methods reduce carbon footprint, which is of major concern in the age of global warming. You can contact them through their corporate office or business email, if you are interested in knowing more about their products. If you wish to visit the plant, you can contact them through their business email address.

    Another prominent brand in the country is Jagdamba Cement, which was established in 2010. This brand is a market leader in the country and has the largest share of the market. United Cement has an OPC and PPC plant in Dhading, which began operations last month. It also recently acquired a limestone quarry in Lele, Lalitpur. The plant is expected to have a production capacity of 1,000 tonnes per day, and will provide jobs for 500 locals.
    Brij Cement

    As one of the oldest brands in Nepal, Brij Cement has consistently delivered high quality cement to the public. This brand uses PPC and OPC as its standard of quality. It is made by a joint venture between the Shivam Group and China’s Hongshi Cement. It is widely used by RACE Groups for residential and commercial construction. The brand is known for its standardized products, which include Brij Super Premium, Shankar Shakti and Brij cement.

    A recent study has revealed that the compressive strength of Brij Cement was higher than the average for the brand. This is because of the higher proportion of magnesium oxide, whereas it should have been no more than six percent. The company has 15 days to provide clarification. Another recent survey by the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology has uncovered the presence of unregistered steel mills near the Nepal-India border.
    Ambe Cement

    Ambe Cement is a premium brand in Nepal and is backed by the Ambe Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Nepal. Founded in 1982, it began by importing garments and electronics from Singapore and Hong Kong. It has since evolved into Nepal’s largest trading company. The company has also demonstrated a great understanding of institutional and channel sales. Its salespeople have consistently increased the market size of its cement brands.

    Ambe Cement is a sister company of Ambe Steels, a Nepali manufacturing conglomerate. The company started manufacturing cement in 2004 and soon gained a large customer base. The Ambe Group expanded into other industries with the establishment of Ambe Steels in Bhairahawa. In 2009, it partnered with the Shankar Group to create a cement manufacturing company in Nepalgunj.

    This is a lesser known brand in Nepal, but it is also an option for people who are concerned about the environment. Its modern equipment and drying processes help produce green cement with minimal impact on the environment. For more information on Ambe Cement, visit its website or contact the company’s corporate office. They can be contacted through their corporate office or business email address. Its factory is located in Lele Lalitpur, and you can get more information by calling them.
    CG Cement

    CG Cement is the flagship brand of the Chaudhary Cement Company. It produces two kinds of cement: cement and clinker. The two types are produced in the same plant located in Dumkibas, Nawalparasi. CG Cement is the largest cement producer in Nepal, producing more than three thousand tonnes of cement every day. The company has invested around Rs2 billion in its cement factory.

    This brand of cement has the highest production capacity in Nepal. This cement brand has a long-standing reputation for high-quality cement. The company’s factories are located near major roads, which help them to export their products throughout the country. CG Cement is one of the largest brands in Nepal, and uses state-of-the-art technology to produce cement. For more information, you can download The Global Cement Report, 14th Edition.

    CG Cement has recently launched PPC and OPC for the domestic market. The company is distributing its products across the country, and has a capacity of 6,000 tonnes per day. Once the factory expands, the company will export its cement to other countries, including India and China. In the meantime, it will be selling CG brand cement across the country. In the future, the company plans to expand its production capacities to meet demand.


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