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Three Tools For Compressing Images


    Image compression is also known as image defragmenting. It is a kind of computer optimization used to compress images so that they can be stored or transmitted in less bandwidth.

    Compression improves the quality of images and makes the photos look more attractive. The computer system compresses the images before passing them to the storage device for further use.

    The decompression process is done when the images have to be decompressed into a file format for display or upload. A computer software tool known as an image compressor is used to perform the tasks.

    Duplicate image compressor is a tool for duplicating and reducing the size of the images without compromising on quality. With the help of the duplicate image compressor you can reduce image size without affecting the visual quality. You can even adjust the colors, contrast, saturation and other image parameters. It helps you to make your photos appear as good as new.

    Digital image compressor is a batch processing utility that reduces the size of digital images while processing them. With the help of digital image compressor you can compress the size of JPEG files, GIF files, PNG files, TIFF files and other image formats. The tool is capable of significantly improving the speed of the processing. It does this by utilizing many different kinds of algorithms. The best thing about this tool is that it is compatible with most types of operating systems. It also enables users to use image filters.


    Another popular image compressor is the Optimizilla Image Compressor. This is another software package that is highly useful for optimizing images for web pages. Some of the features of Optimizilla include renaming multiple folders, renaming folders in different names, compression of several image formats including, png, gif, and jpeg. Besides that, the software provides a preview of the changes that will take place and gives you the ability to save and restore your work anytime you want to do so.

    In fact, Photoshop Elements is another excellent software program that offers image quality improvement services. One can optimize images easily with the help of several advanced options such as adjustable levels for contrast, image sampling for identifying noisy areas, adjustment of colors, addition of red eye and even set custom names for compressed images. Moreover, you can also make use of the histogram to identify the image quality. The features of Photoshop Elements include renaming and copying of folders, adjust color, sharpen image, remove red eye, adjust brightness and deskew, and much more.

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    If you are looking for an image optimizer, you should try Photo Mechanic Pro. It is one of the most downloaded software tools. This is because it offers an easy way for the users to achieve photo optimization. Besides, the program is equipped with several advanced options such as adjusting the size of the images, colors, gamma, white balance, and rotation, cropping, subtractive blending, and hue shift. With this amazing tool, you can enhance the image size and get superior picture quality.

    You can also use the Adobe Photoshop CC to do the task. It is a powerful image compressor which gives the option for adjusting, cropping, and restoring your original work. If you want to compress your jpeg files, you can go for the compress function. Here, you can even set the desired size of the image. There are several advanced options like adjusting color curves, optimizing the background, removing of background blur, and brightness and contrast enhancing the color of the final result. There are also several batch image clean-up options available.

    In this article, we have discussed the three most popular image compressor software tools that can be downloaded from the internet. These are the Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, and jpegmini. If you have any doubt regarding the program, you can take time to research a little more. This will help you make the right decision regarding the right tool for your needs.


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