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How To Print Text Messages From An Iphone?


    Messages are an essential part of our daily communication. We use messages for everything: from work to education, from business to personal. It is so important that you can print iPhone text messages for the court to use as evidence in any legal matters, or just for business purposes, etc.

    In the event of a dispute, insurance claim, or litigation, it may be important to document or print text messages to show that they were sent, received, or read at a specific time. Evidence from the texts can be critical in trials and is often sought at the time of discovery. This evidence is equally convenient in commercial or contractual disputes between enterprises or between consumers and online sellers. Whatever your reasons, but if you are in a situation where you need to print iPhone text messages, it is very important to know the exact way to do this.

    print text messages from an iphone

    What is a text message or SMS?

    SMS is the short message service, which is the formal name for text messages. It’s a method to send short text-only messages from one phone to another. These messages are more commonly sent over a cellular data network. Standard SMS messages are limited to 160 characters per message, including spaces. The SMS standard was defined in the 1980s as part of the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standards, which have been the basis of mobile phone networks for many years.

    Each iPhone model can send SMS text messages. On early iPhone models, that was done using a built-in app called Text. The application was later replaced by a similar application called Messages, which is still used today. The Original Text application supports sending standard text-based SMS. Could not send images, videos, or audio. The lack of multimedia messages on the first generation iPhone has been controversial, as other phones have already had them. Some observers have argued that the device should have had those characteristics from its inception. Subsequently, models with different versions of the operating system gained the ability to send multimedia messages.

    Every iPhone and iPod touch since iOS 5 was preloaded with an app called Messages, which replaced the original text app. While the Messaging app allows users to send text and multimedia messages, they also include a feature called iMessage. This is similar to, but not the same as text message.


    Why do we need to print text messages?

    Whenever you have a text message conversation with someone, it is very important, it’s always a good idea to keep a backup so that you will record it whenever you need it. Even if you back up this text message to your computer, it is always a good idea to save it elsewhere as well. As such, having physical and printed copies of important text messages is very good to have. Maybe you texted someone about something that proved useful in court during a trial. Or you just want to keep the last text message you received from a friend who died – not a bad idea to print it and keep it in a safe place.

    • You may want to print your SMS communications to keep strong copies for your files, especially if text messages are related to your business. Printing texts can also save you space on the phone since you can delete them after obtaining them on paper.
    • The messages are related to work. Printing them can help you finish your job more easily.
    • Printed messages may be for future reference to any situation.
    • Printed messages ensure that you can refer to them after the messages are corrupted.
    • The messages can be used as the legal evidence in the court.

    Tools needed to print iPhone text messages

    To print the text messages from your iPhone, then you will need the following tools:

    1. Your iPhone and its USB cable


    Since you cannot directly print iPhone text messages from a particular conversation, you will need a USB to connect to a computer. Make sure you have chosen the best USB / Lightning cable from Apple or any Apple authorized manufacturer. Unless you have an original Apple accessory to connect your iPhone, chances are the connection is unstable or ineffective in the worst case scenarios.

    2. A computer with a connected printer

    If you are thinking about how to print messages from iPhone, then you have a point. You cannot directly print your text conversation without using a computer. Make sure there are no viruses in your system and take the USB cable to connect them. Make sure a quality printer is connected to the computer to be able to print iPhone text messages.

    How to print text messages from iPhone?

    Although there are several ways available on the Internet to print iPhone text messages very quickly, in most cases, they are not so simple to execute. However, there are ways by which you can print the text messages in a very simple method. So, just follow these best ways to print text messages from iPhone, and you can get prints of text messages from iPhone without any interruption.

    1. Print Text Messages on iPhone via Email

    If all you need is data or message content, not a date or timestamp, then this is one of the best ways to print text messages from your iPhone. This method is good if you just need to print a few things, rather than large sets of text messages, as it can be tedious to copy them individually. Follow the instructions below and learn how to print text messages from iPhone via email:

    Method to follow:

    • First of all, open iMessages or any other messaging application on your iPhone, and then open the conversation you want to print.
    • Then press and hold the text message that you want to copy until the Copy / More option appears, and then click on the Copy option to copy the text to the clipboard.
    • Now open the Mail application or Gmail (or any other mail application that you use) and paste the copied text message into the New message field, and then send this letter to your email address.
    • Within a few seconds, you will receive an email from you with the contents of the letter (all copied and pasted text messages).
    • Now open the email and find the Print / Forward option in your mail client. On the built-in Apple client, this is the icon with the left arrow at the bottom, so click on it and then click on the Print option.
    • Finally, select any printer option that is connected to your network and start printing. Or you can also open the letter on your computer and print this letter from there.

    This is an easy way to print text messages from iPhone. Keep in mind that this iPhone text message printing solution is suitable if you want to print only a few messages. If you need to print entire conversations, go to the other methods described below.

    2. Print iPhone text messages by taking screenshots

    If you want to print all the messages in a conversation with the person’s name, date, and time stamp, then this is a great way to print text messages on the iPhone. You can take screenshots of the conversation and then print them as you see fit. Here’s how to do it:

    Methods to follow:

    • First, open the Message app on your iPhone, and then open the conversation you want to print.
    • Next, go to the point where you want to start taking a screenshot. Keep in mind that if you want to capture an entire conversation, you may need to take a few screenshots.
    • Now, to take a screenshot of your text messages: On iPhone 8 or later, press the side button and the Home button at the same time to take a screenshot.
    • On iPhone X and later, press the side button and volume up button together to take screenshots.
    • After capturing screenshots of the conversation screen (from the gallery you can check whether they are captured or not). Open the image and press and hold it (Swipe up) until the Exchange dialog box appears. Finally, click on the Print option in the bottom panel and print them using a wireless printer connected to your network.

    You can also send these screenshots to yourself and print them on your PC. This method allows you to print text messages on the iPhone in graphic format. Again, if you only need to print a few text messages, the screenshot method is free, easy, simple and quick. However, if you have more than just a few iPhone text messages to print out, taking, and organizing a lot of screenshots will get out of hand quickly.

    Disadvantages of screenshots for printing text messages

    • The contact name and number is not on each message in a screenshot.
    • The actual time of SMS is not on each individual message in an iPhone screenshot, only a general time for several messages.
    • Taking a screenshot of every single screen of messages that you need to print can take up a lot of your time.
    • With a large number of screenshots, you have to manually order and organize the images so that you can print them chronologically. Some users also then try to import the images into a program like Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or Preview, to properly collate and organize the print outs. That is a lot of work!
    • Other iPhone screen data is in the image that isn’t related to the messages themselves.

    For these reasons, if you have more than a few messages, using the screenshot method to print your text messages is not recommended. It’s often too time-consuming to be worth the hassle!

    3. Print text messages from iPhone using a third-party application

    If you or your organization uses Xerox products, you can use their Xerox Workplace app to print text messages directly from your iPhone. Follow these steps and learn how to print text messages on the iPhone using the Xerox Workplace app:

    Methods to follow:

    • First, install the Xerox Workplace app from the App Store, and then register and log in using your email address and password.
    • Open the document containing the text messages you want to print (you need to either copy the messages in accordance with method 1 or take screenshots in accordance with method 2).
    • Now open the Media Sharing menu and click Open With in the bottom panel, and then select the Xerox Workplace application.
    • Now follow the instructions in the app to print text messages wirelessly from iPhone using the Xerox Workplace.

    By following this method, you can print text messages from your iPhone completely wirelessly to any Xerox-enabled printer.

    • Print the text messages from iPhone using CopyTrans Contact

    Here is the method that explains how to print the text messages from the iPhone using the third-party app named CopyTrans Contact.

    Method to follow:

    • Download CopyTrans Contacts
    • Install the program and Launch CopyTrans Contacts and connect your iPhone
    • Wait until all the data on your iPhone has loaded, then click on the thought cloud icon located in the left pane of the main program window. You will see all text messages on your iPhone.
    • In the left panel of the Messages, you can select the contacts whose correspondence history you want to print. You can also print only individual correspondence records with a separate contact. To do this, first, select the desired contact in the left panel Messages, then select individual correspondence records with this contact in the right panel SMS. Click on the Export Selected button.
    • Next, select the format for exporting messages. The most suitable formats for subsequent printing are Word and Plain Text.
    • SMS messages from your iPhone will now be saved on your PC in the format you selected (in the form of numerous Word files). Just open the folder with the desired contact and double-click on the Word file.
    • To print SMS messages on your iPhone, open the desired Word file, click on File> Print.

    4. Request a copy of text messages from your mobile operator

    This method is a hit or miss because it requires complex procedures, including some legal documents. Some mobile service providers may fulfill your request and provide you with a copy of your text messages, but most may not do so if they are not provided with a legal document or court order. Here’s what you need to do if you want to learn how to print iPhone text messages by receiving a copy of text messages from your telephone service provider:

    Method to follow:

    • First of all, contact your customer service provider. Or, if they have an online portal, you can go to the portal and check if there is a history of your text messages.
    • If you want your customer service representative to even consider your request, you will need to give them a good reason.
    • If they find your request acceptable, you may be asked to provide a legal document or a notarized copy of your request.
    • After completing the formalities, you can receive a copy of all the text messages you requested by email or physically.
    • If you receive it by email, simply print the letter and you will receive printed text messages from the iPhone.

    This is a hectic and lengthy method of printing text messages from the iPhone, but if the messages are so important, you can try.

    5. Print Text Messages from iPhone Directly

    You can also print the text messages directly from your iPhone. You need to connect your iPhone to your all the time. Here are the detailed steps you need to follow:


    • Download iPhone Data Recovery to PC. Download, install, and run this software. Once detected, you will be able to enter DFU mode. 3 methods are offered. Choose the first one: recover from iOS devices.
    • Scan messages on your iPhone. In this process, iPhone data recovery permits you to scan all data or just message files as per your choice. When you choose to preview SMS files, surprisingly you will see these messages that you deleted by mistake. In other words, not only visible messages in your phone can be printed, but also deleted or lost in red.
    • Receive and output SMS from iOS devices. Mark the items you want to print and click the Restore button. After that, you perfectly saved the messages to your computer for printing.

    6. Extract Text Messages from iTunes Backup

    You can also use iTunes to print your text messages. Here is the detailed step by step method:


    • Extract text messages from iTunes. After entering the DFU mode, you should select the model in the middle and click the Start Testing button. Then you will see a list of your backup file, just unzip the targeted message files from iTunes.
    • Preview and print the message. In this procedure, you are able to view all the data. Click Messages and Call Logs to examine the details of your message files. Mark what you want to print and click the Restore button to export them to your PC.

    7. Text Message Extract from iCloud Backup Feature

    Use iCloud to print your text messages from iPhone.


    • Download messages from iCloud files. When you choose the third recovery mode, you must be logged in to your iCloud account. After logging in, all backup files are listed. You need to download the correct one containing your messages.
    • View text messages from iCloud. All types of data can be checked. If you want to drag and drop your messages from the backup to your computer, click on the column named message and call logs to view one by one. Finally, select those targeted and restore them to your computer.

    Not only messages can be easily and efficiently exported to a PC, but also photos, videos, contacts, call logs, and more, up to 18 file types.

    8. Print the text messages from iPhone via computer

    It is essential that you first need to download the text message from iPhone, then print the iPhone SMS files or backup text message to iPhone later.


    • Connect iPhone to the computer. Download and install Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate from the official website. And then connect the iPhone to the launched program. The program automatically recognizes the iPhone as a screenshot.
    • Export text content to the iPhone. Click on the SMS icon to select the iPhone SMS text files from the iPhone, then select the export mode for the iPhone SMS file for printing. SMS can be exported in the following formats.
    • CSV: a print text message from iPhone to Excel
    • TXT: Print directly in this format or further edit iPhone with Word format
    • HTML: Upload web content or print iPhone messages
    • Print SMS content from iPhone. Click on Export Selected Messages> TXT File for an example. You can export iPhone SMS files as screenshots. After that, you can press Ctrl + P (for Windows) or Command + P (for Mac) to print SMS content from iPhone.

    9. Print deleted or lost text messages from an iPhone

    There are two ways to export your iPhone text messages to your computer and print your iPhone text messages with any printer. The first way is to use Aiseesoft FoneLab, a program that can transfer your text messages from iPhone to a Mac or PC, whether they are existing, deleted, or lost. The other way is using Aiseesoft FoneTrans, a program that can transfer text messages from your iPhone to your computer.

    1. With FoneTrans

    If you just want to print text messages from your iPhone, you can use Aiseesoft FoneTrans to transfer your messages from iPhone to your computer and print them.


    • Install FoneTrans and connect your iPhone to the computer. After downloading and installing the program, open it, and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable so that the program automatically recognizes your device.
    • Transfer your SMS messages to the computer. After the program recognizes your device, click SMS on the left and select the text messages you want to save on your computer. After that, click on Export to -> Export all messages -> HTML file to save the iPhone text messages on the computer.
    • Print text messages from the laptop or computer. Finally, go to the folder where your text messages were saved on your computer and open the HTML file to view your messages. After that, you will be able to print all the text messages you want directly!
    1.  With FoneLab

    If you have lost your text messages when updating the iOS version of your iPhone or have accidentally deleted the text messages, and want to print those deleted contents. Use FoneLab, you can restore and export lost text messages from an iPhone to your computer and then print them out.


    • Connect your iPhone to your computer and start analyzing the device. After downloading and installing FoneLab, open the program, and connect your iPhone using a USB cable so that your device is recognized. When your iPhone is recognized by the program, click on Start analysis to analyze your data.
    • Select and recover your deleted text messages. After analyzing your iPhone, you will see all files on your device under different categories on the left. Select the message category and check all the text messages you want to retrieve on the right. Finally, click Recover to copy all your marked text messages, including deleted and lost ones, to your computer in a CSV / HTML file.
    • Find your text messages and print them. Finally, go to the folder where your recovered text messages were saved. You will see two types of backup files, CSV and HTML. The HTML file is much better for printing. Now, you just need to right click on your HTML file and select Print!

    10. Print iPhone text messages with iPhone recovery tool

    If you have a lot of messages to print and need all the time sent/received of the messages, Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery will be a good option for you. Just click the Print button on this software, it will print all your messages on iPhone or save them in PDF format. Also, if you accidentally deleted those vital messages, it will help you to recover lost texts from iPhone, even without any backup.


    • Run iPhone SMS Recovery Tool and select Messages.
    • Connect iPhone to the computer and click Next to search for text messages.
    • After scanning, preview and select the messages you need, and then click the Print button at the top.

    11. Print text messages from iPhone via copy and paste

    You can also print your text messages bu copy and paste method.  Copy the text message from the conversation, and paste it into a notes or documentation app on your iPhone. Then transfer the file to your computer, and then take a printed copy. However, it would be awkward and there will be nothing to mark who sent what since the conversations texts will only be copied this way.

    How to print several text messages from iPhone all at once?

    Sometimes text messages on the iPhone can be very precious and important to you. So, you are looking for methods to save them. You know, you can easily save iPhone messages by creating an iCloud / iTunes backup. While some of you may consider printing text messages on an iPhone, for example, to provide more convincing and compelling evidence to defend yourself in court. However, the iPhone Messages app does not support AirPrint. This means that you cannot use AirPrinter to print iPhone messages directly as if you were printing photos.

    The above methods are only suitable for those who only want to print one or two messages from the iPhone. If you want to print a large number of texts / SMS on the iPhone, like all conversations, all threads text, they are not suitable for you. Here is the guide or you to print multiple text messages from iPhone, no matter how many messages you want to print.

    1. Best way or app to print text messages from iPhone

    As we mentioned above, you cannot print iPhone messages with AirPrint. This means that you need to export text messages from iPhone and save the files in pdf, txt or HTML format. Therefore, the best application to print your iPhone text from an iPhone is to export iPhone messages. As long as you export text messages from the iPhone to a computer, you just have to print them with your printer.

    The application to export messages from the iPhone, to be honest, you have to use third-party tools, because there is no integrated Apple tool with this function. For example, iTunes can back up your entire iPhone to a computer. You must use a third-party tool to extract text messages from computer backups. iCloud allows you to automatically save messages from iPhone to the iCloud server and restore messages saved on the iPhone, without you being able to see what you have backed up, let alone exporting those messages.

    Therefore, when it comes to printing text messages from an iPhone, you have to use a third-party tool, and most of them are paid software. To help you quickly start your search and find a good tool to solve your problem, a management tool for iPhone – AnyTrans for iOS is recommended. Its message function can perfectly meet your needs, and it is recommended for the following reasons:

    • Supports all types of messages: You can export and print all messages from iPhone, such as SMS messages, MMS messages, texts, iMessages, message images, etc.
    • Supports multiple formats: Depending on your needs, you are free to keep messages from your iPhone in HTML, TXT, or PDF format.
    • Supports export of a single message or all texts: You can choose to export a message, a discussion thread, several text messages, or even all messages from the iPhone.
    • Equipped with search and preview features: You can enter a word or keywords to find exactly the messages you want to print and check if they are the desired messages before clicking the Export or Print button.
    • Super fast export speed: You only need 1 or 2 minutes to export all text messages from your iPhone. For me, exporting more than 6,000 messages takes less than a minute.
    • Not only a tool for exporting messages but also an all-in-one iPad content management tool for iPhone: AnyTrans for iOS also allows you to manage photos, contacts, videos, music, ringtones, notes, reminders, iBooks, apps, etc. from your iPhone. You can manage almost all files and data on your iPhone with this tool.

    2. Print the text messages in bulk

    To print text messages from an iPhone, regardless of the iPhone you’re working on, to print its text messages. Just follow the steps to export messages from an iPhone to a computer, then print them with your printer.


    • Download AnyTrans for free. Download AnyTrans for free on your computer, launch it and install it. Then connect your iPhone to the computer with its USB cable.
    • Click the button with eight horizontal dots to manage files. When your iPhone is recognized by your computer, on AnyTrans Tribute, click the button with eight horizontal dots to manage files by category.
    • Click on Messages. If you cannot find anything after clicking on Messages, it means that you have not created the backup on your iPhone and AnyTrans cannot read messages from your iPhone. You just need to create one. In the same window, you will find a note at the bottom saying: You have not backed up your device on this computer. Please click the button below to create a full backup. Back up now. Just click Back up now and you will see all the messages on your iPhone when this process is complete.
    • Configure the message output format and the target folder. Click the Settings button, then choose the format you want to keep, such as HTML, TEXT, PDF. Then click Select to choose an output folder, and click on the Save button.
    • Preview your iPhone messages first and choose the text messages you want to print. Select the contacts with the messages you want to print, preview them, and find exactly the ones you want to export. You can also select All to print all messages from the iPhone. Then click on the PC / Mac button to export them to the computer.
    • You can also enter a word or keywords to quickly find the messages you want by clicking on the Find tab button at the top right.
    • Check the exported messages. Find the output folder, view the exported iPhone messages.
    • Print your iPhone messages. Select one and open it with the browser. Then right click with your mouse to click Print, continue printing these messages with your printer.

    Can you print iPhone text messages from a specific date range?

    Yes, you can print selected text messages from only certain specific dates! Many iPhone users don’t want to print every single text message from a specific contact probably because they don’t need to. But rather the users prefer to narrow down and only print text messages from a few days or even a single day. To accomplish this, you can tap on Export > Export Current Conversation > PDF (Date Range) in Decipher TextMessage.

    Decipher TextMessage is a desktop software program that helps users to quickly and easily save and print iPhone/iPad/iPod text messages in just a few easy way. The program at  first saves your text messages from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer and then you can at once print out the exported PDF of all your SMS messages or iMessages.

    How do you print text messages with the date, time, and contact on every single text message?

    Decipher TextMessage desktop program has a special preference that allows users to print text messages with the name and phone number on every single iPhone text message of both sent and received messages. Click on the Preferences option in the program and make sure Show Contact on Every Message is checked.

    This is useful for business, trial, and legal reasons. It’s important that the contact name and phone number be visible on every single printed text messages for documentation and verification purposes or for any legal process. This feature of this program also provides a quick visual reference of whom each message is from when anyone is browsing through print outs of the text messages.

    If you want to print the SMS from your iPhone, follow any of the methods as mentioned above. There are numerous third party applications with the use of which you can print the text messages easily. We have here mentioned only a few third party applications.


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