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How to Export Emails & Contacts from Yandex Mail?


    Yandex Mail is a free email service that lets you access your messages on the web utilizing any browser. It has two-factor confirmation and login history to forestall hacking. It scans all approaching mail for both spam, phishing, and malware. It’s conceivable to set up a filter to forwarad your Yandex. Mail messages to an alternate addresses, and you can export your Yandex.Mail contacts to a different email user.

    Contacts from Yandex Mail

    Key takeaways

    A) It is free.

    B) Online storage is unlimited.

    C) POP and IMAP allow flexible access.

    D) It is scalable (storage, users)


    E) It has customizable solutions for business (chargeable)

    Yandex Mail’s Features

    A) Yandex.Mail offers free email with boundless online storage (beginning at 10 GB and increasing in 1 GB steps as needed).


    B) Offering both POP and IMAP access, Yandex.Mail accounts can be set up advantageously in work area and mobile email program (just as in other email services).

    C) Yandex.Mail can get mail from POP and IMAP email accounts, and you can send messages utilizing these accounts’ addresses from the Yandex.Mail web interface.

    D) Yandex.Mail is open by means of secure SSL/TLS connections and keeps a log of activity you can check for suspicious use.

    E) A built-in interpreter causes you read and send mail in foreign dialects.

    F) Integration with Yandex.Disk lets you send greater files without joining them to the letter. Files can be seen directly in Yandex.Mail.

    G) You can have Yandex.Mail remind you about messages to which you have not gotten an opportune answer.

    H) Yandex.Mail can request standard DSN delivery notifications for messages you send.

    I) DKIM signature.

    J) Keyboard shortcuts help operate Yandex.Mail with proficiency and speed.

    K) Using filters, you can set up Yandex.Mail to perform assignments consequently, for example, erasing certain mail, sending it to another addresses, sending programmed replies.

    I) Yandex.Mail lets you save messages as templates for simple re-use.

    L) You can likewise plan messages to be conveyed naturally sometime in the not too distant future and time.

    M)E-Cards incorporated right with Yandex.Mail make sending rich solicitations, wishes and regular greetings an easy thing to do.

    N) Yandex.Mail discovers messages quick with free-form search; you can limit results by folder, status, label, field, (for example, sender or subject) and date.

    O) A spam and virus built-in filter groups and moves out junk as just as virus loaded and phishing messages. You can utilize custom black and white contrasting arrangements of senders.

    P) A simple task manager incorporated with Yandex.Mail lets you keep a to-do list (with due dates).

    Q) Yandex.Mail is accessible in a variant that utilizes simple HTML, which may perform better with specific programs and internet connections.

    Writing and Sending Email in Yandex.Mail

    In addition to rich text formatting choices, Yandex.Mail incorporates templates for e-cards. You can likewise save messages you make as templates. There’s even a built-in the interpreter that can automatically message you make into different dialects.

    At the point when you send an email, you can advise Yandex.Mail to look for replies. In the event that five days go without an answer, you will be reminded to follow up if important. Yandex.Mail lets you schedule messages deliveries for some other time (up to somewhat less than one year advance). That way, you can ensure birthday messages always show up on time.

    Finding and Organizing Messages in Yandex.Mail

    While the search tool lacks built-in operators and complex filters, Yandex.Mail supports folders and names to assist you with sorting messages. Utilizing filters, you can set up Yandex.Mail to perform tasks consequently, for example, erasing certain mail and sending automatic answers. Keyboard shortcuts assist you with operating Yandex.Mail with significantly more prominent efficiency.

    Security and Spam Filtering

    Yandex. Mail scans all incoming mail. You can likewise manually block senders. Likewise, with other email programs, some non-spam messages may occasionally get sent to the spam folder.

    Lamentably, Yandex. Mail doesn’t offer two-factor authentication for upgraded security, yet a detailed activity log makes it conceivable to recognize suspicious activity. You can even log out remote clients from the web interface.

    What are some alternatives to yandex mail?


    An easy to utilize email application that saves you time and keep your messages safe. Get your messages in a split second by means of pop-up messages, read and react online and offline, and discover any message rapidly.


    One of a unique and ground-breaking suite of programming to maintain your whole business. It contains word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, client relationship management, project management, invoicing, and different applications.


    It is the world’s biggest secure email administration, created by CERN and MIT researchers. We are open source and secured by Swiss protection law


    It is an open-source server and secured and quick client programming for messaging and coordinated effort. The product comprises of both client and server components, and a desktop client. It likewise gives native two-way sync to numerous cell phones.


    It isn’t simply one more email client. They are rebuilding the inbox starting from the ground up to make you splendid at what you do. Explicitly planned it for those of you who need the best.

    How can you Export Emails & Contacts from Yandex Mail?

    It is constantly a smart thought to keep a backup of your emails safe. In the event of any unforeseen conditions, having a backup of your emails or messages can come helpful. As Yandex.Mail is good with pretty much every email program, you can set it up utilizing either IMAP or POP on any platform, PC or cell phone.

    Likewise, Yandex. Mail permits users to set up a channel and forward messages or emails to some other email address. One can easily export from Yandex.Mail following any of the ways. Underneath, we have given stages to export emails from Yandex.Mail utilizing email forwarding.

    Steps to Export Emails from Yandex.Mail

    You will need to set up Email forwarding in your account by following these steps In order to export your emails from Yandex.Mail,

    How to Set Up Email Forwarding in Yandex.Mail

    To configure email forwarding in Yandex. you ought to follow the accompanying steps:

    Step 1.) Go to the Settings options(Gear icon) in the upper right corner of Yandex.Mail and snap on the Message filtering choice.

    Step 2.) Under Message filtering, click on the Create Filter option.

    Step 3.) Now, select the buttons next to the option – “Apply to” and select options – “all messages excluding spam” and “with and without attachments” you need to forward to another email provider.

    Step 4.) Next, go to the “IF” segment, and make the changes to the parameters in the drop-down menus to decide the messages or the kinds of messages you wish to filter.

    Step 5.) Then, click on the Add condition in the event that you wish to include more conditions. Try to review the alternatives just beneath “IF” which contains the options – “Matches, at any rate, one of the conditions” and Matches the entirety of the conditions.

    Note: The two above-mentioned options will possibly show up on the off chance that you have set more than one condition.

    Stage 6.) After that, go to “Take the accompanying action” segment, and select the fitting OPTIONS beside forwarding to from the given ones.

    Stage 7.) Next, enter the email address to which you need to forward the messages under the “Forward to” field. In the event that you wish to save a copy of the messages or emails in your Yandex.Mail, select the checkbox next to “save copy” option.

    NOTE: Here you may need to enter your password. Enter your Yandex.Mail password and select Confirm. A message will currently be sent to the next email address. Discover the message from Yandex.Mail in your other email inbox and select the Confirm link to be taken to an affirmation page.

    Stage 8.) Select Confirm forward to finish setting up mail forwarding from Yandex.Mail.

    Stage 9) If successful, the page will consequently redirect to your Yandex.Mail inbox.

    Steps to Export Contacts from Yandex.Mail

    Not just messages, you can likewise forward contacts from your Yandex.Mail account. CSV format files are utilized to import and export contacts between address books of different email clients.

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1) In your Yandex.Mail account, go to the “Contacts section” and snap on the “More” button situated in the top menu.

    Step 2) Choose Save contacts to file

    Step 3) Next, select the name of the email client and interface language in the window that shows up on your screen.

    Step 4) After that, click on the “Save” choice.

    All the contacts from your Yandex.Mail account will be exported to your PC in a CSV format document. You can import this file to your ideal email client and add the contacts to it.

    Exporting emails and contacts from Yandex mail by converting into pst format

    Step 1)In request to export emails or messages, contacts, and calender from your Yandex.Mail account, it is ideal to get it configured with an email client, for example, Outlook.

    Step 2) Once your Yandex.Mail account is arranged with Outlook email program, you can easily export emails or messages from it by following steps referenced ahead.

    Step 3) Open Outlook program on your PC and snap on the File choice.

    Step 4) From the File option, click on the Open and Export and select Import/Export choice.

    Step 5) From Import/Export wizard box, select Export to a file option and snap on the Next button.

    Step 6) Now, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and snap on the Next button.

    Step 7) Choose the name of the email account to export and make a point to choose the checkbox close to Include subfolders options in the event that you wish to export everything, for example, Calendar, Contacts, and Inbox.

    Step 8) However, on the off chance that you just wish to export messages, roll out the changes as needs be. When you are done choosing a favored choice, click on the Next button.

    Step 9) Next, click on the Browse option to choose the location for saving the Outlook Data File (.pst). Basically type a filename and snap on the OK button and afterward on the Finish button.

    Step 10) Outlook will begin exporting messages promptly except if you have made another Outlook Data File (.pst) or you are utilizing a password encrypted file.

    NOTE: If you wish you can include an optional password with your Outlook Data File (.pst) to keep your Yandex.Mail document secured. You can make a password for the document when the Create Outlook Data File dialog box shows up on your screen.

    How can youExport Emails from Yandex Mail to Office 365

    First of all you have to download the software Cubesoft.

    Presently follow these steps to save Yandex Mail to Office 365:

    Step 1: Install and dispatch the software on Windows PC. Pick IMAP Server from the email source list

    Step2: You should Enter your Yandex Mail Username, Password, IMAP Host and Port number. Next snap on Login button

    Step3: The software loads and shows Yandex All-Mail folders list to its left side screen

    Step4: Choose Office 365 as the output option from output saving choices

    Step 5: Enter your O365 login subtleties. Pick desired mail folders or apply expected filters to move particular Yandex Mail messages to Office 365 and click on Backup button

    Step6: The software will currently begin the Yandex Mail migration process and once finished, shows another ready window with “Conversion done successfully” message.

    Step7: Once you click on OK button, another Notepad window will open demonstrating total status report. Spare it for future reference.

    Important Features of Yandex Mail to Office 365 Tool

    Directly relocates Yandex Mail account messages to Office 365 account.

    1) All email properties (Meta headers, formatting, links, pictures and so forth.) are precisely preserved.

    2) Easy to use for both technical and non-technical clients

    3) Complete free answer to save Yandex Mail to O365

    4) Savesattachements in their unique file format

    5) Folder hierarchy of Yandex Mail folders is held for what it’s worth, while migrating to Office 365 webmail

    6) Advance filters give precise Yandex Mail migration to its respective Office 365 record

    7) Transfer of specific Mail folders from Yandex Mail to O365 is upheld

    8) Suitable for all Windows versions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and so on.

    Exporting email using mail clients:

    You can download all email from Yandex.Mail utilizing mail clients:

    1) Install and configure the client utilizing our general guidelines or instructions for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, Opera Mail, or Yandex.Mail (macOS).

    2) Export email adhering to the guidelines for your email client:

    A) Using Microsoft Outlook

    Step 1: Open the File tab.

    Step 2: Choose Open and EXPORT → Import and export from the menu.

    Step 3: Select Export to file.

    Step 4: If you need to import messages to another post box with Outlook subsequent after exporting them, choose Outlook data file (.pst). In the event that you need to utilize another program, pick Comma separated values (Windows).

    Step 5: Click Next.

    Step 6: Choose the account you need to export messages or emails from.

    Step 7: Enable Include subfolders — for this situation, your email, contacts, and schedule are exported.

    Step 8: Tap Next.

    Step 9: Click Overview and pick a folder to export. Enter the file name and snap OK.

    Note. If you exported emails before, you will see the previous folder and file name. Enter a different file name or select a different folder.

    Step 10: Click Done.

    Automated Method to Export Yandex Mail to Outlook:

    For the simple procedure, it is constantly preferred to utilize an exceptionally proficient third party tool which can effectively work. There is a tool namedSysToolsYandex Mail Backup Software. This software can easily export Yandex to Outlook. It’s features are listed beneath:


    The Software empowers to take a copy of email backup on a particular location. Select the preferred location on PC where the information might be documented. Additionally, these backup tools permits the client to Save Yandex messages on the system drive safely.


    1. Used to forward email Yandex to Oulook.

    2. Store the data items of email account within only few snaps.

    3. It has an option to save messages to PST, EML, MSG formats.

    4. Date based filter option supported

    5. You can add Yandex mail to Outlook with or without Outlook installation.

    6. Give Naming Conventional features.

    B) UsingMozilla Thunderbird

    Stage 1) Go to → Help → Troubleshooting data.

    Stage 2) Find Profile Folder under Application Basics and snap Open Folder.

    Stage 3) Close Mozilla Thunderbird.

    Stage 4) Copy the substance of the profile folder and paste it in the area where you need to store your email.

    C) UsingThe Bat!

    Step 1) Go to Tools → Export massages to.

    Step 2) Choose the export format: Message files (.MSG), Message files (.EML), UNIX mailbox.

    Step 3) Complete the export.

    D) Using Apple Mail

    Step 1) Select the mailbox to export in the left menu.

    Step 2) Choose Mailbox → Export mailbox.

    Step 3) Select a folder and click Choose.

    Note: Apple Mail exports mailboxes as packages with the .mbox expansion. On the off chance that you exported the mailbox previously, the program doesn’t supplant the current MBOX file. It makes another one with a different name.

    E) Using Opera Mail

    Step 1) Right click the Inbox filter and choose Export.

    Note: Each program exports email to a specific format. In the event that you need to import messages to a different mailbox in the wake of exporting them, utilize similar mail client to import them.

    Export emails and contact from Yandex mail to Outlook 2019

    Yandex Mail is a famous cloud-based email user application that gives numerous features including boundless capacity of data on cloud. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to move emails from Yandex to Outlook 2019 to get more features and facilites. In the event that indeed, at that point you are at a perfect spot. Here we will give bit by bit procedure to export Yandex Mail to Outlook 2019 and different versions.

    So as to transfer Yandex Mail to Outlook 2019, download Email Backup Wizard to do likewise. This software permits the users to export emails from Yandex Mail to Outlook PST including messages, contacts, connections, and so on. It keeps up the folder hierarchy and meta properties of messages like Cc, Bcc, Date, attachments, and so on in its unique format.

    This application is well reasonable for a wide range of users as it has an exceptionally simple and straightforward client interface. Utilizing this device, users are able to export Yandex messages into PST design without any file size and document number constraint.

    First of all Download Email Backup Wizard

    Steps to Export Yandex Mail to Outlook 2019

    1.         Launch the product and pick Yandex option from Email Source List.

    2.         Enter the accreditations of Yandex Mail account and snap Login button.

    3.         Now select PST format from the rundown of various saving choices.

    4.         Select destination folder location to save resultant PST files.

    5.         Also use advance setting option to export selected mailbox.

    6.         Click on Backup button to begin the export procedure.

    Once you are made PST files from Yandex Mail. Presently you can directly import PST files into Outlook 2019 with no additional endeavors.

    Benefits of Email Backup Wizard

    The software gives a rundown of advanced benefits and features for the user’s simplicity. Some of them are referenced beneath:-

    •           Provides exceptionally simple and graphical users interface

    •           Allows bulk export Yandex messages into PST format without loss

    •           Keeps key components and folder hierarchy totally protected

    •           Requires just login subtleties of Yandex Mail to export into PST document

    •           Compatible with every accessible version of Windows OS

    •           Performs boundless Yandex mailbox conversion with no cutoff

    In this way, it is the complete procedure of by what means can export Yandex Mail to Outlook 2019 by utilizing Email Backup Wizard. You can likewise use trial version to check the working procedure of the tool.


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