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10 Best Nepali Movies of All Time That You Must Watch


    If you are looking for a list of the best Nepali movies, you can start from the beginning with the breakthrough masterpiece, Satya Harishchandra. Based on the Harishchandra Kavya by great poet Raghavanka, this movie tells the story of the mythological king Raja, who was known for upholding truth and justice no matter what the circumstances. This film paved the way for the Nepali movie industry over the last few decades.
    Pashupati Prasad

    It has a 9.5/10 IMDb rating and has a very good review in Nepal’s leading national daily, the Himalayan Times. The film won 12 awards, including best director, screenplay, and actor in a negative role. It has been nominated for Oscars and is one of the top Nepali films of all time.

    Best Nepali Movies

    Kusume Rumal is one of the best Nepali films of all time. This romantic film is directed by Tulsi Ghimire and produced by Sumita Paudel. It was the first Nepali movie to spend 25 weeks at the box office. It also became the first Nepali film to earn more than $10 million worldwide. The movie stars Dilip Rayamajhi and Uttam Pradhan. It is a melodramatic love story about three best friends who fall in love with the same girl.

    The film was nominated for the Oscars and was also a finalist for the Venice International Film Festival. It was a risky film for Nepal at the time, as it showed LGBTs suffering for recognition. Nevertheless, it did well, and the film received positive reviews from critics. It may have been made in 2012, but it still ranks as one of the top Nepali films.
    Jatra Series

    You may not know this, but Jatra Series is the best Nepali movie series of all time. It depicts the daily life of the people of Nepal. This movie has many twists, such as a sack filled with 3 corers of cash found in the middle of the country. The entire plot revolves around the use of the money and how to avoid getting caught. The movie ends with Jatra 2 in mind, so if you have never watched the series, now’s the time to check it out!


    The Jatra Series is a trilogy of four Nepali movies that follows the lives of four men who decide to take action against corrupt leaders. The series begins with the highly successful and award-winning film Balidan, based on the people’s movement for democracy. The story of four frustrated men who are determined to make their dreams come true makes Jatra Series one of the best Nepali movies of all time.

    There are numerous movies and TV series from Nepal, so you may be wondering what are the best ones to watch. The answer is simple: almost any Nepali film ever made is one of the best. From period dramas to comedies, Nepal has produced some of the most popular films in the country’s history. The following are the 10 best Nepali movies of all time. Watch these movies and series to see how the country portrayed Nepal.


    Kusume Rumal is a 1985 Nepali romantic movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire. The movie was one of the first Nepali movies to be submitted for the Academy Awards. It starred Bhuwan K.C., Tripti Nadakar, and Neer Shah. Kusume Rumal also features some of the most enduring love songs in Nepali cinema. This movie became the first to reign the box office for 25 consecutive weeks.
    Chhakka Panja Series

    This tv series has become a huge hit in Nepal, with sequels and spin-offs being released frequently. The series is about the lives of a group of villagers who live in post-conflict Nepal and operates on the episodic format of a tv show. Each character has a moral leitmotiv, which serves to raise social awareness and purge the film of its dismissal.

    The second installment of the Chhakka Panja Series was released in 2016. This movie is set during the era of Maoist rebellions and royalists, and depicts the struggle of people living in Nepal during this time. It revolves around the attempts of two brothers to give a proper burial to their father. The film was directed by Tulsi Ghimire, who has since celebrated her silver jubilee. The film has some of the best actors in Nepal and the storyline is both romantic and action-packed.

    Chhakka Panja Series is among the top-selling Nepali films of all time. The first movie in the series, Loot, had a box office record of 8 crores. It introduced a new face to the Nepal film industry with Nischal Basnet. The second movie, Loot II, had a more serious tone than its predecessor. Nevertheless, the third installment was a commercial success and won Best Director and Actress Awards.

    If you’re a fan of Nepali films, you can’t miss out on these ten films. The latest release is Pardeshi, which has become a superhit film. Watch the movie and get lost in the story. It’s a heart-warming tale of love and loss. Directed by Ugyen Chopel, it stars Danny Denzongpa, Bhuwan KC, and Tripti Nadakar. And don’t forget to check out the movie’s legendary songs.

    The movie Jhola, based on the Krishna Dharabasi novel, is one of the best Nepali movies ever made. It exposes the brutal practice of sati pratha in Nepal, which required a wife to burn herself alive following the death of her husband. It also set an alternative trend for Nepali cinema. In addition to depicting this social issue, the movie also features the game of rivalry between two local tough men, Kaazi and Bibek, and the relationship between Maiyaa.

    Chino, another movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire, is one of the best Nepali movies. It was the first Nepali movie to be screened on TV for 25 consecutive weeks. This movie was one of the biggest hits in the country, and featured the best love songs in Nepal. It has a great storyline and a great amount of action. There are even some comedy elements in this movie, as it stars some of the most talented actors in the country.
    Kabaddi Series

    In times of crisis, there are several films that will help you cope with the turmoil. Whether you’re searching for a film about the plight of the Nepali people or a story that tells of an epic adventure, these films are sure to make you feel better. The list below includes both new and old movies. For example, one of the best Nepali movies ever is Balidan. Based on a real-life movement for democracy, this film has a lively presentation and an edgy story.

    You’ll also find a variety of comedy films in Nepal. From the acclaimed Chhaka Panja to the hilariously witty Classic, there are some movies that you cannot miss. Aryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha are two of the country’s best actors, and Chhaka Panja has set records for comedy movies. Pardeshi, a new superhit, is also a must-watch.
    Darpan Chhaya

    If you are a movie lover, you should try to see Darpan Chhaya as soon as possible. It stars Megastar Bhuwan K.C. as Amar, Tripti Nadkar as Suniti and other talented actors. The film was a huge hit and went on to become one of the best Nepali movies of all time. In fact, it became one of the highest grossing Nepali movies of all time.

    The film has won several awards and is regarded as one of the best Nepali movies ever. It grossed NRs 7 crores at the box office, surpassing Tulsi Ghimire’s Kusume Rumal (1987). The soundtrack was also very popular at the time and was very well received by the audience. The film is full of comedy, love and emotion, and is an essential movie for every Nepali cinema fan.

    This classic movie is filled with beautiful love stories and some of Nepal’s greatest love songs. You can watch this film with your family and friends and get inspired to learn more about the culture and history of Nepal. Aside from love stories, this movie also shows how strong the Nepali film industry is. Whether you are a Nepali or Indian, the film has something for everyone.
    Talakjung VS Tulke

    In this Nepali drama, a day laborer tries to reclaim his aristocratic identity. But his village is under attack from a violent revolution. Suddenly, there’s a war on and everything turns out to be complicated. What can Tulke do? The film is a must-see for those interested in Nepali cinema.

    The film is based on the people’s movement for democracy, and has an emotional depth that’s hard to find in most Western films. The cast of this comedy is great, and you’ll feel good about your selection. The film’s message of social justice is important as the country enters its third day of a lockdown.

    The story follows the actions of an insurgent known as Talakjung. He convinces the villagers that he is the savior of their country and will free them of oppression. But the landlord smells something new and calls Talakjung over Masubhat dinner. He learns that one of his villagers has been insurgent.

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