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20 Ideas On How To Be A Good Boyfriend To Your Girlfriend


    Being a good boyfriend is not always easy, even if you have an amazing partner. A good boyfriend knows when to speak and when to listen; when to offer advice and when to offer empathy; when to shower her carefully and when to give his girl some space.

    You must be someone your girl can trust and admire, and even someone who makes herwant to be a better partner. A good boyfriend adjusts to the situation and knows that the job is never done. Check the best 20 tips for being the good boyfriend.

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    20 Ideas On How To Be A Good Boyfriend To Your Girlfriend

    1. Be honest.

    In any relationship, and with very few exceptions, honesty is the best policy. If you are honest from the beginning of your relationship, then you will be less likely to have problems in the future.  You must tell her what she needs to know without overwhelming her with the truth. For example, if you had a serious past relationship, you can inform her without revealing every little detail about your ex.

    Moderate your honesty with kindness. Don’t feel like you have to make every answer seem like a compliment. Instead, offer an alternative. For example, if she ask you if you like something she is trying, let her know it might work, but you think blue is your favorite so far because it shows off her big eyes and dazzling personality.Not only must you be comfortable with honesty, but you must also accept her honesty. You should be able to handle the truth if you want to be a  good boyfriend.

    2. Support and encourage her to follow her passions.

    At the beginning of the relationship, it is common for the two of you to spend a lot of time together, perhaps too much time. But as things progress and grow together, they will also grow independently.


    You should always be there to support your partner as being a loving boyfriend. Even if you are a particularly confident person, you will doubt yourself in various aspects of your life. Providing the encouragement to help unlock your girlfriend’s potential is one of the best things you can do as a couple.

    Better yet, it will bring great rewards for both of you. This can manifest itself in many different ways. This could include finding suitable positions to take her career to the next level, helping her learn a skill, or offering financial support.


    Above all, however, she simply needs to hear the words of encouragement. If you believe in her, she will soon have faith in herself. Seeing your partner in a happier and safer place can only make you feel better about yourself. Also, your accomplishments will benefit the relationship.

    It is important never to let her convince herself to pursue her interests. If you want to take an art class on Saturdays, but that’s the day you always go out to lunch, try to find a way to accomplish both. Or let art class win and reschedule. The last thing you want to do is prevent her from enjoying things alone.

    3. Contribute equally to the conversations.

    When you speak, try to find some balance in the flow of the conversation. If you are too quiet, she may think you are losing interest in her. If you are too talkative, she may think you are obsessed with yourself or just rude.  The conversations are about giving and receiving. The same is true for relationships.

    Obviously, there will be times when you talk a lot (like when something exciting or important happens) or when you withdraw a little (like when something bad happens). Overall, however, it strikes a balance of conversation.

    4. Don’t hide your feelings from her.

    Even though social roles are changing, it can still be difficult for men to talk about her emotions. It can be difficult for you to talk about how she feels, but a wall of silence often makes things difficult for brides who don’t know the best way to help and comfort her.

    If something bothers you, you should inform your girlfriend and trust that she will be able to keep things confidential if necessary. Even if you give little hints, like “the work was really intense today,” it’s much better than quietly sulking with your Xbox in the basement for hours without any hint. The best relationships are open, and you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to her.

    5. Be a good listener.

    Instead of thinking about the next thing you want to say, or something completely different, focus on listening to her. Think about what she is saying. You should always seems interested and totally committed to her presence. Remember, a conversation with your partner is not only recognizing, but also remembering. If your partner is telling you about an important experience, write it down mentally.

    If she has said something to you twice before and you have no idea what she is talking about because you weren’t really listening, she will know it and not be happy about it.

    “Listen” to her nonverbal “conversations” as well. Learn to know when something bothers her, even when she doesn’t say it. What does her expression, her body language or even the way her hair keeps spinning tell you?

    6. Visit her more often

    One of the things that girls don’t want to feel is that you don’t have time for her; she is not even worth your time. So stop doing what you’re doing and go visit your girl right now. Girls want to feel like she is at the top of your list when it comes to priorities. She want to feel important. She also want to see you more often. Visiting once in a while only shows that you want to spend more time with her and that you would make an effort just to see her.

    7. Learn to compromise.

    Engagement is a big part of successful communication. If you and your partner cannot disagree without getting into a big fight or without one person immediately giving in to the needs of the other, then you have a problem. To be good at commitment, you should be able to talk about your needs and wants while understanding where your partner is coming from, rather than ignoring your side of the story. 

    After you and your partner discuss your thoughts about a certain situation, you can work together to make a list of pros and cons, and decide what will be best for both of you. Sometimes you and your partner will have to give in to each other. That’s fine as long as you take turns. If you choose the movie for a date night, for example, you must choose the place of dinner and where to go for dessert afterward.

    Part of learning to commit is using a calm, even voice when you have a disagreement. Never yell at her, swear or (under any circumstances) hit her, no matter how angry you are. Stay away for a while if necessary and come back when you can speak rationally.

    8. Plan activities together

    Plan and organize an activity that you both enjoy. Adventure travel and picnics are two great romantic getaways, away from this bitter reality and into your fantasy world built for two. You can plan a surprise or you can form the plan with it so you know exactly what it wants to do with you.

    There are even fun activities indoors, like playing against each other in video or board games, or reading the same book and then discussing it. Things like these will liven up your relationship; It will be as if you had met yesterday.

    What you plan does not have to be great and expensive if you are not rich, but it must be memorable and special. Do whatever it takes to stand out against inexperience and uneducated men who haven’t read this article, and become an addiction your girl can’t break

    9. Be supportive and understanding.

    You can show support by being available, listening carefully, and showing interest in what she say. When you spend time together, make an effort to be present and attentive to your needs. By being supportive, it will help to strengthen the feeling of security and reciprocity in the relationship.

    And if you support her goals and dreams, she will also support yours.  Be there when she has to study for a big exam or finish college applications, or when she is stressed by anything else that may affect her future. If she is having a busy week or month, you should be there to help her out by doing little favors, like picking up lunch or taking her to class, to make her days easier.

    If it means something to her, it should mean something to you. It does not matter that you are not interested in the problem if it were not for her, a relationship is about sharing experiences and being supportive. Don’t just dismiss her feelings because you think “it’s not a big deal.”  Always confirm that you are listening and sound sincere when comforting her. If you don’t feel like you really are, try changing your thinking. Think of things from her perspective.

    Sometimes she just want to cry and be comforted. Don’t try to fix your problems right away. Instead, wait for her to deal with all her emotions before being practical. If she is upset, it is important to ask, “Do you want to talk about it?” Make her see that you really care. And if she is not ready to talk about it yet, don’t leverage.

    10. Be courteous to her friends and family.

    Chances are, your girlfriend has a lot of important people in her life and it will go a long way in making her happy if you respect and enjoy her as much as she does. Sure, there may be friends or family other than your favorite people in the world, but being respectful of her and who she is in your girlfriend’s life is what makes a good boyfriend.

    Even if you are not her biggest fan, being friends with her friends shows her that you want to be a more important part of her life. She will be delighted that you are willing to hang out with her and the girls once in a while.

    Don’t let your life and attention only revolve around it. Your girlfriend will be bored with it, no matter how understanding or passionate she is. Be sure to also gain the affection of the people who are very close to her, be it her parents, siblings, other relatives or friends. Enchant her all, the more the better. Why? Two reasons:

    You’ll have people who have something to say in your life to back you up when you mess things up sometimes. They will be the ones to convince you that whatever you did was unintentional and that you still love her. She will trust you more, as she will know that you are interested not only in her but also in her company. This gives you a lot of points, man!

    Also, talking to her friends, siblings or parents gives you a different perspective on your girlfriend, since now you will meet her from different eyes: you will know what she was like when she was a girl and what she was like at school. In short, you will get to know her more thoroughly.

    Now you can surprise her with some things that only she and her mother know, and then she will wonder how you discovered that. Or her closest friend will give you a secret weapon to win her heart once again. Getting to know her from your social circle is very important, my friend, so get on immediately

    11. Show affection often.

    Show your partner that you love her by being loving. Little touches, hugs, a kiss, and maybe a little public display of affection (PDA) are just some of the ways to connect through affection. Don’t overdo it, you don’t want to make her uncomfortable. Remember to read your signs, and if she is not in the mood, don’t kiss her.

    Many times, even a slight touch is appreciated. If your partner is romantic, when you see her for the first time in a couple of days, say, “I missed you …” and wrap your arms around her hips and then give her a loving hug.Depending on your preferences, also try to lightly kiss her lips / cheeks / forehead / neck just to show that you really appreciate her presence. Or simply kiss her hand, squeezing it and bringing it to your lips.

    If you are not sure how your partner feels about public displays of affection, be discreet at first. Believe it or not, not all people want to hold hands.

    12. Congratulate her sincerely.

    You should congratulate your partner as often as you can without feeling suffocated. Praise her not only for how she look, but for what she is like. That way, she will know that you care about her appearance and what’s inside. She is more likely to be self-confident when you give her reasons to trust your compliments.  Go beyond ordinary statements. The more specific you are, the more unique and appreciative the compliment will be.

    Even small and seemingly silly compliments can be significant. Honestly saying things like “You really have a beautiful handwriting” or “You are amazing in parallel parking” can be a confidence factor. It also show that you are paying attention to her.

    13. Give gifts, at special times and at any time.

    No healthy relationship can survive on gifts alone, no matter how elegant or expensive she is. However, giving gifts carefully and decisively can provide lasting displays of your interest, attention, and affection.Think of a birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas or anniversary gift, and other special occasions. Choose a gift that is reasonable and considerate; It does not have to be expensive, just take into account who she is and her tastes.

    Think of special touches, like adding your name to a necklace or pendant that represents something that matters to you, like a snowflake if you love to ski, or a musical note if you love playing an instrument, etc.Observe her interests when she is together. She could mention something she like in a store window, or something she would like to try, like taking a horseback ride. Don’t just think about tangible elements: experience gifts can be much more exciting and fun than a list of things.

    Pick something up out of the blue every now and then and give it to her just because you were “thinking about her.” This type of gift has a great impact because it is very unexpected and charming.

    14. Give her (and yourself) an individual space.

    Just because she is your partner does not mean she is yours, which implies some form of ownership. You don’t have to be tied to the hip to have a great relationship. In fact, if you let her pursue her own interests without registering every five seconds, you’ll like her even more.  Find a balance that allows you to spend time alone, spend time with your individual friends, and spend time together.

    Spending time with your friends separately will make you appreciate yourself even more when you see each other again.Keeping different social schedules will also give you something to “report” when you get back together.

    Keep some separate interests too. Maintain your hobbies, sports, and other interests that you had before each of you met. Although it will be great to find an activity that you both like together, you shouldn’t force her to watch soccer with you if she don’t want to, and you shouldn’t have to go to yoga with her unless it’s something you want to try.

    Keeping your interests separate will help you maintain a sense of individuality and grow separately so that you can grow together in love and have a perfect relationship in the end.

    15. Never stop trying for each other.

    Many guys give up the search after her girlfriend agrees to be exclusive, as if the courtship phase is over. But the truth is, no matter where you are in your relationship, she never stop courting. Even after marriage, or after being together for years, it is important to keep trying to impress and show love and care for each other.

    Obviously, the level of romance may decrease, but it shouldn’t disappear entirely. While you are together, both of you should be actively dating. It keeps things fresh and shows you that you are continually working to improve the relationship. Even small actions, like surprising her with her favorite dinner, or picking up her most beloved gummy candy at the grocery store without being asked, do a lot.

    16. Be understanding and patient with your girl

    If your girl is not ready for any intimate activity, understand her and be patient with her. A lot is happening in a girl’s mind when she tries to choose a partner for life; she has to think things over again before accepting the fact that you will be her life partner.Forcing her to move too fast or do things she is not ready to do is harassment and will harm her relationship. Trust me; You have a lot of control over how a girl feels about you if you meet women and what makes her fall in love with a boy. If you didn’t know how to treat a woman and as a result did something to annoy her, be the one who apologized and meant it. A great deal of sympathy has to flow from you to her.

    Instead of trying to force the problem, be patient and let nature take care of the rest. Let her come to you when she’s ready, and she will, depending on what you’re doing to her or how you’re treating her, of course. Everything you do has an impact, either increasing or reducing your chances with it. Respect her decisions, and she will respect yours too.More than that, she will love you for your patience and consideration. Love is not just about making love with the girl of your dreams. More importantly, you must really care about her and be sensitive to her feelings.

    If you have a grumpy girlfriend, instead of being mad at her mood swings, just be the man who she thinks you are and know who calms her down. Strong men are neither impulsive nor easily angry; she is the ones who fix things, in any situation, not only in your relationship with your girlfriend. Learn to be a man who is not easily bothered by people, someone who is very calm in any situation.

    17. Be romantic

    Buy flowers and your favorite food to surprise her the next time you are. Find a great place like a beach so the two of you can sit down and talk. Then when you are there, talk to her gently, remind her of the qualities that drew you to her in the first place, reaffirm her beauty, and be charming and genuine. Hug her when you both walk alone, she wants you to; put your hand around her waist when the time is right.

    Think outside the box to enchant the girl of your dreams. Buy her a big teddy bear to hug at night or gold cups or necklaces engraved with her name. Alternatively, you can create handmade gifts, which are often even better because they let you know it’s on your mind. Make it a great dinner or better yet, arrange for the two of you to do it together, with candles and soft music, nothing like it.

    18. Be well groomed

    There is nothing that makes a man more attractive than his ability to choose the right clothes and looks to promote his appearance.A man’s appearance is largely influenced by his clothing and grooming habits. Therefore, a little fashion can make you much more attractive. Learn how to wear well-made clothing that suits your body type and skin tone, and always wear well-tailored clothing. Wear nice shoes that match your outfit and suit your style. Poor quality footwear is very common right now, so getting yourself a good pair of shoes or boots will make you stand out.

    Study male leads in movies and other celebrities to learn a fashion that suits you from head to toe. You don’t have to wear the same thing as a celebrity; the key is to go back to your style and gather as many ideas as possible until you have a stock of her. Inspiration is what you are looking for; Do not copy anyone.

    Some men have a false belief that appearance doesn’t matter when it comes to love; that’s naive. It is because she spent a lot of money and time on beauty products, clothing and fitness that attracts you right now. Why do you think that appearance would not influence a girl’s attraction to a man?

    So be like her and be nice; in other words, make it easier for her to feel attracted to you. Girls have a remarkable natural knack for examining things objectively, so your girlfriend can tell if his looks are classic and expensive or extremely cheap from head to toe. She’ll know if you bought your suit from Charlie across the street or if he’s a Gucci. What you’ll also notice is the fit of the clothes you wear and how the colors help or detract from your overall look.

    One of the other most important things is to make sure it smells good. Be hygienic at all times and use designer fragrances. That is getting ready. Shave off unnecessary body hair and get a haircut, one that will make you stand out from the crowd. These little things have a big impact on creating or decreasing attraction.

    When you are well groomed, she will never let you go. Also, you will have to deal with serious competition – great things. Browse online for style inspiration, always work hard to improve your wardrobe, and constantly strive to develop. Find grooming and dress tips in men’s magazines online and offline – let it all inspire you, man

    19. Work on the development of your body, health and fitness

    Exercise to build a great body that you will admire, well-toned and masculine. In addition to being attractive to the opposite sex, a male body has many advantages.Clothes will fit you better and a good body gives you more confidence when you are around other people, as you will feel good about yourself and project yourself through your actions.

    On a health note, muscles support internal organs and bones and protect you in the event of an accident. They also give you great physical energy. Muscle mass is correlated with longevity.Lastly, confidence in your body results in excellent body language.

    This is very important in communication with the opposite sex. Having positive body language is always attractive, especially for girls who are sensitive.Girls love men who has positive body language and facial expressions. So keep your chin up and shoulders back, stop leaning and walk in a relaxed and safe way, as if you know where you are going and why.

    Whenever you are sitting with someone (and especially when sitting with her), remember to never adopt negative body language. Always show the pleasant qualities that your body has to offer. Your expressions must be coordinated; when she is happy, be happy with her; when she is sad, be with her supporting her. Empathy is key to enchanting a woman.

    20. Be kind and generous to others, too

    Don’t only shower her with gifts and jewelry. After all, you can’t buy her love, and an attractive girl can get whatever she wants. So be different and take the time to be the type of person you rarely meet.Be generous to the people you meet or interact with and help those who are less fortunate than you by offering money, donations or help.

    You can even offer a blood donation. She will be very proud to have you in her life because now she knows your level of commitment to others. Volunteering also has a great invisibility in society, in addition to being proud of you.

    Volunteering also shows that you are mature enough to handle and take good care of her. You will be the strong man who is the envy of all her friends.


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