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Top 10-15 Minecraft House ideas for beginners


    Minecraft is a game that can be as much about casual relaxation and discovery as it is about hardcore survival. Survival mode is extremely common.  Players are taking Minecraft more seriously than they have in the past. Having a strong home base is an important feature of Survival mode. It can be a difficult task for beginners to build a house in Minecraft. We are here with the straightforward, functional, and trendy ideas of making Minecraft home which will assist beginners to Minecraft.

    Minecraft House ideas for beginners

    Minecraft Treehouse

    A treehouse is one of the many classic builds in Minecraft worlds. It comprises of a childhood dream of many players in many ways and it can finally come true. Treehouses may be very rustic and shack-like, or ultra-modern, such as this one by AnuTCS.These Minecraft treehouses aren’t for vertigo sufferers, but they’re a great way to avoid the creepers that appear at night and save time fixing your Minecraft shield. Treehouses are also a perfect place to get a good view of the surrounding area or to fire arrows at Minecraft mobs.

    The jungle is the best biome to create a treehouse in, but if there isn’t one nearby, a mock tree can be designed first to replicate a real tree. If the foundations are in place, the house can be constructed on various levels on the branches to give the impression that the tree is growing around it. You have the choice of building your new home atop a tree or starting from scratch. If you want a tree that acts as a house or a house at the top of a tree then it is very essential for getting the base right in the construction of your Minecraft treehouse. This hidden and peaceful home, complete with rose bushes and a clever trapdoor, is a great place to begin. You won’t able to get out without a ladder so, just remember to include it.

    Modern Minecraft House

    If a rustic home is not your style then, here are plenty of modern Minecraft house designs to choose from. The materials needed are a little more difficult to come by. To build your modern crib, clay, stone, and slabs are used which include wide glass windows and a balcony to take in the views.

    As a result, modern houses take longer to design and build, so you’ll need to be committed to having them ready ahead of time. With its breathtaking landscaped garden and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, we adore the contemporary house style with complete with grass hedges and a meandering pool.


    Three-story house with a lot of space

    This Minecraft home may not have the extravagance in comparison to other houses on the list. On each floor of the house, there is a truly unique roof. To either side of the building, there are two decks. The tutorial demonstrates how to build this spacious home, as well as how to add some flair to the exterior with decorative planters and bushes. It’s a creative way of demonstrating how a simple home can be the best choice.

    Island Temple

    Great landscaping will make a huge difference in any home, no matter how basic it is. Even the construction is fantastic in this case, displaying Asian-style architecture with its curved pagoda-style roof.


    This temple was designed by besafewearshoes, who paid special attention to the small details of the gardens, including a plethora of flowers and lanterns to give it an ethereal feel. Furthermore, rather than growing real trees, they produced their own by building an organic trunk and then adding the leaves.

    Minecraft Beach House

    As, the place of your choice may be coast, but you’d like something a little more suitable for the place. There are plenty of beach houses to choose from for your best Minecraft house. You can have a ramshackle hut on the water’s edge or a serene three-tiered mansion with a swimming pool.

    The unassuming, simple-to-build villa can be your favorite. Trap doors are cleverly used as decorations, but it takes a lot of quartz blocks to create. It has a small pool where you can dip your toes, which is ideal for unwinding after a hard day of adventuring.

    Desert House

    Deserts are widely regarded as one of the game’s most despised biomes. Living in a desert is pretty boring due to the lack of vegetation and other structures. It’s also difficult to find food when the world’s spawn point is a desert biome. However, after a strong start, there are some interesting structures to build.

    Houses like this one by Antonio M8 stand out in the biome because of the availability of various types of sandstone. With its airy second-floor balcony and the number of windows that open the home up a bit, it also looks like a vacation home. Adding some plants to an otherwise dull build is also a pleasant touch.

    Minecraft Japanese house

    If you’re looking for a peaceful home with vivid and traditional colors, the Japanese house in Minecraft is a breeze to build. It’s made of cobblestone, acacia logs, timber, and sandstone, and can be surrounded by pink wool blossom trees.

    You can have a peaceful Japanese house up and running in Minecraft in no time if you have the materials on hand. After you’ve finished building the Japanese home, you might create a garden with ornate bridges crossing a pond filled with fish (brought over with a bucket).

    Castle on the Oceanside

    There are two types of players in Minecraft. One player is who enjoys building small, delicate houses and those who enjoy going all out and being rulers of their land. For a change, it may be fun to take on a challenge and try something new. New building designs can be studied and implemented by changing the size and shape.

    Building a nice mansion with an actual estate, as player DTH217 did here, with gardens, dungeons, and even a lighthouse, might be all the inspiration that a stale survival game needs. Not only is the project difficult, but it also necessitates extensive preparation and the collection of the necessary resources.

    Mountain House

    Flatland isn’t always the best location for a home. The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding the perfect spot for a home, and even building in locations where it might otherwise seem difficult to imagine a home just might be the perfect spot for one.

    Gold robin, a player, and designer, proves this with his amazing creations time and time again. This tiny wooden hut is ideal for a starter survival home because it hugs the side of a mountain and goes into the mountain. Mountain ranges are also relatively easy to come by, so choose your favorite and start building.

    Minecraft Suburban House

    The suburban Minecraft house may be to your liking if you’re looking for something easy, practical, and perhaps familiar. It has two stories, a garage, and a porch, much like a typical suburban home.

    Despite its modest appearance, it is a well-designed structure constructed of concrete, stone, and quartz. You can even make the rooms a little bigger if you like, but keep in mind that you’ll need to scale it up to keep everything looking comfortable.

    Ice Spike Mine Home

    The very unusual but aesthetically appealing Ice Plains Spikes biome is one of Minecraft’s most special biomes. This cold, snowy biome is covered in frozen stalagmite-like structures that reach far into the sky. Yeah, they can be transformed into strange buildings.

    One thing to keep in mind is that ice melts when torches are used nearby. Instead, using End Rods as lighting is much more effective and complements the overall design style. No one will ever believe that a single ice spike is someone’s home, but even if they do, they’ll be too impressed to damage or steal the home’s contents. Also, the mobs would have a difficult time getting in here.

    Minecraft Villa

    If you want to relax by the pool with a refreshing drink in hand, you’ll need your own Minecraft villa, which you can create in just 45 minutes with the aid of the internet.

    It isn’t the most complicated design, but once you have the foundation in place, you can fill it with these luxurious Minecraft kitchen ideas. You can also use any of our Minecraft farm designs to transform it into a rustic villa.

    Underground Starter house

    Minecraft’s blocks have a very traditional and rustic appearance, creating genuinely modern-looking structures is difficult. However, it’s surprising how good they can look with just a little imagination.

    It’s best to prioritize materials that are very simple when constructing an underground starter house. Concrete is one of the best materials for such structures in Minecraft, particularly when combined with wooden planks of almost any color. Glass can also be used to create glass railings and wide windows in most modern structures. Sugarcane plants, for example, appear to suit the modern aesthetic as well. It is best for those players who want peace in their surroundings.


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