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Health Guest Blogging – What Your Blog Post Can Offer a Network Marketing Company


    What exactly is Health Guest Posting then? This is a quick post that explores this very important subject. In its simplest terms, guest posting means writing an article which is posted on somebody else to blog. This means that you are able to get free advertising. Guest posting is sometimes known as guest blogging too.

    So how do you find guest posting sites? Well, first of all you need to look to see if there are any well-known health or medical online. Look to see if they accept articles from guest authors. If so, then great – you have found your perfect venue! The more popular health and medical blogs online tend to be more ‘polished’ and hence more welcoming to guest posts.

    Health Guest Blogging

    Next you need to write your health blog post. Start by researching the topic and finding out what other blogs are talking about. Topics like wellness, weight loss, healthy eating etc. You could write on these topics, too – just ensure that the posts you make are relevant and up-to-date. Guest posts are great but if you post rubbish content and rubbish health tips then you won’t get many views.

    You will also find a number of health care write ups online. There are health care write ups on pregnancy, exercise, healthy aging, weight management etc. Find one that interests you and start writing on it. Write in an engaging way for the sake of your readers’ benefit and not theirs!

    Another great place for health care and fitness blogs to find guest post opportunities is at the corporate and social media sites. Look around at Google and MSN and see what fitness and health blogs are looking for. Many companies and brands are looking for bright minds to write for us health and wellness content.


    The final way for you to write a guest article for another blogging site is to get out there and start looking for opportunities yourself. If you’re a seasoned writer then why not consider writing guest articles for other people’s blogs? If you have written a few well-regarded articles or a collection of well-regarded articles then why not take that experience and write for other people? Not only will you get more exposure to your name, but you’ll also develop a network of fellow authors and bloggers that could provide valuable backlinks for your own blog.

    As you can see from all this it really comes down to two factors: keyword and quality content. Try to get your keyword list right so that your SEO efforts are effective. Try to write for as many blogs as possible because some of them may be in the same niche as you. Try to write for as many guest post opportunities as you can so that you stand the best chance at having quality content accepted and being read by a large number of readers.


    As you can see from all the advice above, writing for guest post sites can be extremely rewarding if you put your mind to it. Use the above tips to help you write an effective and reader-friendly piece. It is definitely not a dead end job and there are always great prospects out there. Just keep on writing and keep on publishing.

    The health industry is a growing industry and so there will always be plenty of jobs for people who are good in writing. If you’ve always wanted to write about beauty or fitness then why not take a few courses in order to publish your work? There are plenty of open positions for freelance writers in the health sector and you can certainly find something that suits you. As well as health guest blogging, you might want to write for other companies that publish cosmetic products and similar topics. For example, you can write for beauty websites, food blogs and even corporate blogs like mine.

    There are literally hundreds of different topics around which you can write for us health and wellness oriented blogs so you can decide whether you want to write for a specific area. If you’re looking for blogging jobs then sponsored posts are one of the easiest ways to start off with. Sponsored posts are simply posts that you write for another company in return for being given free advertising. You can decide how long you want to write for them and the number of words you want to be in each blog post. It’s actually a great way to get started if you’re just starting out online – the process will give you the confidence to build up your own readership as well as help you promote a product or service on your own.

    If you don’t want to become a sponsored writer then you’ll need to write something anyway. If you enjoy what you do then maybe you could consider publishing articles on your own blog to earn some money as well. You can choose to either write an article for a health or beauty website or write for a social media website. I recommend you publish your articles on your own blog first as it’s easier to sell something if you’ve written something that’s related to your site. Then look around the web for other opportunities to monetize your blog post.

    Health Guest Post Opportunities With High Search Engine Optimization

    This article explores this very popular topic briefly. In it’s simplest form, guest blogging involves writing a post on someone else to blog. Some people do it simply to promote themselves and their business. Others do it in order to make money through affiliate marketing or by writing articles for other companies. Still others do it simply because they enjoy writing and want to write more.

    There are a number of different ways to promote a guest post. One way is to submit to the right directories. These directories allow one to submit articles in return for a link back to their website. So if you write a health guest post on a directory where you earn money through affiliate marketing, you can submit your content to the directory and earn that plus a referral fee.

    If you are not particularly good at writing or if you find it difficult to research, you may wish to outsource this task. However, if you are willing to spend the time to research your topic and find a niche that you are interested in, you can certainly submit to blog communities instead. There are many bloggers who will read your guest post and forward it along to their own readers. If you have written well and have a great audience, your content may find its way into the hands of someone new who may have the same niche as you.

    It is important to remember that even though you can post a guest post to multiple blogs, it is in the discretion of the posting host whether or not they will publish your content. Many hosts have set up their own submission policies. You may be able to find a list at a good site such as WordPress or Blogger. If you can not find a list, you will need to contact each host separately to ask if you can submit your content. They may have their own policies about posting guest articles or posts and you should review those before proceeding.

    As with many other things in the world of blogging, it is important to remember that PA cannot be reprinted or duplicated in any way. If you intend on posting a guest post to a PA blog, you will need to have your own URL for your website, blog or blogspot account. This is due to the fact that Google uses the keywords you use for the PA to search for your websites. Therefore, if you want your article to be found by a regular looking for diabetes information, you will need to have your own domain name and make sure you keep your keywords within your post.

    Once you have chosen your topic and your blog platform, you can begin the process of applying for a health write up. Do not feel like you have to apply to every health blog that you find on the internet. Instead, find a few that you are interested in publishing to and contact the administrators. Many will be happy to receive an email asking you to submit a guest article, but others might not. If you don’t get an answer to your email, you may want to reapply until you hear back from the person responsible for accepting or rejecting your application.

    Most health bloggers allow their readers to post articles they have written, so don’t think that you have to submit the entire article just once. You only have to post the parts that are relevant. For example, if you write an article about the dangers of penicillin, you don’t have to submit it to every single health site that features diabetes. However, it is not a bad idea to apply to a few sites because you get a good chance of getting accepted. Each application will be reviewed individually and based on the rules that each site has set out for guest authors.

    There are a few ways to make money blogging, but one of the best ways is providing useful and interesting health guest article opportunities to other websites. These opportunities can bring you additional income from your writing efforts, which will ultimately increase your earning potential as a contributing writer. Don’t forget, having health guest post opportunities with high search engine visibility will increase your ability to make money through search engines. Try guest posting with high profile health sites and watch your income grow!


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