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11 Creative Ways To Earn Backlinks In 2022


    Among the many techniques to increase website traffic, link building is an important factor. Backlinks are essential to search engine optimization, but many people fail to recognize these techniques. While blog commenting and sharing infographics are effective techniques for backlink generation, they are not the only methods for earning links. The Authority Transfer Technique and Linkable assets techniques can also be used to boost the visibility of your website.
    Infographics generate backlinks

    Did you know that infographics are an excellent way to supplement your content strategy? You may be surprised to learn that this method can still produce results years later. One infographic that was published three to four years ago has already received 350 referral domains and 630 links. While the results were not optimal, the growth has continued. You can take advantage of the potential of infographics to boost your SEO and get backlinks today.

    earn backlinks

    These visuals combine well-researched data with compelling visuals. They are also shared three times more frequently than any other form of content. These visuals can be shared with millions of people worldwide, generating massive amounts of traffic for any business. Here are a few places where you can post infographics to get started:

    You can also post infographics on other websites, which will increase their reach and improve their relationship with the client. Your business may even receive recommendations from readers who stumble upon your infographic. Increased traffic will boost your revenue. And since visual information is easier to understand, you should consider sharing your infographics on other sites as well. But beware: this method is time-consuming. So, consider these tips to make the most of your infographics and boost your SEO.

    You can also promote your infographics by using email marketing or social media. Email marketing, newsletters, and social media posts are a great way to promote your infographic. Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are excellent platforms for sharing infographics. If you want to generate organic backlinks, use hashtags in your infographic. And don’t forget about design feedback sites. Just post links to your infographic on these platforms, and wait for the results!
    Blog commenting


    Blog commenting can be both a good and bad way to build backlinks. Unlike other types of link schemes, blog comments do not pass link juice, but they do contribute to your overall backlink portfolio. A natural backlink profile consists of a mixture of both NoFollow and DoFollow links. To build backlinks naturally, try to find blogs with dofollow links.

    It is crucial to provide relevant content in your comments. You can get backlinks if your comment is published on a popular blog. Remember that your comments should be informative and interesting. Your purpose in posting them is to get visitors to your site. If possible, you should also post your comments on different social media accounts. For greater exposure, post your comments on different social media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.


    The first step is to find a blog that is relevant to your niche. You will find a blog where you can leave a comment. Once you have done this, you will need to leave a relevant message in the comment. Make sure that your comment is not spammy! Also, be careful not to spam the comments because Google will penalize your website for spam comments and you may be blacklisted by Disqus.

    Another creative way to earn backlinks in 2042 is to blog about your niche. People will link to your content if they find it valuable. Blog commenting can be beneficial for your overall link profile even if you don’t get any reciprocal links. You can also get backlinks by participating in blogging contests. Don’t forget to share your content with other bloggers and form a natural link pyramid.
    Authority Transfer Technique

    If you want to earn backlinks in 2022, you’ll need to be more strategic. You can do several things to earn backlinks. First, you can target sites that mention your brand and request the author to add a dofollow link. Check to see if there are any typos or misspellings in the content. Secondly, you can use backlinks tools to identify your main competitors’ inbound links and request their dofollow links. Lastly, you can also take advantage of low-hanging fruit, like asking your competitors to link to you.

    Brand monitoring is one of the simplest and fastest ways to earn backlinks in 2022. Simply monitor news articles or blog posts to see if your brand is mentioned. Using Google Alerts, you can also contact website owners who have not provided a backlink to your site. Most of the time, they are more than happy to give you a link. As for the best way to use brand monitoring to earn backlinks in 2022, try it out and see how effective it is for your business.

    While there are a variety of ways to earn backlinks, Google will continue to focus on the quality of your links over quantity. In fact, quality is better than quantity in Google’s eyes. A Google penalty can occur if you earn low-quality backlinks. Getting a lot of backlinks without a quality strategy is a recipe for disaster. It is important to know the difference between quality and quantity in order to maximize your chances of success with your SEO efforts.
    Linkable assets technique

    In the past, the most common way to earn backlinks was through long-form content posts. Though this tactic is still useful if you want to earn links naturally, linkable assets may also include tools, infographics, videos, and more. Linkable assets may help you raise brand awareness and gain social media attention. Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than full-length articles. They bridge the gap between articles and infographics.

    Content that is valuable to your niche is an excellent way to generate links. In particular, informational content gets the most links. A recent study by Spyfu has shown that informational content is the most effective way to earn backlinks. Franchises should take advantage of their size by creating and sharing linkable content, and by sharing the content through their network (such as social media) to earn more links naturally.

    Creating eye-catching content is another way to generate backlinks. For example, a Garbage Watch made from recycled materials is an example of eye-catching content that can generate backlinks. Also, a Buy One Gift One scheme by Warby Parker has generated a ton of backlinks. Promoting community outreach programs or charity organizations will also earn you backlinks.

    Earning backlinks is still important in 2022. Not only do backlinks help websites rank higher in SERPs, but they also contribute to a site’s E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust). These three components are also considered behavioral and cannot be ignored. Whether your website is an educational site or a business that sells a service or a product, your content should be tailored to the needs of your audience.
    Skyscraper content

    While it’s unlikely you’ll make a ton of money writing skyscraper content, the rewards can be huge. This technique generates a massive amount of backlinks. Even better, Google likes this kind of content, which will boost your SEO. But what can you expect in 2022? Here are the main steps you should take to succeed with this strategy. You’ll need to have a strong relationship with enough contacts, high quality links, and the right technique to earn a large number of backlinks.

    The most effective method to implement this technique is through email outreach efforts. Instead of contacting publishers directly, send emails to bloggers who have previously linked to your article, and then ask them to link to yours. Bloggers who have already linked to your article will be more likely to link to yours. This method is very effective, but it isn’t without its challenges. You can’t expect it to work for everyone, so be sure to experiment before implementing it.

    While the term “skyscraper content” was first coined by Brian Dean of Backlinko in 2015, clever marketers have been using the concept for years. The idea is simple: you create content with the best relevant to your focus keyword, build a high-quality link profile, and provide authoritative content. This is important because Google looks at authoritative sites as a signal of quality.

    This method isn’t easy to implement because it takes time to produce. Skyscraper content requires thorough keyword research and analysis. Nonetheless, it is highly effective for generating backlinks, so it’s definitely worth trying. So how can skyscraper content earn backlinks in 2022? Let’s take a look. It’s a great way to rank in the future, so use it to your advantage.

    The internet is full of content creators, and your content may need some extra attention to gain the desired backlinks. If you are among those, here are 11 creative ways to earn backlinks in 2022: Reclaim Unlinked Mentions, Get ‘Best X’ List Mentions, Become a Source for Other Publishers, and Create Infographics to Promote Yourself and Your Business
    Reclaim Unlinked Mentions

    If you want to generate more backlinks, you need to monitor your brand’s online mentions. You can use social media monitoring and influencer marketing tools to do so. Make sure to convert unlinked mentions into links, but don’t be pushy! Identify the sites and content owners you want to target. Once you have found them, contact them to request a link.

    While the process of claiming unlinked mentions is not simple, it is very effective. It requires some patience and brainstorming months ahead. You will be more likely to get a link from a mention if you reach out to the author as soon as possible after publishing the content. You can use tools like Mention or BuzzSumo to find these unlinked mentions. As a content marketer, you’ve probably seen mentions of your brand that don’t link to your site. If you find these, you can contact the website’s editor and request a link.

    If you have lost links from other websites, you can use content exploration tools like Ahrefs’ Content Explorer to identify them. You can then redirect these “ghost” pages to your own website to help you reclaim lost links. Reclaiming these backlinks will also help you get more links from high PR websites. But how do you find unlinked mentions? Here are some tips to get you started.
    Get Contextual Links

    In the year 2022, one of the hottest ways to increase organic traffic is to create resource pages. These pages can include information on a product or service or a site offering eCommerce platforms. For example, an article ranking for eCommerce platforms could be a resource page for a company selling shoes. By creating such a page, a company can get a backlink from that page.

    Another way to get backlinks is to contact journalists, news sites, podcasters and bloggers. Reach out to those in your industry to help them with their articles. Not all business news is newsworthy, but a ground-breaking study or an interesting quote can grab attention and earn you a quality backlink from a prominent publication. Likewise, guest posting is a tried-and-true way to get backlinks.

    Infographics are great content to share with your audience. An infographic is a visual representation of key data. In this case, the infographic can include statistics, graphs or charts that explain complex concepts. One such infographic created by WPBeginner is already generating 700 backlinks. Infographics are an excellent way to promote content without the use of bulk backlinks.
    Get ‘Best X’ List Mentions

    If you want to get more exposure and backlinks in 2022, consider getting ‘Best X’ list mentions. These articles typically list the best businesses in a particular industry or location. You can search Google for the list and add your business’ name to it. Even if you are not a restaurant or coffee shop, you can submit your business to ‘Best X’ listicles and increase your exposure.
    Become a Source for Other Publishers

    HARO, which stands for help a reporter out, is an online platform for journalists where you can submit posts on behalf of top news websites. To participate, you will receive about four emails a day. To become an accepted source, you must reply to each query. Then, you can check your dashboard to see which of your pitches were approved. You will then be credited with the backlinks from these publications.
    Reach Out to Journalists

    When you pitch a journalist, be sure to tailor your message to the journalist’s target audience and publication. For instance, if you’re pitching a smaller publication, tailor your email to their niche and size. Also, make sure to use a unique email signature so you’re easily distinguishable from other writers. Journalists love receiving unique emails, so make sure yours has a professional tone.

    If you’re looking for a way to earn backlinks from a journalist, you’ll need to know their interests. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. Using research to identify the journalists you want to approach is one of the best ways to make your outreach personalized. Depending on the type of journalist, your message should be relevant and add value to their beat. When it comes to your website’s design, journalists will probably be more interested in a site that’s easy to navigate. A press release or other kind of mention of your brand can increase the awareness of your brand. Once you’ve gotten started, however, staying organized can be a challenge. Use customer relationship management software to stay organized.

    Press outreach is another way to earn backlinks. You can use HARO to respond to press releases and you can hire a press outreach service specialist to do the work for you. The link building industry is changing, as are search algorithms and user behavior. The more you know about the industry and your niche, the more opportunities you’ll have to get your name and website featured in a reputable publication.
    Update Old Content

    Press releases are a great way to gain backlinks. When one website links to another, it’s considered a vote in Google’s eyes. The original PageRank algorithm used backlinks to determine the quality of a page, and many studies have shown a strong correlation between backlinks and organic search engine rankings. So, how can you get backlinks? Let’s look at some creative ways to get backlinks.

    Guest blogging is a great way to get quality backlinks. Not only does guest blogging demonstrate your expertise in a niche subject, but it can also help you gain high rankings in search engine results. To get started, start shopping around for relevant blogs, news providers, and publications that cover your niche. In addition to that, target publications that have similar content to yours. You’ll have a better chance of getting your link featured than ever!
    Build Free Tools

    The best way to create organic links is by building linkable content. This requires leveraging free tools that generate buzz about your business. In addition, these tools make it easier to get links from resource pages. Here are some tools you should try. They will help you to build links in 2022:

    BuzzStream: You’ll find it easy to generate quality links with BuzzStream’s built-in outreach tools. It’s the world’s most popular content marketing tool. Although it’s not designed specifically for link building, this tool can be used for PR purposes. It also has built-in influencer research and content analysis. It also offers a free trial. BuzzStream is also worth checking out for the free trial.
    Publish Ultimate Guides

    In 2022, publishing definitive guides is likely to be the most effective way to earn backlinks. Even if they require more work to create, this type of content can earn you the most backlinks. In addition, these guides will typically contain more long-tail keywords and great information than a typical blog post. Publish an ultimate guide that is at least 3,000 words long, and be sure to research the topic using the keyword tool GrowthBar.

    Unlike short articles, a comprehensive guide contains a lot of information in one page, so it can earn serious backlinks. However, it is important to choose a topic that has enough interest to generate interest. You may want to create your own ultimate guides, or use the content of others. By creating complete guides, you will appear as a valuable resource for your readers and earn more backlinks.


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