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Best Photoshop Image Compression Software – Find Out Which Software Compresses Images the Best


    Image Compressor is an application that compresses images into data in order to use them with software such as Photoshop, fax, and other software. Image compression is also a kind of data compression used to reduce the cost for image transfer, either for storage or e-mailing.

    It is one of the tools of Photoshop. You can create many effects by making use of this tool. It is helpful for reducing the size of the images and storing them efficiently.

    Many companies sell image compressor software. There are some free image compressors available, but they are limited. The quality of these free programs is very poor. While some are still useful, many image compressors have been developed commercially. The paid optimizer software provides better quality of the original images.

    Image Compression Software

    For compressing images, you need an efficient program. Free image compression software usually only compress a small part of the image file. This will only save you few megabytes of space. It does not make much improvement on the quality of the image file. You may end up with lower quality images if you make use of a free image compressor.

    Photoshop has a number of tools for optimizing images. There are several ways to utilize these tools. You can create a catalog image from multiple images and group them for creating a catalog. Image hot spot finder tool permits users to identify hot spots of image pixels. Free image compressor tools allow users to change the colors of the background and foreground objects. They also allow users to adjust the position of objects while they are in the foreground and the background while they are in the background.


    PhotoShop Express is a professional-grade PICTools (stage imaging and compression tools) that can compress JPEG and PNG files. JPG compression ratio is around 90% when using JPGs. A tool for optimizing images allows you to compress images without losing their quality. This tool is part of Adobe’s team of image compressor.

    GIMP is one of the open source image compressors. It is available as freeware or shareware. Advanced users can make use of the advanced features of GIMP.


    Imgix is a German-based image compressor. It can compress images from a variety of file formats including Microsoft Office files, Real Photos and Raw Files, among others. This is a part of the open source GIMP. The only drawbacks of this product are the relatively high file sizes it creates and the slow performance.

    Zipeg is another web-based image compressor. It has several optimization tools for reducing file sizes. It can also compress JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF files. The load time of Zipeg is about 10 seconds. It is however important to note that the quality of images produced by this tool is not generally good.

    PCA Watermarked is an open source image compressor software. It can compress JPEG, RAW and EXIF images. The load time is relatively fast, while the output images are excellent, with good clarity. The user-friendly interface allows users to adjust various parameters such as color, contrast, brightness and reds, effectively enhancing the image quality.

    There are other open source tools that can be used in compressing compressed images. Some of these include: JPEG Trained Professionals, Compressor, ICMLite and XZioned. JPEG Trained Professionals is a professional level program that creates optimized JPEG files. It can compress JPEG images with the optimized dimensions, using the most suitable algorithm. The resulting compressed images have good image quality.

    ICMLite is an efficient lossless compression program. It can compress JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF files. The resulting file size is less than 40% of the original image size. This tool has an advanced image quality adjustment utility, which is extremely useful for reducing the file size while optimizing the appearance of the final image.

    XZioned is an advanced image compressor software. It can optimize JPEG and GIF files with different image compression techniques. The final compressed images have good image quality and less file size. The user-friendly interface, fast speed and ability to adjust the image width and height, are some of the important factors that make this tool a top choice for photographers and graphic artists.


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