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26 Reasons Why to Use Sendy For Sending Newsletters & Product Updates Emails With Some Drawbacks


    Sendy For Sending Newsletters :- Are you already doing or are thinking of starting to do email marketing? Are you looking for the best email marketing platform to combine with your site? When choosing an email marketing platform, several factors must be taken into consideration. Such as the cost, ease of use, available features, the possibility of integration with the solutions you already use, and, very importantly, the level of deliverability of the service.

    The latter is a fundamental variable and represents the ability of sent emails to arrive in the recipient’s inbox and not in that of junk mail. Just the need to have a reliable system that allows you to be sure that the emails sent arrive at your destination. It is one of the factors that should push you to consider only the best email marketing services.

    Sendy is the answer to all. Lets first understand what is Sendy?

    What is Sendy?

    Sendy is a very complete and well-made email application that uses Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send your newsletter. Sendy is an email marketing system with all the necessary functions, allowing you to import and manage emails, automatically subscribe, create advertising campaigns, autoresponder easily. You will get shipments at a ridiculous price with the guarantee of sending emails from one of the most powerful companies in the world: Amazon. Sendy has the same function as MailChimp or AWeber: making it easy for you to send emails to your mailing lists.

    Sendy For Sending Newsletters Product Updates Emails

    The cost of regular Email Marketing services is calculated based on the total number of emails  (subscribers) in your account. When the number of emails increasing, the cost you pay monthly also increases dramatically. With Sendy it is different, you will build your own email marketing system with all necessary functions. So there will be full use without having to worry about email storage costs anymore, several tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of emails are still carefree.


    Also, if you already have a large email client list,  Sendy is your number one choice. Because if you want to import it into other suppliers, you need to prove the origin of the email, sometimes requiring customers to click on the confirmation link, which is very annoying. As for Sendy, copy/paste or upload the text file can be done easily.

    Functions of Sendy

    1. Sendy is software that you can download and use on your own.The way Sendy works is as follows:
    2. You must buy a copy of Sendy on its official site
    3. Install it on your own hosting or server, and then configure it to store your mailing lists
    4. For the massive sending of bulletins and newsletters, Sendy will connect with the Amazon SES service and will make all the shipments through its servers.
    5. Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is part of the Amazon Web Services (or AWS) family and consists primarily of a mail delivery service.
    6. To use it with Sendy you will need to create an account and pay for sending emails, although at a very affordable rate.
    • Sendy also allows you to manage multiple domains (therefore also different brands and customers) within a single installation. The software also generates reports to evaluate the progress of the various campaigns and has many other useful functions for email marketing:
    • it is possible to create autoresponders, that is, email sequences that start at certain time intervals;
    • you can segment your lists according to the criteria you want;
    • you can create custom fields to manage additional information about your contacts, not only the name and email address;
    • then easily manage bounces, spam reports, and of course users’ deletions from lists.
    • Miscellanea functions:
    • generate visualized reports that reflect the number of recipients,
    • open letters, targeted actions, unsubscribed subscribers, etc .;
    • organize campaigns in groups and provide customers with access to a specific group
    • so that they can conduct mailings on their own;
    • set up automatic mailings and series of letters;
    • segment subscribers, including by user fields;
    • see the status of the subscriber in the database and delete those who have unsubscribed, sends letters to spam
    • or complains about the newsletter;
    • integrate the application with the site on WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and some other CMS
    • to collect contacts in the subscriber database;
    • integrate the software with Google Analytics and 750 more applications through Zapier;
    • set up two-factor authentication;
    • send letters with attachments.

    Sendy does not provide all those sophisticated marketing automation tools provided by other platforms such as Drip, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, AWeber, or GetResponse. However, it represents a solution to be seriously considered if you do not need all those advanced features and you want to send a large number of emails at very advantageous prices. Sendy sends mailings through Amazon SES, which provides good delivery and high speed. The user sets the daily limit on their own. Software is developing, there is no need to pay extra for installing updates.


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    Benefits of Sendy

    Unlike the other email marketing services, Sendy is something completely different. In fact, it is not an external service that requires the payment of a monthly fee, but a software that you have to install on your server. Sendy does not use your hosting’s SMTP service for sending messages, which is highly discouraged. But the popular Amazon SES service is specifically designed for sending large volumes of email and which has very advantageous costs.

    The advantages deriving from the use of Sendy are manifold, but the most evident and immediate is the considerable economic saving compared to the other solutions. The cost of Sendy is in fact only $ 59 one-off. So no monthly fees. The cost of purchasing the software, which in practice are PHP files that you will have to upload to your server, must be added to the costs of using the Amazon SES service. It is extremely low, equal to about a dollar for every 10,000 emails sent. Sendy also allows you to manage multiple domains (therefore also different brands and customers) within a single installation.

    As a product, Sendy has some advantages over other hosted services like MailChimp. As it is software that you host on a server you own, you have complete freedom to use it as you see best. Here are the benefits of using Sendy:

    1. The price

    The main advantage of Sendy is its price and you can use it in a single installation for as long as you want and without limitations. The program itself allows you to create multiple names, so if you have several totally different brands. For example, your own and another from a customer, you can use a single copy of Sendy to send all your emails.

    Sending emails with Amazon SES also costs money, but it is extremely cheap compared to MailChimp. Amazon will charge you for each individual email you send, at a price of about 7 Euro cents for every thousand emails. Assuming that you have a list of about 6000 subscribers and that you send a weekly newsletter to all those subscribers, these would be your monthly costs:

    • Program purchase: € 42 (one time, amortized over two years)
    • Sending about 24,000 emails with Amazon SES: € 2.8 / month
    • Program hosting: € 5 / month
    • TOTAL: € 9.55 / month

    If you amortize the cost of the purchase of Sendy over a period of two years, the cost of sending your newsletters to all your subscribers would not exceed € 10 / month. In almost every respect, using Sendy is a much more affordable option for anyone.

    2. Autoresponders

    This function is an essential tool for anyone who wants to retain their audience since they allow you to interact with them in a more natural way. Among other things, autoresponders allow you to:

    • Respond to new subscribers with a scheduled email
    • Send them scheduled content after a certain time has elapsed
    • Send them downloads as a reward for subscribing
    • Automate your long-term campaigns with long-term courses

    In short, autoresponders are essential when it comes to offering premium content to people who sign up to your list or creating value on your mailing list. Sendy allows you an unlimited use of autoresponders from the first moment, being able to create as many campaigns and emails as you need. Remember, the software is hosted by you and you can use it as you wish.

    3. Integration

    Another advantage of Sendy is the possibility of integrating this solution with the most popular CMS. Such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and Prestashop; but also with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, the excellent Thrive Leads, and many other plugins. It is also possible to interface Sendy with Zapier, thus making the possibilities of integration with external solutions practically unlimited.

    4. List and subscriber management

    The functions are very complete in Sendy: you can create lists and campaigns, duplicate them, mass import, export. Add custom fields, double option, unsubscribe and confirmation pages, autoresponders, manage to unsubscribe and bounce rates, etc.

    5. Customer management

    A novelty is customer management if you are dedicated to offering services to third parties. Within your Sendy account, you can create independent brands and give private access to your clients. So that they can see the statistics or even send emails with the limits that you set and charging them by PayPal. And all this with your own URL.

    6. Reports

    Reports are one of Sendy’s strengths. They enter through the eyes and are very well resolved.

    7. Compatibility

    There are already plugins in WordPress and other CMS to add Sendy quickly and easily to your blog or your website with just the data of your account.

    Drawbacks of Sendy

    Despite being an excellent product, Sendy is not a suitable solution for everyone. Compared to the other services, with Sendy, you need to roll up your sleeves a bit to perform some manual operations. Such as the initial installation of the software and subsequent updates. With Sendy then you will have to create the templates to be used for sending the newsletter.

    These are not particularly complicated activities, however, it is clear that a little more work is needed than other email marketing services. Here are the other drawbacks of using Sendy:

    1. Complex Installation

    Sendy has a somewhat arduous installation process, especially if you are not familiar with managing databases, or managing hosting panels. It should be noted that this is mainly due to the way Sendy works. Because you have to connect to Amazon SES servers, most of the installation process involves setting up communication between these two services. Sendy documentation has an extremely detailed installation guide, and if you follow the whole tutorial step by step it will be quite easy.

    2. Create Your Newsletters By Hand

    One of Sendy’s weak points in the design of your newsletters. Currently, Sendy lacks an advanced editor to create your email templates and only gives you a form where you can insert HTML to create your designs. If you plan to send text-only newsletters this is not a problem, but for those who want to incorporate a design into their newsletters, it may be a drawback. This can be solved with relative ease by buying an email template in a marketplace like Themeforest, where you can find a huge variety. If you create a base template and fill in the information for each newsletter you send, the lack of design tools is no longer a problem.

    3. Little Segmentation

    Sendy has very little segmentation capacity. Although you have a lot of statistics, there are no tools that do the hard work for you, and you will have to manually filter your lists instead. Luckily, Sendy allows you to export and classify your campaigns by the number of clicks. Clicks on specific links within a newsletter, subscribers who have opened your email, or even those who have not. Knowing how to handle this data, you can make decisions in the same way as with Mailchimp, although it will take a little more work.

    4. How to get started with Sendy?

    To use Sendy, you need to pay for a license, download the distribution package, and install software on your hosting. You need to do a One-time payment – $ 59. Renewing the license after a year is not necessary. The budget for the newsletter is laid down at the rate of 1 dollar per 10 thousand letters. Sendy is advantageous to use for sending more than 15,000 a month with a database size of more than 2500 subscribers. Here is the process to get started with Sendy:

    • First, install the program. You have to install it in your hosting by FTP. When you see it at the beginning, it seems very complicated, but you should not be scared as it requires an effort for those who are not used to it. Just follow the installation instructions step by step and you will do it quickly.
    • Second, you have to sign up for Amazon SES. It also seems very complicated because you will have to register an account and follow the instructions. However, again they are very short and very well explained instructions. Just follow the steps that it indicates, even if you do not understand it, and in a moment the process will be completed.
    • Third, pay $ 59 that you will quickly recover with what you will save by leaving Mailchimp or similar services.
    • After authorization, Sendy suggests choosing a brand. This is the highest hierarchy of software. Each brand is a separate account with its own lists, campaigns, and templates. This is convenient for those who are professionally engaged in email marketing. You can create individual brands for each client, provide them with access, set daily limits, and individual tariffs.
    • In the block on the left, the account settings are displayed – region, daily limit, mailing speed, etc.
    • The brand page displays mailings with statuses, several recipients, dates, and statistics on openness and targeted actions. The left block with account parameters changes to the brand menu – create a campaign, open templates, and subscription databases. The last menu item is reported.
    • If you click on a planned campaign or draft, the page for editing and setting parameters will open. By clicking on items with the Sent status, a report on the results will open.
    • When creating a newsletter, the system suggests choosing a ready-made template or composing a letter from scratch. To do this, Sendy has an editor with WYSIWYG and HTML formats.
    • Under the editor’s window is a list of HTML tags that can be used in the work, and to the left of it are the mailing settings. The subject, name, and address of the sender, and others. Below there is a field for UTM tags and a download button for file attachments.
    • In addition to statistics on openness and clicks, which can be seen in the list of sent mailings, Sendy has detailed reports. On the first screen – data on countries and the behavior of subscribers in graphical form. True, indicators by country are not very informative. Sendy uses email address domains rather than the actual location of the recipients to calculate. On the right diagram, you can see statistics of openings, clicks, undelivered and ignored letters, as well as unsubscribed and clicked spam recipients.
    • Under the graphic part of the report are click statistics for each link, the last 10 subscribers who opened the letter, unsubscribed from the newsletter, and sent it to spam. As well as a list of those to whom the letters do not reach. Most of the data from the reports can be uploaded to a CSV file for further work.

    26 Reasons Why you should Use Sendy for sending newsletter & product updates emails?

    Sendy is an email messaging application that allows you to send monitored emails through the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This allows you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability. Here are the reasons why you should use Sendy for your email services:

    1. Send newsletter 100 times cheaper

    Sendy sends fast multi-threaded emails through Amazon SES for just $ 1 per 10,000 emails. You can access expensive email campaigns and forget about limits, as well as access to high speed delivery.

    2. Beautiful reports

    Without good reports that are easily understandable, it is not possible to take advantage of any email marketing tool correctly and effectively. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain crucial information such as the number of emails that have been sent in campaigns, the links that have turned out to have a higher click-through rate, deliverability, and bounces, among others.

    In this sense, Sendy offers users of this service statistics in real-time, with which you can deal with all problems as soon as they are detected, through the Sendy dashboard. Since SES communicates directly with this application to show all the information that is necessary for the person who carries out the E-mail Marketing campaigns. See the results of each campaign and answering machine in a beautifully formatted report. Visualize opening, clicks, scans, complaints, and countries with charts and data. You can also export subscriber segments from your report for re-targeting operation.

    3. White Accounts Customer Accounts

    Managing products or services, You can organize them in groups or as brands. You can send newsletters yourself at the price you set. You can even set monthly sending limits and configure client privileges.

    4. Answering machines

    Automate marketing to automatically track subscribers at set intervals. You can send emails, Keep your subscribers and your brand on top of their minds.

    5. List segmentation

    Research shows that sending emails to entire segments can increase your interest in email and also increase revenue by more than 25%. Sendy allows you to create segments for any list based on any conditions you specify. Select segments and/or lists to include or exclude from your email campaigns for results.

    6. List and Subscriber Management

    You can manage and segment lists and subscribers easily with the aid of Sendy. Bulk import / delete subscribers, custom fields, single/double subscription, custom subscription/signature confirmation page, thank you letters, subscription form, or API to add users, you name it you get it with Sendy.

    7. Custom fields

    With the help of Sendy, you can create custom fields to store more than just name and email. You can only use segments of lists or personalization tags in your newsletters for a more personalized experience.

    8. Failure, Complaint, and Unsubscribe

    Maintain the cleanliness of your lists without any extra effort so that they can automatically display in real-time after sending your informational message. There is no need to perform manual cleaning with Sendy after the campaign, just sit back and watch.

    9. Third-Party Integration and Zapier

    Sendy integrates with all popular applications such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc., thanks to third-party developers. Sendy also works with Zapier, an automation service that allows you to integrate Sendy with over 1000 applications in the Zapier application directory.

    10. Tracking

    The feature that makes Sendy more useful is its tracking functions. The opening rates are automatically tracked, the links clicked in the email, and the countries from which the visitors came. In connection with Google campaign tracking, we can create a comprehensive report on how many emails we have sent, how many of them have been opened, and whether the recipients clicked on the links.

    Since we can also see exactly which recipient opened the emails and visited the links, we may be able to write to them again. If an email has a low opening rate, we simply copy the campaign and send it again with changed content (subject, greeting, length) and see if this has a positive effect on the opening rate.

    11. Restriction

    We can only send 10,000 emails within 24 hours. That should be enough for most actions. In theory, you can specify any email address as the sender, but this must first be verified via the SES console. You will receive an email with a verification link as soon as a new email address has been entered.

    12. Useful for small business and groups

    Sendy is aimed at small businesses as well as groups, administrations, associations, and freelancers. The tool is based on the Amazon SES platform for sending emails. For this purpose, it guarantees a really low cost of sending, especially if you have a very supplied contact file. Sendy offers you all the basic functions of an emailing tool:

    • Database segmentation
    • Detailed statistics
    • Creation of email submission forms
    • Tracking
    • Management of hard and soft bounces
    • Personalization of email design
    • Configuring an auto-responder

    13. Beneficial for the long run

    In the long run, Sendy is the cheapest email marketing software, making it the best budget choice, especially if you have to spend a lot of emails. It also offers a lot of control and flexibility, because you can use the software however you want and you don’t have to pay for a particular service. However, it is the least user-friendly option for beginners and may take a bit of work to get up and running. Therefore, you may need someone with the technical skills to get Sendy started.

    14. Blacklist

    With the use of Sendy, you can import the email addresses of people into the blacklist so you will never by accident send another email to that address again. You also have the choice to block email addresses belonging to certain domains from signing up to your lists.

    15. Custom domains

    You can also set up domains so you can unsubscribe and set up web version and trackable links. With this feature, you can use the domain you prefer, rather than the URL where you installed Sendy. This way recipients will be able to identify who they are resulting in lower complaint rates.

    16. Housekeeping

    If you have hundreds of unconfirmed and unknown email addresses that have no purpose at all. If you have recipients who never read your emails, then you can clean them all with just a click of a button.

    17. Free updates

    There are free updates till the availability of the major versions which don’t come often. So you can receive more new features in free versions as well.

    18. The files in Sendy are not obfuscated

    Sendy’s files are not obfuscated except for the two files: installation and functions file. You can edit the source code based on your personal choice without needing these two files.

    19. Can be connected to MailOptin

    To connect Sendy to MailOptin, go to the Final Connection section. Enter the URL of your Sendy installation URL, your API key which you can get from, name, and ID of your email lists. Log in to your Sendy installation and select the brand your email list is located on. Click on the View All Lists sidebar menu to reveal your selected brand’s email lists. There you will find your list identifiers and name.

    20. Simple to use

    Sendy is easy to set up but needs to be integrated with email marketing management software to deliver emails to the intended audience at the right time. It helps to manage the Simple workflow, advanced reporting, and even other features work perfectly.

    21. Effective delivery

    To consider that there is an acceptable level of success in email marketing campaigns, there must be a high percentage of delivery. It means that each email that is sent to subscribers must land in their respective inboxes and not in spam. If the outgoing emails end up in the spam or spam tray, there is no reason to conduct such email marketing campaigns.

    To get to the inbox, each email must go through a series of spam filters. In this field, Sendy has taken very important steps to increase success in the execution rates, since it takes all the necessary measures so that each mail reaches the mailbox or inbox. It also allows users the ability to authenticate emails, helping them to pass various filters.

    This service, in addition, has a large subscriber base, as well as a common directory for the maintenance of dead email addresses, in this way it reduces the number of spam as much as possible. On the other hand, Sendy is also in charge of automatically configuring the SPF records to be able to pass the doors of the email addresses and that each email arrives directly at the inbox of the subscribers.

    22. Integration

    Sendy is fully compatible with a large number of services, the Sendy application is capable of easily integrating with platforms. Such as WordPress, Joomla, XenForo, Wufoo, Magento, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, WHMCS, Gravity Forms, and many other platforms. It offers you 60,000 free emails at the time of registration, from this amount you will be charged a fee of 10 cents for each additional 1000 emails, so you can send up to 10,000 emails in one day paying only $ 1. If you have a very extensive database, the best price option is Sendy.

    23. A high percentage of deliverability

    The technology used by the Sendy includes content filters. These filters allow you to detect as spam those emails that do not meet the requirements of the ISP, that is, the Internet service providers. Those emails that do not exceed the filters are sent back to the sender so that they can be corrected. This type of technology avoids sending hundreds of e-mails that will never reach their destination, so the percentage of effective deliverability is greatly increased. Sendy also provides reports on the number of emails that senders have marked as spam to improve email marketing campaigns.

    24. Cost economy

    This is the most important aspect of the Sendy, especially for those people or companies that have very large databases and are looking for alternatives to the most popular commercial platforms. Such as Mailchimp or Aweber. Compared to other similar services and due to the number of advantages it has, Sendy has the lowest values ​on the market. The cost per thousand emails is 0.10 cents, and there is no fixed cost associated with the service.

    25. Possibility of having statistics

    One of the pillars of e-mail marketing is the analysis of statistics to know if the campaigns are working or if adjustments need to be made. Given the importance of statistics to this marketing strategy, an essential advantage of Sendy is that it provides comprehensive shipping reports that can be easily integrated. These statistics can be viewed in real-time to detect problems and be able to solve them for future shipments. In addition, Sendy has an automatic notification system so you can be aware of how your campaigns are going.

    26. Numerous features

    Other than the features that we have mentioned above, Sendy also has other features that you can use for your purpose easily. These services are as follows:

    • Supports ALL Amazon SES regions
    • The GDPR feature is only available in Sendy
    • Translation ready
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • The masses add, delete, or unsubscribe from users
    • Subscription form ready to use
    • Fast multi-thread delivery
    • Save the template
    • Google Analytics Support
    • Google reCAPTCHA support
    • Import list without reconfirmation
    • Send an email with attachments
    • Blacklist for email and / or domain
    • Use other SMTP services
    • Use personalization tags
    • Include or exclude lists to send
    • Single or double opt-out & opt-out
    • Adjust the delivery rate


    Sendy is a great email marketing tool designed in a different way than most services on the Web. Sendy chooses to be a do-it-yourself sort of thing and allows yourself to reach a larger audience more affordably. If you’re just starting out and want to have the ability to engage with your audience from scratch, or if you have too many subscribers. And find Mailchimp too expensive, Sendy is a good option. And if installing this product is too complicated, you can always go to a developer to help you out.

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