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Can Dogs Eat Human Food


    Many dog owners wonder if their pets can actually eat human food. Can dogs eat human food? Yes, they can, but they shouldn’t be given it by accident or if they are specifically invited to. Human foods contain chemicals that can be dangerous for dogs.

    Humans are surrounded by all sorts of things that can be dangerous to them. Can dogs eat human food? Yes, you can give it to them but you must watch out for a few things. Small quantities of garlic is perfectly okay to have but you must check with your veterinarian about other controversial foods such as garlic as you do not want to risk it to your dog. If you are unsure about human foods for your dog, then look for a safe alternative.

    Dogs Eat Human Food

    Can dogs eat human foods that are cooked in butter or that are mixed with butter? Unfortunately, dogs cannot. Although many people believe that cooked foods are safer, they simply are not. Can dogs eat cooked meats? Yes, they can, however it would be extremely difficult for them to digest and absorb.

    Do people have to follow a special diet when feeding their dogs? It is not necessary to feed them only certain types of food. If you want to feed them human food that is healthy and good for them, then you may be wise to research different types of diets for different dogs. People have been known to feed their dog’s nothing but dry foods for quite some time, yet these dogs lived healthy and performed just as well as those that ate a good amount of canned food.

    The human food that your dog eats should be comprised of bones, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. Many people believe that they can still get certain types of nutrients from the different types of foods that they can feed their dogs, but they are wrong. Dogs cannot get certain nutrients from a variety of different processed foods. This is simply because their digestive tract does not process the type of food that these humans feed.


    In order for your dog to survive, he must receive enough calories, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. He must not be fed any table scraps, dry dog food, or any other type of food that contains preservatives. Can dogs eat human food? Certainly they can, if it is carefully prepared and is provided to them in their proper nutritional level. However, they should never be fed the same food as someone else’s dog, especially when it comes to treats!

    Have you ever wondered can dogs eat human food? Well the answer is yes they can and the reason they can is because our ancestors used dogs for hunting and as pack animals and were always hungry. Canines are quick on the feet and have the instinct to chase prey, run after it, hunt it down and bring it back to the pack. This was their job in the wild and today is what most dog trainers specialize in; bringing a frightened animal back to its fear-free life.


    Dogs can eat human food but it depends on where it has come from and how it was cooked. Dogs can eat both kibble and raw meat as long as it has been prepared properly and is made of high quality ingredients. Dogs love kibble but many people do not realize it because it is loaded with all kinds of preservatives and artificial flavoring that you don’t want in your dog’s food. It is often called dog kibble, raw food or dog chow.

    Raw foods such as chicken, raw pork chops, fish, vegetables, nuts and fruits are the best for your dog. However, it is vital to make sure you are feeding your dog fresh, unprocessed foods as cooked bones, cooked meats and dried dog foods can be toxic. Many dogs will refuse to eat cooked bones and so will some large breed dogs. Some large breed dogs will refuse to eat raw fish even if it is very healthy. So it is imperative to check the label for safety.

    Dogs love fruits and vegetables and so it is very important to provide them with these as part of their diet. It is easier to feed your dog fresh vegetables than to buy canned fruits and vegetables in the supermarket. You can feed your dog fruit and vegetables everyday, if you make sure they are healthy.

    The third thing you should never feed your pup is cooked chicken, steak or turkey. These items will upset stomachs and cause gas and can cause diarrhea or constipation. Also it is important to make sure you give your dog fresh raw meat and raw vegetables daily. Your pooch will thank you when he no longer has a painful stomach, irritated skin, painful gums or painful eyes from being fed improper human food.

    Human food is not healthy for dogs and you should never feed your dog human food as this will have a negative impact on them. They need lean protein from meat, fish, vegetables and nuts in their diet. Raw macadamia nuts are an excellent source of protein. They are very nutritious. So next time you are cooking up a home cooked meal for your dog just add a layer of healthy macadamia nuts and you’ll be good to go.


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