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How to Contact Microsoft Outlook Customer Support? Here Are The Best Ideas


    What is Microsoft Outlook?

    Microsoft Outlook is an application that is utilized mainly to send and get messages. It can likewise be utilized to oversee different kinds of individual information including calendar appointments and similar entries, tasks, contacts, and notes.

    It very well may be used as a stand-alone application or can work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for different users in an organization, for example, shared mailboxes and schedules, Exchange public folders, SharePoint lists, and meeting plans. Microsoft Outlook isn’t free, however; you should buy it outright or pay a membership for it on the off chance that you need to utilize it.

    How to Contact Microsoft Outlook Customer Support

    Do You Need Microsoft Outlook?

    On the off chance that you just need to send and receive emails, you don’t have to buy Microsoft Outlook. You can utilize the Mail application included with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Both offer a desktop mail program. You can likewise get your email from your email provider’s web site (like On the off chance that you have to accomplish more than that however, you’ll need a more powerful email management program.

    With Microsoft Outlook you can sync your own information with your cell phone, tablet, and different PCs, if you can sign in to those with your Microsoft Account. You can sort your email into folders dependent on rules you make, send out Of Office messages automatically, flag emails for follow up, and get email from Exchange servers.

    The last implies that you can get work email just as close to personal email from the same Microsoft Outlook application, in any event, when you are away from the workplace. You can’t do that with the Mail application that accompanies Windows 10. You can likewise defer the sending of messages, ask for receipts, and much more.


    It’s additionally conceivable to incorporate your personal data with Microsoft Outlook. It incorporates an address book, calendar, task list, and virtual sticky notes. What you put in the calendar can be matched up to your different gadgets. You can assign tasks to other people. You can likewise share and delegate calendars.

    Advantages of using Microsoft Outlook

    A) Search

    Microsoft Outlook accompanies an integrated search function that permits you to rapidly discover whatever you’re searching for. Search using keywords to discover messages, contacts and dates. This component can be used in any of the Outlook programs, including Calendar, Task Manager and Contact Manager.

    B) Security Features


    Microsoft Outlook has a couple of improved security features to protect your email account from predators. This additionally incorporates protection from junk and phishing website email. Its built-in email scanner alarms you when you are sent something from an untrustworthy sender. You can disable live links and block senders through the security features.

    C) Easy Organization

    Since Outlook is an email management program, it doesn’t simply permit you to send and receive messages; it permits you to sync your email directly into your calender or your contact list. You can make future arrangements by adding dates directly from your emails. Or then again you can send somebody an email or text message as you are writing down a note in OneNote, Outlook’s note-taking system.

    D) Connect with Others Easily

    Microsoft Outlook Calendar permits you to impart your calender to anybody that you pick. You can create, edit and manage an online Calendar for any of your significant customers to access whenever it might suit them. You can likewise share memberships and contact information. With the snap of only one button, you can send anybody in your contact list a text message directly to their cell phone. Or on the other hand send them a customized business card.

    E) Enhanced Connectivity

    Microsoft Outlook is something other than a program for your PC. Take it mobile by connecting it to your cell phone. You can read and send out messages, edit your calendar and take notes without being close to your PC. Sync your Outlook account to your cell phone, and you can turn the calendar on your telephone into a portable planner. Get alerts while you are out of the workplace on upcoming appointments.

    Disadvantages of Microsoft Outlook

    1) Cost

    Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office programming package. Starting at 2010, the expense of the package was several hundred dollars, while there are many free choices that provide similar features, for example, Mozilla’s Thunderbird.

    2) System Requirements

    Microsoft Outlook is worked to run on Microsoft operating system, for example, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. On the off chance that you run the Mac, operating system, you can in any case run Microsoft Outlook basically. Nonetheless, there is very little support to run Microsoft Outlook on Linux-based system.

    3) A lot of Functionality

    Some users feel that Microsoft Outlook gives a lot of functionality, which may make it hard to use simple functions, for example, email and calendar. Numerous commonly utilized features might be obscured or hidden on account of the no of features accessible in Microsoft Outlook.

    List of Major reasons when individuals need to Contact Outlook Customer support?

    1) Why do I keep getting the error message below after I’ve successfully logged in to

    2) How do I find out what version of outlook I am using?

    3) Why my outlook account id being hacked?

    4) How can you solve Outlook account login issues?

    5) Why my Outlook Account is not working?

    6) How can you get online Outlook help?

    7)Why was I locked out of my account?

    8) How can you create backup?

    9) How can you change the setting of your Outlook account?

    10) How can you organize your inbox with Archive, Sweep, and other tools in

    11) How can you use a storage account with

    12) Why do I keep getting the error message below after I’ve successfully logged in to

    13)  How can you Fix email sync issues?

    14) How can you change, reset or update Outlook password?

    15) My mails are lost.

    16) How can you contact Outlook support helpline number?

    17) How can you contact Outlook expert by phone?

    18) I can’t get to my Outlook account.

    19) How can you remove sending or getting email errors?

    Microsoft Outlook Support

    Microsoft Outlook offers support to all customers using its products – and this takes different forms.

    1. Microsoft Outlook Customer Service and Support is available to help you with questions about Microsoft Outlook products and services. In this case, a Microsoft Outlook representative will help you locate the appropriate resource or team to answer questions. This is intended to be used on the off chance that you have general customer service questions.
    2. Microsoft Technical Support will offer help choices and find the suitable support team to determine technical support issues, which you might be confronting. This may incorporate self-help support or assisted support.

    What there isn’t?

    Try not to call doesn’t offer telephone support. In a few places in the community discussion, posts pops up saying help is accessible by calling a cost-free number during specific hours. This number has been accounted for as a scam attempt in a few places on the web.

    How to contact Microsoft Outlook customer support?

    You can reach customer support in two different ways:

    A) For email-related issues, you can go here (that is in the wake of signing into your Microsoft account, there’s a form to fill out with your issue or question.

    B) For other account issues, probably remembering log-in and account access, there is this link for an online talk or to schedule a voice call-back.


    Step 1: Go to the link

    Step 2:  On this page, click the Outlook.

    Step 3: AT the left bottom of the page, you can see contact us. Snap the “Contact us” button.

    Step 4: On the following page, in the box provided, clarify the issue you’re having, alongside any photos, links, or attachments that may help the other forum members help you in getting your concern settled. When you’ve entered all the subtleties, click the “Get help” button.

    As such, apparently you can get in touch with a real customer support individual. In the latter case, you’re given a “virtual agent” to talk with — apparently using some type of AI — however you can likewise request to talk with a genuine individual.

    What’s more,’s help pages remain a source for self- service online answers, including step by step instructions to perform basic tasks and manage with common issues.

    Getting Support from within the app

    To better help you, we have to comprehend things like the version of the application you are using, your working framework, and other general technical information about your environment. To get this data automatically, we provide the entirety of our help within our app.

    On the off chance that you are experiencing trouble getting into the app and getting to the support feature, ensure you have the most recent version of the app.

    To access support from inside the application, follow the steps underneath.

    Step 1: Tap ‘Settings’

    Step 2: Tap ‘Help and Feedback’

    Step 3: Tap ‘Contact Support’. A devoted group of agents is prepared to assist.

    Using forums for specific topic doesn’t give access to help experts. Rather, offers an open discussion where Microsoft representatives and experienced clients offer assistance. Browse the forum to check whether your inquiry has been replied. If not, enter your inquiry and wait for a reaction.

    Once in a while, Microsoft personnel cooperate on the board too. They may respond to questions or point you at the appropriate responses somewhere else on the site. It’s not clear how rapidly or dependably they react, yet it’s a beginning.

    In any case, as is inferred, every now and again other clients will have the option to give you the appropriate responses you need.

    Step 1: Open the community Forum.

    Step 2: Sign in with your Outlook account on the off chance that you aren’t as of now signed in.

    Note: If you can’t get to Outlook, and hence can’t sign in to your Outlook account, the Outlook Help Forum has troubleshooting steps for that.

    Step 3:  When you show up at the forums, scrolling down shows the latest inquiries that have been posed by the network.

    At the top of the page you can use the search bar to find any important inquiries users may have just posed. Similarly as with most forums, it’s viewed as acceptable form to try looking for your concern to check whether a goals has just been posted. You can likewise filter the present and recent continuous help discussions to check whether the issue has just been secured.

    From that point onward, in the event that you despite everything haven’t found an answer for your concern, you can make another topic. This expects you to sign in to your Outlook account and freely post an inquiry on the forum. This permits some other user to answer with a significant solution and in case you’re fortunate, an Outlook volunteer may help you further.

    Step 4: To do this, click the “Ask a question” button on the upper right of the page in the event that you don’t discover anything related with your particular Outlook issue.

    Note: If this is your first time in the Outlook Help Forum, you may be prompted to enroll and read the site guidelines before presenting on the forum.

    Step 5: On the following page, in the box provided, clarify the issue you’re having, alongside any photos, links, or attachments that may help the other forum members help you in getting your concern settled. When you’ve entered all the subtleties, click the “Post” button.

    On the off chance that you take a couple of moments to find out about and practice the search capability of the site, and read the current answers and conversations posted by different users, there’s an excellent possibility you can get your question replied without having to wait for anybody.

    Other options:

    1) Check the Service Status. Go to Microsoft’s service health web page to check whether is encountering any issues at the present time. Issues can’t be accounted for here, yet you can find out about any ongoing issues. In the event that isn’t encountering a blackout or any issues, an “Everything is up and running” message shows.

    2) See whether the site is down. There are a few web services that will let you know whether a site is working or not. To utilize these services to see whether a site is up or down, simply enter the web site address, for example,


    The Outlook Help pages and Outlook Community Forum are two authority ways Google gives assistance to Gmail users.


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