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Guest Blogging – How to Find Cheap Guest Blogging Sites


    Finding guest posting sites is not difficult. There are literally thousands of free guest post sites available to you if you’re willing to spend a few minutes looking.

    Most guest posting websites require an account to submit your article and articles to. Instant approval, paid guest post sites only list people who have a good enough reason for being in their list to submit your article. So just writing a free guest post and then submitting it to any paid guest post website won’t really help you reap the rewards you deserve.

    How to Find Cheap Guest Blogging Sites

    Guest Posting Websites You Should Submit to For More Free Traffic. To be totally honest, I don’t know why free guest post websites even exist. They are not only a waste of your time, but they are also ineffective. Because there are so many more effective ways to get free traffic to your website, I am going to tell you how to submit to these free, ineffective websites and get yourself listed in their directories.

    Write For Us. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to get yourself some quality backlinks. This is one of the main reasons why finding guest posting sites is so important. The more backlinks you can build up, the higher your rankings will be on search engines.

    Use Pay per click advertising for instant approval guest posting sites list. Using pay per click advertising is very effective, especially for link building. However, the best part about using pay per click advertising is that the only requirement is that you must create at least one quality backlink for each keyword you want to rank for.


    Create a blog. Blogging is very beneficial when it comes to link building because blog sites will almost always allow you to place your links on your blog. So now you have found a couple of free guest blogging sites that you would like to get listed under. The next step is to find some good article directories that have high page ranks. These article directories will often require that you submit a minimum of one original article for them to accept your submissions, however, they usually have strict requirements.

    Submit your articles to the directory. Now that you have found a few free, low page ranking article directories that you want to submit your articles to, you are going to need to get your content placed on those sites. Some of the better free guest blogging sites will allow you to submit your content to them, however, for better results you should use one of the three submission services that I mentioned above.


    Write an article. Now that you have your content, and you have chosen which article submission site to use, you are ready to start writing. One thing to keep in mind when writing an article, is to make sure that each of your blog posts has some sort of keyword rich headline. These are headlines that capture the reader’s attention right away and get them reading the rest of the article. This will help to build the integrity of your guest posting, and if they are a quality writer they will be more than happy to write articles for you.

    Build backlinks. The last thing that we are going to discuss here, is building backlinks to your blog posts. Backlinks can be very important to your blogging efforts. If you have a lot of people visiting your site, then you will have a better chance of getting higher rankings in the search engines. The better the rankings that your blog has, the more likely you are to get more traffic, and that will lead to more sales.


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