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Ninja Outreach Review


    Ninja Outreach emphasizes on the way toward finding for your business the right influencers and bloggers. At the same time, it encourages the lead generation process using automated outreach tools and follow-ups. 

    This Ninja Outreach review will cover all that you need to know about Ninja Outreach including its basic description, core features, price, importance , design, and all else, if it is right for you or if it is worth the money.

    Ninja Outreach Review

    What is NinjaOutreach? 

    Ninja Outreach is a cloud-based prospecting and influencer marketing outreach application. In terms of layman views, Ninja Outreach is a prospecting tool that effectively helps you discover influencers to reach out in your industry. One of the core features is to interface you with the right influencers and bloggers to assist them with advancing their brands and grow their online presence more organically than conventional advertising. With it, you can easily search, contact, and oversee relations with influencers who rank profoundly for your objective keywords.

    Before, influencer effort would be a serious arduous errand, requiring various kinds of software to look for, sort through, and interface with influencers. Ninja Outreach has all that you have to connect with influencers, across the all in one place.

    Overall, for finding related organizations, bloggers, and influencers, Ninja Outreach is a marvelous  outreach and advertising tool to extend your network for various objectives and with some specialized improvements, it will be anything but not difficult to use to accomplish expanded marketing and outreach goals.


    What is the pricing of Ninja Outreach?

    Ninja Outreach has two plans: Flex and Pro. Flex takes into account small ventures while Pro targets advertising experts, enormous organizations, and agencies.

    The two plans accompany access to Instagram and Twitter influencers, business emails, and bloggers. In like manner, they incorporate lead generation, email, export CRM, and different features.


    The cost fluctuates by what number of emails you might want to send every month, and what number of users you need.

    The FLEX plan incorporates 1000 contacts, 1 seat, 1 email, and boundless searches and export information. With this arrangement, you have full access to their whole database of 60,000,000 Instagram influencers, 19,500,000 business messages, and 6,000,000 bloggers. This arrangement costs just $49 every month (charged yearly) and is reasonable for entrepreneurs and website admins hoping to do their own influencer outreach.

    The PRO plan is somehow similar to the FLEX plan, aside from you can have 4000 contacts, 3 seats, and 4 messages, so it’s an extraordinary arrangement for large organizations with an advertising group, or small offices showcasing organizations who are hoping to do influencer outreach for the benefit of their customers. This arrangement costs $149 every month (charged yearly).

    Note: Both the FLEX plan and PRO plan accompany a 7-day risk-free trial. You don’t need to pay anything forthright. You should simply give your name, credit card number, telephone number, and email and set up an account password.

    Try not to stress, on the off chance that you choose not to go with Ninja Outreach, you won’t be charged or penalized in any way.

    The trial is decent, yet it would be better if it was longer. Seven days truly isn’t exceptionally long. With regards to this sort of promotion, it’s difficult to see and comprehend results in that short of a time period. But, between the trial and a Flex Plan, it’s affordable enough for the initial five weeks, after that you can conclude whether it’s justified, despite all the trouble or not to get a yearly membership.

    Why is Ninja Outreach important?

    The explanation is on the grounds that Ninja Outreach can give entrepreneur the one thing that is generally significant to their business. What’s more, that thing is…


      Time is the most significant thing that a business visionary has and is one of those wares that you can’t get any a greater amount of. Every day comprises of 24 hours and whether we like it or not, there is nothing we can do about it.

    This product gives you your time back in that it takes the manual procedure out of discovering influencers and visitor blog openings. Despite it makes it extremely basic and productive to arrive at your objectives to build relationships.

    What are the Design of Ninja Outreach?

    1) Main Dashboard

    You will see the cumulative view of your email outreach at the point when you sign in first. This dashboard view gives you great top-level subtleties of every one of your campaigns with stats on reply rate and messages unread.

    .2) Email outreach overview view

    In this overview mode, and in the Ninja Outreach chrome extension, you can refresh the genuine specifics of a relationship. Be that as it may, that view simply gives you information subtleties on all the clients you have in a particular campaign.

    The overall view makes updating the contacts simple, in CRM style.

    Track templates, and view their success, products also come pre-populated.

    Some of Ninja Outreach’s strongest feature sets are that they make it easy and simple to create and live check emails with your targeted audience. While you can easily customize emails with their chrome extension, having a fallback is also additionally ideal and nice. For your outreach campaigns, you can of course refine and choose the best email templates obviously after some time.

    You can rapidly add in your own models easily or change existing layouts when you obtain feedback

    Ninja Outreach, like many other CRMs and email management systems, provides convenient formatting, and simple metric attachment to your emails.

    Content Prospector

    Part of Ninja Outreach value add is that they help you to directly prospect content from their own platform. While some of the users are generally most skeptical about this feature since they think that Google is a better place to prospect (where from an indexed blog, link metrics really matter in the end) than social networks. Yet with bloggers putting the best foot forward is always good and helpful. You can likewise take these influencers onto their blogs and see who follows them or links to them.

    The interface enables the fast addition of people to the outreach list similar to other parts of the program.

    Filter content results by multiple dimensions

    The best add-on feature set within the system is the fact that you can filter by very highly specific criteria. Although this helps identify other specific forms of prospects for outreach, it likewise starts to show the overall limits of the system since even moderately deep topic zones begin to get thin outcomes.

    Prospect for social influencers using Twitter and Instagram

    The social influencer search allows you to find well known influencers in the sphere of Twitter and Instagram similar to the content prospector.

    You can easily find, assess and add users to your list of outreaches again. Of course, the information is not always flawless and perfect but it is helpful to incorporate the entirety of this information directly into a CRM for outreach.

    Ninja Outreach Chrome Extension

    By far the best part of the overall package of Ninja Outreach is the Ninja Outreach Chome extension. Their applet illustrates a range of details while you are prospecting and just for the most part marketing on the fly. From here, you can analyze your prospects with several useful indicators, reach out directly, and arrange the entirety of your central contact details for back at the mothership.

    What are the features of Ninja Outreach?

    There are many things you can do with Ninja Outreach. But to focus on its four core areas: 

    1. Prospecting

    2. Contact Lists

    3. Email Templates 

    4. Outreach Mode 

    1. Prospecting

    Prospecting is one of the core features of Ninja Outreach. Prospecting is looking for contracts for outreach. Ninja Outreach has divided this into two pages—one that searches blogs and other web content and one that searches through social media presence.

    Ninja Outreach incorporates a lot of filters to limit the potential possibilities into the best contender for your requirements. For instance, before, we should utilize extra tools to check the Domain Authority or it required some time to confirm if a contact had an enormous following on social media. With Ninja Outreach, this data is presently directly before you and you can filter to just see contacts with specific properties or sort them by a specific property before settling on a choice to save them as a contact.

    The best feature of it is checking for customized instead of automated email accounts. This implies you directly associate with the influencer, saving you much additional time.

    2. Contact Lists 

    Ninja Outreach makes it simple to sort out and save them as per your necessities as you begin to make an inventory of influencers you need to work with. This aspect was very useful for us as we attempted to conduct outreach identified with a few distinct undertakings at one time. In any event, utilizing the Pro membership with numerous team members on the account, it is anything but not difficult to switch between lists, include new contacts, and remove them from results.

    Contact lists likewise makes it simple to add new contacts when looking into search results. They are consequently added to the specified list and they vanish from the search results by tapping the “Add (+)” button next to a contact.

    This may not be the flashiest component, however it is incredibly useful in doing what Ninja Outreach specializes in—saving you time and vitality.

    3. Email Templates

    Ninja Outreach makes email marketing simpler by giving various simple to customize email formats for different situations. While they never fully matched our accurate needs, they were a firm foundation when utilized for outreach about specialist roundup articles, advising about an offer, proposing the subject of partnerships, and essential development. The tone of the layouts is a decent reminder to be amiable when directing outreach. Normally, there is a balance to strike between being proficient and easygoing. But Ninja Outreach’s email copy advises us that individuals best react to individuals, not robots.

    4. Outreach Mode

    Another core feature of Ninja Outreach’s prosperity is the genuine outreaching part. It effectively syncs with your outside email account. You are likewise ready to send from the dashboard of your Ninja Outreach account and afterward get responses directly into your regular inbox. In the wake of attempting to do some checking and sending email inside the Ninja Outreach tool, it demonstrated simpler to support these new contacts through a progressively familiar email framework.

    It is sufficient enough to utilize and set up without requiring an excessive amount of intricacy. You additionally can designate explicit colleague messages for specific lists and utilize other outreach tools. You can even set the software to automate a whole crusade.

    Other features of Ninja Outreach Platform include

    I) Business Lead Generation 

    II) Find Instagram Influencers 

    III) Find Top Twitter Influencers 

    IV) Influencer Marketing Agency Software 

    V) Link Building Software 

    VI) Contact Relationship Management 

    I) Business Lead Generation 

    If you are hoping to develop your business, at that point this tool will help you with generating more leads, market your business, and get more deals. Ninja Outreach has an immense business leads database that contains over a million profiles that can look through by typing into your company niche and target zone.

    By determining the optimal number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube, you can quickly find leads with the biggest audiences and greater social reach. You can likewise discover Enterprises with the highest engagement rates can also be found by specifying the number of likes, comments, or shares for each social media platform.

    You can likewise search for specific key phrases on the off chance that you are searching for more accurate information, or ask the search res lots to show URLs containing your keyword or key phrase.

    On the off chance that you are looking for your leads’ email addresses you can import a list of the URLs you want to check, and Ninja Outreach will crawl the email URLs and contact information for individuals in the business. Specific opportunities, for example, giveaways, guest posts, interviews, product reviews, sponsored posts, and resource pages can also be found.

    When you have gathered all the data you need, you can save it to a list for potential outreach efforts with only one click to be utilized. You can likewise utilize the free chrome extension that is synced to your Ninja Outreach account to save leads on the go.

    The great thing about using Ninja Outreach for lead generation is how much time it will save you. It speeds up the entire process and provides you with an instant list of valid names, email addresses, and URLs that you can use for your campaigns. By filtering with smart tags you can likewise discover precisely what you are searching for more efficiently, so you can decide to view profiles labeled as influencers, companies, bloggers, executives, agencies.

    You can schedule emails to be sent to your business leads once you have saved all the leads you need and you are prepared to get started with an outreach campaign. You can schedule the time and date you want your emails to be sent, and you can likewise decide the number of emails you want to send out each day, just as scheduling follow-up emails to be sent after a specific period of time.

    If you might want different leads to receiving different emails, you can filter your leads through their tags, as well as through any previous campaigns with which they might have been associated with. Any mass emails you send can be customized with your leads name and different subtleties by utilizing custom fields that will consequently fill in personal information as required by the customer.

    You can save your email templates in your library of template, so you can easily reuse old campaigns that have functioned admirably and you can continue to add them to the library as needed.

    II) Find Instagram Influencers 

    You can find Instagram influencers for your campaign with only a couple of snaps! You should begin by choosing the business or specialty that you need to work with. There are 82 classifications to browse so you can be certain that you will find the correct fit.

    In the wake of choosing the classification you can likewise choose the nation, district, and even City whenever required. The ability to pick the City makes this an incredible tool for local organizations who need to get before a local audience.

    By their engagement rating, which is given as a percentage and color-coded for good/bad, you can see how engaged the influencer ‘s audience is, and you can likewise see the total average number of likes and answers per post. Another valuable thing is that you can see how much per post the influencer charges, so you can ensure that you are focusing on individuals inside your financial plan.

    When you have discovered the Instagram influencers you need to work with you can, then you may add them to your rundown of leads, and automatically every one of their subtleties will be filled in for you, saving you hours of manual research.

    You can immediately use or save the lists you have saved for future endeavors, and you can export the entirety of your leads to a CSV document so you will regularly have a backup on the off chance that you need it.

    III) Find top Twitter influencers

    This social prospect feature lets you search Instagram and Twitter for influencers. Its principal benefit is to take advantage of the popularity of the influencer in your niche. When the social media information has been collected, you can track them as well as participate on social networks. Eventually, it will help develop your influencer relationships and gain support while blogging promotion.

    You may Click on the social prospecting tab and enter a relevant keyword in the search bar. It will get the best results for you, and allow you to target relevant influencers and bloggers. Once you have entered the keywords, you will check different influencers and filter results based on followers, website, and location.

    It can filter tags to show particular influencers just like a content prospector. Also, you can focus on searching for influencers, bloggers, companies, journalists, and executives. Also, it is possible to set a minimum number of followers for targeting influencers with multiple followers.

    IV) Influencer Marketing Agency Software 

    Ninja Outreach offers a huge scope all-in-one marketing agency approach for the large-scale media influencer marketing. The agency solution provides you with unlimited searches, allowing you to work on bigger projects, just as unlimited email scheduling, more users, more data storage, and a higher export quota.

    Utilizing Ninja Outreach can save you a lot of time and money, as the right journalists, bloggers, and influencers can be found and contacted in only a couple of snaps. You can filter all the requirements you need, for example, Domain Authority, followers, shares, and any other metrics you need, so you are left with a list of perfectly matched prospects for your campaign, and you will never  come up short on leads for your customers with Ninja Outreach’s 25 million contacts!

    Neither do you need to stress about accidentally collecting dead email addresses – Ninja Outreach with its site crawler can find an email address in seconds, and approve the email with its built-in email validator as well.

    When it comes to outreach Ninja Outreach automates much of the dreary activities. You won’t need to send further any more emails manually, and there is no compelling reason to fill in contact forms, as you can auto-fill everything with only one or two clicks.

    There is no compelling reason to write outreach emails from scratch either, as you can pick from a templates library, and just slightly tweak them to fit the campaign you are dealing with. Even though you will send mass emails, email customers will get a unique email, because you can create custom fields for their name, profile, or some other subtleties you might want to incorporate to give the email an individual vibe.

    You will have the option to review them in the wake of sending your campaigns and view data, for example, openings, clicks, and replies, so you can perceive how successful your campaigns have been and follow up with any individual who has not responded. Such data can likewise be utilized to save any formats that have worked especially well.

    The opportunity to work on multiple ventures at once without losing track of anything is another extraordinary element of the agency solution. You can organize your leads by the client or by undertaking, and you can likewise sort leads by different measurements, for example, SEO and social. With the use of relationship status labels, each lead interaction can be tracked, and you will receive notifications about how well your campaigns are doing 24/7.

    You can add limitless members of the team that are ideal for growing agencies. You can assign as many team embers to each project as you require, and you can leave notes for your group to make things run smoothly and easily so they realize and know who to follow up with, when, and why.

    V) Link Building Software 

    You can likewise research ideas to get a feeling of what different organizations are doing to promote themselves. Ninja Outreach saves you hours every week by empowering you to automate your link-building efforts. There are a couple of various outreach strategy options you can use for link building with Ninja Outreach, including:

    1) Guest post link building 

    2) Competitor link building 

    3) Resource page link building

    4) Broken link building

    5) Expert roundups

    6) Link roundups

    7) Infographiclink building 

    8) The podcast and interview link building 

    You can search the database by industry/niches well as location to find link building leads, which will give you access to a huge number of high authority link building leads for you to contact.

    You can likewise sort your leads by their SEO measurements and domain authority, so you can contact the ones with the highest authority first. You can send boundless email outreach campaigns to your prospects, with up to two automated follow-up messages to automate your link building outreach process.

    The individuals you are messaging won’t understand you are sending mass emails since you can create custom fields which automatically populate with their customized data, for example, their first name and site URL.

    You can save and track any interactions and conversations with your leads, and you can append labels and notes utilizing the inbuilt CRM.

    VI) Contact Relationship Management 

    Ninja Outreach’s inbuilt CRM permits you to monitor all interactions with each lead so you can perceive how your connections are advancing. This is an extremely helpful tool when you are working with hundreds or even a lot of contacts, as you can monitor everybody you are working with, and know who you have to follow up with and when.

    The CRM itself is extremely simple to utilize. And it works consistently with the entirety of different features, you can basically add tags to contacts which will assist you sort and filter them later. You can likewise include the latest relationship status with them, for example, if they have published a post, so you know precisely where you are in your campaigns.

    Who Should Use Ninja Outreach?

    Definitely the case can be made for everybody. For all small independent venture, Ninja Outreach is an outstanding marketing resource. But for digital companies looking to increase their content interaction and conversion, it is especially effective.

    This article has covered the Ninja Outreach’s key features however ought to accentuate that it’s a lead generation tool, more than anything else. If you need to grow your organization or someone else’s company and increase sales, at that point this is it.

    To put it another way, Ninja Outreach is for every organization out there. on the off chance that you have a big company or even a solitary individual running a blog does not matter, Ninja Outreach is one of those resources that can be utilized at all levels and will yield critical outcomes whenever utilized accurately.

    Not only does it bind you to influencers, but it also gives you flexibility and adaptability as well. It will assist you with recognizing the best ones to connect with and the right platform, regardless of whether that is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, blogs, forums, or anywhere else.

    Is Ninja Outreach Worth It? 

    Social influencer marketing is the wave of the future. It is something you need to invest in now if you haven’t already. What Ninja Outreach does is make the process of finding and connecting with the right influencer much easier for you. 

    Ninja Outreach is  without a doubt one of the best tools available  for influencer outreach, and we are pleased to say that we can highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to start working with Influencers. As well as finding influencers to work with on social media campaigns, you can also use Ninja Outreach to automate your link building, which can save out hours every week on what is normally a difficult and labor-intensive task.

    Instead of crawling through hundreds or even thousands of social profiles, reaching out via DM’s, guessing at prices, and everything else required to do social research, Ninja takes care of all that for you. Ninja Outreach has a database of over 78 million contacts in a huge variety of industries, so you will be sure to find the perfect influencers for your brand to work with. It’s more than just a curated list as you can get the exact matches for your business and needs. That means much less time wasted on the search and more on building excellent campaigns. 

    Likewise, Ninja has other great tools that can enhance your marketing ROI. The email templates are incredibly flexible, easy to modify, and create the perfect tone that promotes user engagement. The fact that you can automate entire email campaigns is fantastic and intriguing. You can set a maximum number of emails to be sent each day so that you don’t go over your monthly allowance, and then you can just set it and forget it. You can also automate up to two follow-up emails for anyone who didn’t reply to your first email. 

    Likewise, the link features can save you the hassle of manually tweaking off-page SEO to get you exactly what you need for your pages to climb the rankings. 

    What are the prosand cons of Ninja Outreach?

    Pros Ninja Outreach

    I) It is excellent for prospecting clients.

    II) It saves you hours of time by automating your influencer outreach.

    III) It is amazing outreach CRM tools. 

    IV) It is easy to use and highly visual.  

    V) It offers curated database of influencers, bloggers, and other useful contacts.

    VI) It offers great email templates 

    VII) It offerswide range of different leads 

    VIII) It isgood link building tools 

    IX) It iseasy to launch and follow-up on campaigns.

    X) Iteasily monitor results.

    XI) It offers more features than other platforms. 

    XII) Itoffers tutorials to help familiarize you with software.

    XIII) Itintegrates with email for simpler engagement.

    XIV) Itsaves your hours of time via automating your influencer outreach.

    XV) It is very valuable knowledge base area to assist you with getting to grips with how to utilize Ninja Outreach for your benefit.

    XVI) There is a 7-day rink free trial so you can try out all of the features before deciding whether it is the right tool for you. 

    XVII) It allows you to work on several different link building strategies at once so you can grow your business as quickly as possible. 

    XVIII) It is truly affordable for a tool that can save you so much time, especially for agencies.

    XIX) You find highly targeted results when you are searching for suitable influencers to work with. 

    XX) You can contact your prospects automatically with ‘personalized’ emails using custom fields.

    Cons of Ninja Outreach

    I) Time of page loading could be faster.

    II) Expensive. Truth be told, it is excessively costly. The least expensive arrangement will set you back a choking $624 every year. Thus, you should be cautious before you commit on the grounds that Ninja Outreach has a no refund policy.

    III) Poor customer support.  It is one of the areas where it lacks. The customer support is very lacking and non-responsive.  As per the research or reading other reviews of Ninja Outreach on other websites, it is vivid that there is poor customer support. And it is one of the areas that the company is badly lacking.

    IV) It has more detailed YouTube influencer search filters which would be helpful. 

    V) Need to integrate your own email account:You have to incorporate your own email account, as Ninja Outreach does exclude email programming. This likewise implies there will be an extra expense if you choose to open up another account with another email provider.

    VI) Although there is a free trial, seven days is not exceptionally very long and probably won’t be enough time to try everything a shot appropriately – A 14-day free trial would be perfect.

    VI) It does not include all the social media platforms, for example Instagram and Twitter.

    VII) Possible email spamming. Another issue with Ninja Outreach is with regards to email spamming. Emails sent from the software could simply be flagged up. It is believed that could cause some genuine worries for certain bloggers and advertisers. Particularly with GDPR in play.

    VIII) It does not have different types pre designed templates to use instantly.

    IX) Web app missing some features is compared to the desktop version.

    What are the alternatives of Ninja Outreach?

    There are several other significant players in the social influencing marketing space. Two of the leading ones are Buzz Stream and Buzz Sumo: 

    What is Buzz Stream?

    Buzz Stream is referred to as a link-building and PR management tool. You utilize its search feature to discover opportunities for making backlinks for your site. This is where it exceeds expectations. Buzz Stream has influencer and email marketing tools making some overlap with Ninja Outreach—even though it’s not exactly as simple to use for social outreach.

    What is Buzz Sumo? 

    Buzz Sumo is essentially used to discover what sorts of content is well known. It permits you to search either by themes or directly referencing sites. It additionally gives information about influencers, which is the reason numerous individuals contrast it with Ninja Outreach.

    Generally, Ninja Outreach is somewhat more costly every month, except it accompanies more tools. It is likewise more intuitive and simpler to utilize. It additionally incorporates customer notes and tags, live chat support, and new features that roll out each week.

    Every one of the three do offer trial periods, so look at them exclusively to check whether one is a superior fit for you. They all have their strengths, however, Ninja Outreach makes a better job making a progressively cohesive and streamlined experience.


    Ninja Outreach is a fantastic tool that can help you take advantage of the rapidly growing social marketing niche. With hundreds of successful influencer campaigns under your belt, whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned marketing agency, Ninja Outreach has all the resources you need to make the process more effective and productive.

    Social marketing is rising incredibly fast and Ninja Outreach is the best tool for you on the off chance you want your business to stay ahead of the curve. The best part is that you can give it a free try.  There is nothing to lose so look at it now!


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