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Top 10 Best BIT Colleges In Nepal


    There are several colleges in Nepal where one can pursue Bachelor of Information Technology or BIT. The top 10 are the Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus, Dhangadhi University, and Amanbagh Academy. Here are some tips that can help one decide which college is right for him. For more information, you can also read this article. We have listed the top 10 BIT colleges in Nepal to make the decision easier.
    Colleges in Nepal

    If you’re considering a career in information technology, a BIT degree may be the best choice. Information technology jobs are growing faster than ever. According to the Future of Jobs Report, by 2022, companies will be adopting technologies that require definite qualifications. A BIT degree will give you the skills you need to be a part of this growing industry. In addition to being highly sought-after, a BIT degree will also help you advance in your career.

     bit colleges

    In terms of academics, the requirement for studying BIT in Nepal is very high. For example, students need to have a grade of at least 50% in their +2 and SLC mathematics. However, this criterion may vary from institution to institution, and some may even raise this number. BIT tuition in Nepal will cost around 700k for full-time students in 2019/20. As an added bonus, some institutes offer students exchange programs.

    Among the various courses offered at these colleges, the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is one of the most popular and demanding. A BIT degree can help you change the way the world uses information technology. It teaches you the fundamentals of information technology, including programming, system design, computer networks, and communication. The course will also develop your creativity and enable you to work with new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and multimedia.

    Among the best BIT colleges in Nepal, KIST combines academic work with co-curricular activities. Students learn how to become an IT professional while balancing their emotional and physical development. They’ll also get an internship upon completing their studies. The college’s curriculum was designed to meet the needs of the modern world, as well as those of the future. The university also emphasizes innovative teaching methods to help students excel in their field of study.
    Bachelor of Information Technology


    The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program is an important discipline that covers computer science, software development, web design, database management, and communication. These graduates are well-suited for a variety of workplaces in Nepal, including INGOs, banks, and universities. While the program is relatively new, it is expected to grow in the years ahead. For more information, read our guide to BIT colleges in Nepal.

    The BIT program is more affordable than most other bachelor degree programs in Nepal, and graduates are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to enter the information technology industry with confidence. The integrated four-year program includes project work, guest lectures, industrial focus learning, and placement services. And because the course costs less than a year’s tuition at most other colleges, it is one of the most affordable bachelor degree programs in Nepal. A few years ago, most Nepalese students were forced to leave the country to pursue their studies, because tuition fees and living expenses in Nepal were prohibitive. Also, the time to complete a bachelor degree program in the country was over four years.


    The Bachelor of Information Technology program at Purbanchal University in Nepal is a four-year degree that focuses on computer systems, networking, and communication. Students will be prepared for careers in network administration, system architecture, and software development. Upon graduation, graduates can choose to apply their knowledge in fields such as multimedia, artificial intelligence, and mobile communication. This is a demanding course, so it is recommended for those interested in a career in the IT sector.
    Best BIT colleges

    If you are planning to pursue a BIT degree, then you must be thinking about the best BIT colleges in Nepal. There are a lot of universities in Nepal, but how do you know which one to choose? Here are a few tips to help you choose the best BIT colleges in Nepal. You can consider these colleges to achieve a good score in the BIT entrance exam. Some of the colleges are even UK University-affiliated.

    KIST college: KIST college offers quality education in information technology in Nepal. Established in 1995, KIST college is among the best +2 universities in Nepal. In addition to offering bachelor’s degrees in microbiology and high-level NEB +2 science courses, this college has excellent infrastructure and facilities. It has state-of-the-art laboratories and specially designed facilities. Students can choose to study at any of these colleges.

    TU Province one campus: TU’s largest campus is also one of the best BIT colleges in Nepal. The College offers a Bachelor of Information Technology program that integrates Information Technology and computer science courses. Students can also earn an international degree for moderate costs. With an international degree, you can jumpstart your career in the IT market in Nepal. So, choose the Best BIT College in Nepal today. If you are serious about pursuing a BIT degree, consider TU Province one campus.

    The IIMS College: Its BIT program is internationally recognized and taught by UCSI University. This course consists of 123 credit hours and requires at least three years to complete. This program covers all emerging market demands and does not require additional classes to enhance your skills. And as a bonus, IIMS College has an excellent reputation as one of the best BIT colleges in Nepal. And remember, the best BIT colleges in Nepal will always be your best bet.
    Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus

    The Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus is a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University located in Biratnagar, Morang. This college offers a variety of bachelor’s and master’s level programs to students. The campus has two main campuses and boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure. Students are able to use computer labs, well-spaced classrooms, and health centers on campus. The campus also has a hostel and canteen, as well as a library. It has an ex-chief justice of the Nepal Supreme Court, Sushila Karki, as its Campus Chief.

    Students can pursue Bachelor of Arts, B.Sc Nursing, and Bachelor of Business Administration courses at the campus. Students from any stream can enroll for B.Sc., BA, or B.Ed programs. Students from the science faculty can apply for B.Sc. In General, while those from other streams are only allowed to enroll for B.Sc. In General. The school also offers extracurricular activities, such as sports. In addition, students can also participate in research works and take part in other activities. Furthermore, internal assessments are also conducted to monitor students’ progress.

    TU Province one campus is the largest of its constituent campuses and is considered to be one of the best BIT colleges in Nepal. The college offers bachelor’s degree to Ph.D. programs, and it is the biggest education center in Nepal. The school is known for its excellent education facilities, students exchange programs, and good career counseling. And while it has an excellent reputation for offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, it doesn’t have a certificate program. Rather, it offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. levels in many areas, including education, computer science, and management.

    Besides the many programs available at BIT colleges in Nepal, the college also provides internships and work experience. The college is located in Biratnagar, which is an industrial state. It is also the fourth-most populated city in Nepal. The school offers a variety of computer science and information technology courses. There are three campuses at Morang: Biratnagar and Adarsh Multiple Campus.
    Shiddhanata Science Campus

    The largest constituent campus of TU University, TU Province One, is the best BIT college in Nepal. It focuses on IT and other sectors. The courses at the college are designed to provide a solid foundation in management and information technology. A few important factors contribute to the success of the BIT program, including a well-trained faculty, adequate facilities, and good career counseling.

    This college offers a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree, a four-year degree. The course is structured to impart fundamental skills in computer systems and networking. Students will gain practical experience in networking, system design, and communications. They will be able to use the skills they have gained to help solve problems, foster innovation, and enhance communication between people. The campus offers both foreign and Nepalese courses.

    KIST college is a well-known and respected college for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. The college was established in 1995 and is one of the best +2 universities in Nepal. It offers high-level NEB +2 science courses, as well as a quality Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. The college also offers programs in microbiology. Its well-equipped laboratories and specially designed infrastructure are among the most important advantages of this college.

    Another institution offering BCA+ and BCA curriculum is Tribhuvan University. It has integrated industry-oriented specializations for students. BCA students can choose from e-commerce, cloud computing, mobile computing, and data analytics. The campus also offers a Master of Science degree. Its academic records also meet the required standards. The campus is located in Tinkune, Kathmandu.

    If you want to pursue a career in Information Technology (IT) then a Bachelor of Information Technology degree is a great option. This field is growing in importance with the growth of technology. As per Future of Jobs Report, by 2022, companies are likely to adopt technologies that require definite qualifications. With this in mind, it is highly advisable to choose a BIT college for your degree. The following are some of the best colleges in Nepal to pursue your bachelor of information technology degree.
    Padma Shree International College

    This institution offers two bachelor’s degrees. Students can earn a Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree or a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) degree. Both of these courses will open a variety of career options for graduates. The college is also affiliated to Tribhuvan University. To earn a Bachelor’s degree in BIT, applicants must pass the college’s entrance exam. The minimum grade required to enroll in the college is 40% in all subjects. This will ensure that students graduate from the college with a good academic record.

    The college offers BIT degree program at the +2 level. The college has a history of offering top-notch Bachelor’s degrees. The college offers a variety of programs, including BBA, BIM, and BSc Microbiology. In addition, the Aryan School of Engineering and Management, an affiliated college of Purbanchal University, offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BBA). Additionally, the college offers BIT degree programs in several fields.
    Herald College Kathmandu

    With the help of its prestigious BIT program, the Herald College Kathmandu offers a degree in computer science from a UK university. This program equips graduates with the skills necessary for computer programming, design, and system application. It also prepares students for the international job market. Besides, graduates from this college are able to find a job in the IT sector without any hassle.

    The college offers undergraduate and master degree programs in the fields of marketing, finance, and accounting. The college is affiliated with Pokhara University and publishes 16 research-based journals every year. Its academics are recognized by the CDC (TU) Nepal and the United Nations. The college also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Its students are well-prepared to work in any sector of business.

    In addition to offering a variety of bachelor’s degree programs, the college is also affiliated with the University of Wolverhampton. This means that graduates of this college can pursue their MBA at a leading institution in the world. In addition to its BIT programs, the college also offers a Computer Science BSc (Hons) and an International Master of Business Administration.
    KIST College

    The educational experience at KIST College is dynamic. The school fosters the growth of students in academics, extracurricular activities, and leadership. The environment in which the college is situated is safe and conducive to learning. Students enjoy a digitally connected environment, computer labs, and an extensive library. KIST also offers healthy food and a cafeteria. Its campus provides students with everything they need to succeed in life.

    BIT is a growing field. It combines the study of mathematics, management, and computer science to prepare students for careers in the information technology industry. While BIT isn’t as intensive as other IT disciplines, it is a preferred course among today’s youths. KIST College, Softwarica College, and British College also offer BIT courses. You can choose from any of them based on the program you’re interested in.

    KIST College is a good place to study Information Technology. It was established in 1995 and has high-quality education in the IT field. It is a member of the Association for Information Technology Education (AI), which provides professional certification for its students. Moreover, students will learn microbiology and other high-level science courses at KIST College. Apart from its excellent academic environment, KIST College also provides excellent facilities. It has well-equipped labs and specially designed classrooms for final-year students.
    Patan Multiple Campus

    The Information Age is a time of change, and the introduction of the Internet and computer technology in the 1970s ushered in the Information Age. With technology pervading almost every industry, its role has grown. BIT graduates are always in demand. The need for people with IT skills is ever-increasing, so are the opportunities for people with a degree in this field. Therefore, it is important to choose an institution with an excellent IT program.

    The Bachelor of Information Technology is a four-year course that emphasizes computer networking, programming, software, database, artificial intelligence, and mobile communication Internet. Students studying in this degree will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills that are useful in today’s world. Upon graduation, graduates can expect to work in a range of fields, including IT management, programming, artificial intelligence, and web development. As a career in this field, the Bachelor of Information Technology has enormous potential and is one of the most sought after degrees in the world.
    Amrit Science Campus

    If you’re looking for a top-quality education in the field of computer science and information technology, then Amrit is an ideal choice. Not only does this school provide standard education, but it also tries to make a difference by incorporating advanced teaching-learning methods and technology. To ensure that you get the best possible education in your field of study, be sure to browse through the college’s website.

    Amrit Science Campus offers Bachelor and Master’s level courses in Information Technology. Its new Bachelor in Information Technology program is starting from the academic year 2077/78. This campus is located in Thamel, Kathmandu, and is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. This institute is part of the Institute of Science and Technology, which is an international research institute with a renowned reputation in the field of information technology.

    Amrit Science Campus was established in 1996 to encourage the study of science in Nepal. Founder Amrit Prasad Pradhan was tragically killed in a plane crash over Mt. Blanc in 1966. His life touched the nation, and the school was established in his memory. Currently, more than 1000 students attend the college each year. You don’t have to pay full tuition fees to attend Amrit Science Campus.
    Bhaktpur Multiple Campus

    The multiple campus of Bhaktpur has recently established itself as one of the best BIT colleges in Nepal. This institution was founded in the year 2022 B.S. and has several departments and programs. It also offers various diplomas, such as BBS, BA, CSIT, and MBS. The campus is home to various facilities, including a library, science lab, computer lab, and a cycle stand.

    The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree program at Bhaktpur Multiple Campus is a four-year course. Students will learn about computer science and networking while gaining a broad understanding of information technology. Upon completion of the course, graduates can work as network administrators and security specialists in various organizations. They can also go on to pursue careers in software development. BIT students can earn a degree in computer science and IT management.

    The college is affiliated with Pokhara University and offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. Faculty members are experienced and highly qualified. Students are encouraged to engage in sports, social service, travel, and other extracurricular activities. This college is one of the 10 best BIT colleges in Nepal for its diverse program offerings. These BIT programs are growing in importance as the world is becoming increasingly interconnected.
    Kantipur City College

    Located in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Kantipur City College (KCC) offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Information Technology, Management, Engineering, and Mass Communications. The college is accredited to Purbanchal University and has been providing quality education to students since 2001. Its courses develop the students’ problem-solving skills and maximize their potential. Graduates of KCC have gained employment in some of the country’s best companies. In addition, the college is a center of excellence in education and has a Memorandum of Understanding with Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTech).

    In addition to TU Province one campus, Kantipur City College is another excellent BIT college in Nepal. The four-year program at Patan Multiple is a great choice for students in the area. The college is easily accessible from Lalitpur. Kantipur City College is one of the most affordable government colleges in Nepal and offers a great education for its students. The college offers a variety of courses at affordable rates and has been rated as one of the best BIT colleges in Nepal.
    Birendra Multiple Campus

    The Birendra Multiple Campus was founded in 2022 B.S. and is situated in a peaceful campus in Bharatpur, Chitwan. The college offers a total of 18 programs, including BIT. The campus is comprised of different buildings, including classrooms, labs, and a cycle stand. The campus also contains a library, computer lab, geography lab, and science lab.

    The BIT program at TU is run by a team of experienced academicians with a lot of teaching experience. They provide all the requirements of the course. Since they are part of the Institute of Science and Technology, these academicians are familiar with different components of IT. Graduates of the program are equipped with the necessary skills to work in the industry as a software engineer, a web application developer, a senior database administrator, or a system analyst. These graduates can also find employment in private and public organizations in Nepal.

    The Birendra Multiple Campus offers various master’s and bachelor’s degrees. The most popular course offered here is the B.Sc. CSIT, which is a four-year program accredited by Tribhuvan University. The course includes 8 semesters, each lasting six months. It is designed to give students a thorough understanding of computer science, and a well-rounded education. The curriculum at Birendra Multiple Campus is internationally recognized.


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