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Personal Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend


    What is your best friend’s mother’s maiden name? Does your boyfriend call her “honey”? How old is she? These are all great questions to ask your boyfriend because they will give him a chance to explain himself, especially if he doesn’t already tell you how old he is.

    What is your favorite part of your relationship? This is one of the relationship questions to ask your boyfriend that you really need to hear the answer to. You might have a vague idea that the sex is great or that the two of you are soul mates, but some of these questions to ask your boyfriend actually will clue him in as to what your favorite part of the relationship is. If he’s always doing the same thing that you like, he’s hooked. If he seems bored, he’s not happy in your relationship.

    Your Boyfriend

    Personal questions to ask your boyfriend can also give him an answer to what could change in the relationship. Is he scared to let you go at some point? How do you feel about moving to another town? If he’s not ready to move, ask him what he would do if you were to move.

    What could change about the relationship if you were to move? Could you live anywhere else other than where you currently live? These questions to ask your boyfriend can be a great question to use as a negotiating tool should either way the two of you decide to end the relationship.

    One great question to ask your boyfriend is, “have you started to miss having you around more?” Does he feel like you’re pulling his strings, making him work for your attention? Do you sometimes feel like you have to put out some energy to get his attention? Are you tired of always getting the “take” instead of the “likes” and “follows” from him? If he feels like you’re not giving him any attention, it might mean that he isn’t feeling appreciated either.


    One of the most intimate personal questions to ask your boyfriend is, “have you ever felt like crying?” Most of us would probably feel like crying when we experience heartbreak. However, men may actually cry because they are worried or scared that their girlfriends are going through the exact same ordeal. Men should always try to put themselves in the shoes of their girlfriend when considering this question because it could change how they act in the future.

    If these questions to ask your boyfriend don’t help to make him feel closer to you again, then you might want to think about one thing. Men, just like women, need to find someone to talk to who they can open up to. You can talk to your man about all of the things that are making your life frustrating. However, if you start throwing personal questions at him, it’s not going to help anything because no man wants to hear from you more than he already does.


    One of the most popular questions to ask your boyfriend will be, “why is your favorite thing always getting picked up for free in the movies and amusement parks across the country?” You obviously don’t have a friend who is obsessed with getting his favorite thing free. It will probably come as a huge surprise to him when you tell him that it’s all part of a game. It’s okay for you to get curious because that is the fun of it. The more questions you ask, the more he’ll want to know.


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