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Watch At Least One Movie of These 20 Movies on This Valentine’s Day 2022


    Let’s discuss valentine’s day movies for this year 2022. People could not escape into something they cannot relate to. Only then any of the movies are meaningful if they depicted things lost or things desired. That is ‘fantastic’ in fantasy is an extension of something real.

    Love and romance-based movies are not simply fanciful illusions. Earlier There was little money to spare and paying customers at the movies required, exciting, imaginative articulations of their aspirations, fears, love, romance doubts, and securely held beliefs.  There is a wide variety of satisfactions that it has offered individual cinema-goers and readers on romance alike. There are so many different responses to seeing the film at the cinema or in a well-lit sitting room.

    We usually see several movies each year, and we prefer the genre of the movie with our mood. Genre is very important to our enjoyment of a film. This is the way we tend to choose what films we are going to see because if we recognize the genre, we have certain expectations with the story will detail and what sort of characters we are likely to encounter.

    Film distributors are also very aware that audiences will be more inclined to go and see a film if they can recognize the genre in advance and the way they market when the release plays heavily upon audience recognition. Of course, if one film is perceived as being too much like another then it may not draw an audience because they indeed feel they have ‘seen it all before, so distributors need to highlight the individual features of the film whilst still placing it comfortably within the characteristics of the genre.

    Valentine's Day Movies

    Today we are going to enlist the best romantic genre movie which you can watch with your cuddling, and experience the season of the Valentine awesome. Here we have enlisted 20 of them which may help to choose the best among all. We have as well summarized the theme of the story of the movie so that you may feel easy to select your best interest and movie story. We have also detailed more extra about the movie as well, so that you may feel easier on getting the moral from the movie.


    So have the best valentine season with these best romantic movies.

    Valentine’s Day Movies List to Watch in This Year 2022

    1. Titanic:-

    With the great opening popularity, Titanic movie is still the hit romantic movie. The stardom and the publicity around the 1997 “Titanic” movie are still in our mind, when you will see it you will find that the movie is based on the story of two teenage travelers, in particular, you will find how they explain the accident. Different then another romantic based movie “titanic” movie has its thrill with the romance, so it would be a great choice to watch it in the events of the night, to see the scene which the movie’s director, James Cameron had created. We are sure this movie exceeded will sure meet your expectations.


    The action, story, the special VFX effects, the social reality of the class distinction, and the music all combined to make it an awesome movie. As the main reason for Titanic’s fame was its tragic sinking, this was a pleasant surprise. But it’s not a depressing movie. The storyline has its own credit. Leonardo Di Caprio is playing the role of Jack Dawson in “Titanic”, who is a young Irish boy. In the movie, he has won a ticket passage to America aboard the Titanic. He did so from a poker game and obtained the free ticket for the world’s newest liner.

    There, he met Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) who is traveling to America to get married. She is unhappy about the coming event and planning to jump overboard. Dawson talked her out of it and become so close in no more time, and the on-board romance inevitably started and also get blossomed. With this, you can get a different taste of the romance as well mirror of the society of that time.

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    Through the film ‘Titanic’ James Cameron has as well highlighted the topic of the class by guiding the story of Jack and Rose against the against of the drowning of the Titanic. The fact is that these two characters were from two different levels of the class system.  

    Along with this, you will find the typical romance that gives the movie its feel of brilliantly good quality. Rose gets survives and goes on to choose her own destiny, after the ship sinks but Dawson gets drowned. The film’s success credit much to the set design. The recreation of the ship was so perfect, and at all times you can feel totally real.

    The dialogues within the movie are so much engaging and stimulating, and the voyage itself as well as the daily activity on the board is given enough attention for the audience to settle into an enjoyable cruise. By the time, when the ship sinks, you do not have the clue that this movie was only about a night to remember, but thoroughly it’s an enjoyable cruise. J. Cameron used a formula that has worked in other great epic movies too, and he was succeeded, as always. The actual sinking of the ship needs brilliant cinematography and special effects.

    You will be especially impressed by the details given to fine-scale. The concept of the huge size of the ship was vivid, and Cameron presented it well. To all of us, the best part of the movie is the chemistry between the love relation between the main character rose and jack, and on the behalf of the thrill was when that huge ship tilted, went down at the front and the huge stern rose into the sky. Titanic is a movie to be experienced, and it will be more beautiful when you watch it in the season of love around valentine, and I am sure you will have a huge, diverse, and wonderful experience.

    2. Notebook

    This movie is a novel-based movie, which was written by the famous writer Nicholas Spark. This movie is directed by Nick Cassavetes and the screenplay was done by Jeremy Leven. Along with their great dedication and beautiful role-play of the cast Gena Rowlands, James Garner, and Ryan Gosling this movie has got its great review.

    In the role of teenagers, Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) have given their perfect chemistry as well courtship that blossomed later into tender intimacy. The young couple gets quickly be apart by the force of Allie’s high-class parents based on their economic status who believe that Noah isn’t the right choice for her.

    After the separation, eventually, when Noah gets into the military service, several years get passed, and later when they meet again, their passion gets stronger, and it gives objection to Allie to choose between her soulmate and class. This beautiful tale has a particularly special meaning to a narrator, an older gentleman (James Garner) who reads the story regularly the timeless hove story to his aging suffered companion (Gena Rowlands).

    A man with a faded face and age, well-worn notebook opens on his lap. A woman who is experiencing a morning ritual and doesn’t have any idea of it until he begins to read to her.  The Notebook is typically a tender story about the beautiful power of love, a story with miracles that will stay with you forever. The set of the movie is the austere beauty of coastal North Carolina on the time 1946, The Notebook begins with the narration of Noah Calhoun about how they meet together and what happened next. As it unfolds, their tale again miraculously becomes something prettier, with much higher stakes.

    Thus the result is the deeply moving image of love itself and the tender moments. We can feel the emotional and fundamental changes that we may feel from inside. This story of romance is shined with the beauty that is rarely found in today’s literature, The Notebook has established Nicholas Sparks as a classic romantic storyteller with a typical insight into the deep emotion which really matters.

    The story and this novel the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks, and this movie is based on the same novel. The Notebook while explaining in one word is heartwarming and heartbreaking and will obviously capture you with its sweeping and emotional force.

    3. Amelie

    In this romantic-based movie, you will get to taste the love story and the modern fairy tale mixture. Amélie is a story set in present-day Paris. Being the main female character Amelie, in this movie, she tends to depict the weird childish character in the matter of love, so after watching this movie you will get to know the unique phase of love.

    The locations that we see are also the real areas of the city but had managed to convey a sense of timelessness, of nostalgia, or even, rather than the daily routine of busy modern life. It’s as though the action is taking place in a secret corner of the city and are unaffected by the concerns of the wider world. That sets in fact contain many of the props of modern life such as utilities like TV sets and video cameras but still had managed to be constructed in such a way to suggest that the action is taking place rather in some specific timeframe.

    Amélie also can be described as a modern-day fairy tale with a romantic taste. Certainly one of the best qualities that give the film its charm is how it depicts the elements of fantasy with reality. We, as the audience, can never really know what will happen next and indeed whether what we see is really exist or not. Many of the characters in the film have a different quality to them which means they can easily be part of a fairy tale.

    The way they look like the story presents them, and how they behave, and their various idiosyncrasies way make the story slightly away from the modern world even though they had lived and work firmly within it. Amélie herself is the main example of this. Although she looks like twenty-eight in the film she has a childish quality about the way she looks and behaves. Her dress is unique but she wears shoes and socks like a child. Her hair is uniquely cut but her fringe is as short asif she gets cut by her mother. We can see, her face is full of expression.

    We can see her ponder people’s speech and actions as a child would and she talks very little but observes a great deal. Amélie’s behavior throughout the film like the traditional good fairy or story, meddling between people’s lives to create happiness or on occasion, mischief. Her neighbor, Mr. Dufayel is the one who observes her that she is hiding from the real world like a shy child and he encourages her to come forward and takes part in life; indeed in the part of romance when we see her consummate her relationship with Nino being in the childish nature.

    At the end of the film, this is truly her becoming a part of the real world.

    4. When Harry Met Sally

    When Harry Met Sally is known as a cool love story with a unique form makes the special as the movie and dialogue as special as this month’s issue of Valentine.

    This movie is about two people and the story is round on the romantic talk and feels they make. Watching this movie will make us feel as we’re with them, or maybe a little ahead of them, every step of their journey and way.

    Writer Ephron’s dialogue and script in the movie represent will give you an idea about the people who would like to be able to talk. Although it’s witty and grammatically flaws, and there are also lots of lines as quotes that will make you remember about valentine’s night with the movie. The dialogue in the movie is so hard to present and as well it had defeated many actors before making the movie, but Crystal as Sally and Ryan, and Harry have given to give their best to their work.

    We can see on their characters they have presented the smoothness of being smart and quick enough to almost be weird. It was only respective that the humor is paid for at the expense of credibility as in a hilarious but you will get some unconvincing scene where Sally sits in between the crowded restaurant and demonstrates with a loud moan to make fake orgasm

    This movie was directed by Rob Reiner, whose credits in a movie like this had qualified him as one of Hollywood’s very best directors of comedy romance. Some other Reiner’s films include “The Sure Thing,” “Stand by Me,” “This Is Spinal Tap!” and “The Princess Bride.” Each film is completely different from the others, and each one is successful on its own terms.

    You will feel that this film shows the most conventional, in terms of screen and the way it tends to fulfill your expectations for the valentine’s mood. And what makes it special, apart from the Ephron screenplay, is the chemistry between Crystal and Ryan.

    5.  Dear Jones

    Dear John is an American film that is a romantic drama based. On February 5, 2010, It was first released from the theatre in North America. The script was written by Jamie Linden, whereas it is adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ novel and both have the same name. It is produced by the tripod effort of Ryan Kavanaugh, Wyck Godfrey, and Marty Bowen.

    This movie is played by popular actors and actresses and their acting capabilities are as expected awesome. Richard Jenkins, Amanda Seyfried, Henry Thomas,  Channing Tatum, and Scott Porter together play the main role in the movie. The music is given by Deborah Lurie. The Cinematography is directed by Terry Stacey. And finally, Kristina Boden has edited this movie. The movie is made with Studio Relativity Media.

    After her final touch, this movie was distributed by Screen Gems. The running time of this movie is one hour and 47 minutes and you will not feel passing by due to its best screenplay. The soil of the film in the United States. This movie is based in the English Language. This movie spent $ 25,000,00 and the movie seems to worth it. Dear John’s movie is directed by the fine direction of Lasse Hallstrom and is a Swedish film director. Dear John is his twenty-three movie

    Dear John has their main role as an army named John Tyree. This story gets started when John meets her girl Savannah on the beach in their spring break. Within their touch of about two weeks, Savannah and John feel that they are in love with each other. And many sweet and bitter up and down happen with them through their relation.

    Dear John has got many responses. There were so many positive responses as well negative responses from the audience and people. With a positive response, this film was a blockbuster in the box office market and also nominated with different books on different award nomination industries. Watching this movie, you would like to memories the story of what happens to modern young lovers when time and distance keep them far from each other and let them test their true love, writing love letters continuously to each other telling and sharing everything about themselves.

    As time goes on, Savannah gets attached to another person Tim who actually needs her more than John, even though from the heart she still loves him. The way she writes to John the final letter with the message of goodbye. This is one story that used to happen many times during World War II and in most cases, it is still happening to current soldiers today. That’s why you will feel that this story seems to be so real to the audience. This movie will make tug for audiences and might get you teary-eyed. John has his character very tough.

    Livelihood and the relationship between him with his father may make the audience fall in sad. But this film will make you feel good finally when the movie finishes. The girls would like this movie because they can connect themselves in the place of Savanah with it.

    In summary, Dear John is an interesting romantic movie. There are altogether four aspects that would make you feel this movie really fascinating. The first is that dear John has a very uncommon story; this is a romantic-based drama film with various good characters. In this movie, Channing Tatum is playing John Tyree who is also a very wonderful actor. He had played his character of a soldier who has to survives between love and duty.

    He has represented the situation and option to the audience about the choice between love and duty as a soldier. Amanda Seyfried is playing the girl that falls in love with John, and Richard Jenkins is playing as John’s father’s autism, and the chemistry between father and son relation makes the audience drop their tears. So for sure, it will make your valentine awesome.

    6.  Pride and Prejudice

    Pride and Prejudice is a romance movie which was directed by Joe Wright. It was released on September 16, 2005, in the United Kingdom, and Later on November 11, 2005, in the United States, Pride and Prejudice is a very interesting romantic-based movie. Pride and Prejudice movie is distributed by United International Pictures. This movie has got its good reaction from its audience. The film received an 88% rating from IMDB rating. This movie is adapted from writer Jane Austen novel’s Pride and Prejudice the same name as the movie. This romantic movie has two hours and eight minutes’ time duration. On Making Pride and Prejudice movie spends $28 million.

    Director Joe Wright has directed this movie, Pride and Prejudice is a very romance based conflicted interesting movie. The controversy between positive and negative reviews about Pride and Prejudice movie came from audiences during and after this movie release. The positive reviews were that this movie is acted by a greatly famous actress especially Keira Knightly as Elizabeth bennet.

    It’s quite sure that Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet can take control of a scene, dominate over the movie, who project to the last seat, and radiate power and personality to the rafters.

    It was a great performance. The audience would love the way Knightley’s eyes light with furious intelligence after she cuts the pompous Darcy a new something or other. Keira Knightley had made an excellent and compelling Elizabeth Bennet. Other performers in the movie have shared her intelligence and spirit, but it will be nice to see someone of the right age in the role giving Elizabeth the touch of youthful naivety and that is not so evident in other adaptations. The audience will get the dialogue is generally excellent and touchy, although it was less faithful.

    Most of the audience makes a review on some of the few clumsy moments, such as when Charlotte tells Elizabeth ‘Don’t judge me, Lizzy. Don’t you dare judge me!’ in a manner which was more suited to a return of the Ricki Lake show than the Regency era. Other passages, such as the way Darcy’s proposal in the now famous rain scene, are written and are also delivered beautifully.

    From the responses of the audience, Pride and Prejudice was a box office movie at that time which was released in 112 days or 16 weeks in 1335 theatres in several countries in Europe such as the Netherland, the UK, Germany, and The United States of America. This movie gets 10th rank when limited opening weekend in UK, USA, and Netherland and on 7th rank when a wide opening weekend in the same countries.

    The writer would like to choose this film, Pride and Prejudice, because of five reasons. Pride and Prejudice have their unique things in them. The first one is the role character of the movie. There are some interesting characters in this movie like Elizabeth Bennet. Elizabeth has been portrayed as an intelligent young woman because she likes to read a book. She often presents it with her attitude to talk to someone else.

    Though some circumstances of the time and environment require her to seek a marriage relation of convenience for economic security, she wishes to marry for love. Another character is Mr. Darcy. He is a description of the western man in that situation, who looks calm, quiet, talks when it’s only in need, and has not so good sense of humor.

    The second beauty is the setting of this movie. Pride and Prejudice have presented the situation in 18’s century of Georgia, England. That was not like the situation today, in Pride and Prejudice show the scene of a village with few houses. The distance between one house and another was rather far. There is a little lake near the house and their presence of many big trees around the house so it’s fascinating to the audience who would like to see natural scenery in the movie. They have no electricity yet in the scene, so they use the candle as lightning every evening.

    They also use a carriage or horse to go everywhere. And the most interesting part of the movie is that, When everyone wants to buy something, they Should go to town. So it shows the image of the rural area of the country So, the third aspect is the plot.

    The fourth is sense. There are many unique things shows in this movie. Pride and Prejudice tend to shows different cultures and behavior of people. The differences in their clothing, their language, and their attitude. The women wearing long dresses all the time and the men wearing trousers usually black trousers with a western-style shirt, and a coat with a dark boat. When somebody wants to show greet to somebody else, they do not shake their hands but they bowed their head.

    Their language is very much formal, you can see when the wife wants to call her husband, she should call by his family name for example Mr. Bennet. It’s a very unique culture to know somebody else. In the Ball, as the culture, everybody can dance with somebody else without any exception. Every couple usually tries to know each other very close by talking while dancing. And it’s a great opportunity to see new people.

    The fifth is Pride and Prejudice gets a great review and market in the United Kingdom. It has got many awards from several categories, are Pride & Prejudice has won them several nominations in the 2005/2006 film awards season, most notably four nominations in the Academy Awards with Best Actress in a Leading Role for Keira Knightley, Achievement in Art Direction, book of Achievement in Costume Design for Jacqueline Durran, and book of Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score) for Dario Marianelli’s score.

    In summary, based on the theme of this movie which round around deciding Elizabeth’s life, the writer has chosen the title Pride and Prejudice by using Existentialism theory and this theory has been viewed through this movie, Wright wishes to criticize the condition of society at that time. People at that time consider that money is everything because it makes influences based on the position of the people in society.

    The upper class has to marry only with the same class status, so the lower class cannot move to the upper class. But in this movie, Joe Wright wants to show the sense that marriage should not be driven by thoughts of money.


    Gone with the Wind is a historical romantic movie that has used Scarlett O’Hara as the image for Reconstruction of the South. Like Atlanta, which has shed its image of Southern gentleness after the Civil War, Scarlett is permitted to break away from the conventionalities of Southern womanhood. The burning of war, its devastation, a defeat enables Scarlett to adopt behavior that was more suited to her energy and character as she tends to struggle and work hard to support her family and to regain the plantation Tara of productivity, and later she becomes a commercially successful businesswoman of Atlanta, opening a general store and a lumberyard, and a mill.

    Interlined with Scarlett’s tale of young time to heroic selfhood is an example of a typical woman’s romance tale. Rhett Butler, who termly moves in and out from Scarlett’s life, and this has played the typical surround hero and is so popular on this type of fiction. He perceives Scarlett as a brave and determined but a naive woman-child with whom he can get rescued and indulged after they get married.

    This romance formula is undetermined, although, when Rhett neglects to come to Scarlett’s rescue on several occasions, forcing her to gain the self-confidence and inner courage which he later rejects. Thus, Scarlett is enlightened by the unsuccessful relation of both romantic heroes, Rhett and Ashley. Also at oddness with the romance formula are Scarlett’s three marriages, all occurring during the time that she was in love with another man with whom she no longer desires by the end of the movie.

    Also, when she finally “comes to realize” her love for Rhett, a central aspect of the formula, he no longer desires her. There is no happy ending or reconciliation of lovers; rather, Rhett walks out the door into a fog of confusion.

    The running time of this movie is 217 minutes, and this interval of yours on this movie worth the wonderful time and romance mood, terms of gender equality and feminist awareness. The producer of this movie is David O Selznick and directed by Victor Fleming. Since the character and the story of this movie is from the novel with the same name, so Sidney Howard has made the screenplay of this movie with his best.

    This movie has won the famous Oscar award for the title of The Best Picture award, for best actress, supporting actress, best screenplay, best color cinematography, best art direction, and best editing award in the year 1939. On that nomination, in almost all the topics of the Oscar, this movie has its nominee.

    The best of the best part of this movie is the movie that is based on melodrama that it is characterized by sensational and romantic plots which are strong and often violent appeals to the audience’s emotions, exaggerated characters, and happy endings. This movie frequently has highly polarized moral dimensions and social and moral concepts that are personalized. There are as well distinctive visual modes of expression and music that would create strong emotional effects. It is not just used as background but is an essential part of the whole structure.

    Melodrama is considered to be perfect to more particularly at a female audience as it presents female desire and a female point of view. The heroines are often the equal of, and at times superior to, the male characters and are active rather than passive. Gone With the Wind can be considered as the epitome of the genre of romantic melodrama.

    8. Pretty women

    Pretty Woman, is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a prostitute who is saved from her horrible life on the streets by a rich businessman. In the movie, Julia Roberts plays Vivian Ward, the role of the prostitute who is barely making a living on the streets. Richard Gere plays Edward Lewis, a successful businessman who makes dishonest and cutthroat deals. The two characters meet when Edward needs directions to his Beverly Hills hotel while staying in Los Angeles for business. From the moment Edward and Vivian meet the audience can tell that both share for one another.

    Since Vivian’s time is worth money, Edward ends up paying her to stay with him for the week and be his date to the different business dinners and socials he must attend. Throughout the film, both of the characters end up falling in love, but they end up learning something about themselves. Vivian learns that she does not have to live the life of a prostitute can achieve her dreams.

    Whereas Edward learns that his business does not have to be so cutthroat and that he can use his money to help struggling businesses instead of selling them off. In the end, as Vivian is packing to move up San Francisco and find a better way of life, Edward drives up in his limousine and illustrates her fantasy of a prince charming coming to take away his princess in distress. The movie then ends with the two characters falling in. Throughout the movie, in many of the different scenes, the characters display is perception, identity management, and passive-aggressive conflict management.

    I believe that throughout the film this concept that people’s perceptions are driven by what is most obvious is applied effectively. In the example regarding the scene where Vivian walks into the store looking to purchase some clothes while dressed as a prostitute the women’s immediate response due to the perception, they had of Vivian shaped the movie’s plot.

    The ladies pay attention to the “intense stimuli”, in this case, Vivian’s attire which includes her short revealing dress and her high black boots. From what she is wearing both of the ladies show with their actions and facial expressions that they believe Vivian is a trashy individual that is not worthy of wearing or purchasing clothing from the store As an audience member that Vivian is only a prostitute because she is desperate to make it on the streets and that Edward had given her more than enough money, the ladies’ harsh reaction makes one have sympathy for Vivian character.

    The lady’s motives also played a role in how they treated Vivian. Since both of them get an income based on the commission they saw Vivian as a customer that would not bring them much business because obviously she was not dressed as though she had money. With that, they quickly refused to serve Vivian. From this, the audience is driven to again feel sympathy for Vivian as one can see where she is coming from and that these ladies are unjustly refusing to allow her to purchase what she needs for her dinner that evening.

    In the movie, it is apparent to see why the lady’s false perception of Vivian’s character due to their immediate response to what was most obvious, and why it is so effective to the story. It teaches the audience members that one should not make immediate judgments but to hear someone out first before making any harsh decisions.

    In the movie, Vivian is unable to buy the clothes she needs even though she has more than enough money, solely based on her appearance. Nowadays this same concept could be best described in the cliché “don’t judge a book by its cover.” By making quick decisions based on appearance or by what’s obvious, we might also miss out on a great opportunity to learn something about someone, but also miss out on something that could help one out in the long run. Instead, this example shows people to be more understanding of others and not to immediately judge people based on what is the most obvious frail.

    The second concept displayed throughout the film was identity management. This is displayed several times throughout the film through the idea that “we strive to construct multiple identities” (Adler 2006). This concept means that people tend to play several different roles even though they are one person.

    An example of this in the movie is when Vivian acts as though she is rich just like Edward when they go out to dinner. She goes out and buys a fancy black dress, learns the proper table etiquette, and puts on a total act while she is out to dinner (Milchan 1990).

    9.  Sleepless in Seattle

    This film is a romantic comedy about Sam Baldwin and Annie Reed, two people who had never really met each other. Sam is a nice young architect and his wife dies of cancer, and he decides to move from Chicago to Seattle and started a new life with his son. He decides to change his cities to live in because everything in Chicago reminds him of his wife, so he hopes to move to Seattle will end his depression. It doesn’t really work, and thus Jonah, Sam’s sweet eight-year-old son, decides to do what he can to find his dad a new wife and himself a new mother.

    One day, Jonah phones a national radio call-in show to announce to the world that his father needs a new wife, and Sam suddenly finds himself talking to millions of people, most of them are women. One of those women is Annie, a very cute and reasonably happy young writer of Baltimore, who is engaged to get married to Walter. Walter himself is a very nice guy, but Annie is much frustrated because she is not madly in love with him as he expects to be in, and after hearing Sam and Jonah, she starts to think that Sam is the man with whom she should truly be with.

    After Annie sees what she thinks is a variety of “reasons” that she and Sam are meant to be together so she soon decides to do everything she can to meet him (even though he lives on the other side of the country).

    Ultimately, this is a sweet little movie which is about the nature of life in general, and whether the things that happen to us are because of something that some people call destiny, or simply a series of regular events with no particular cause. I am sure this movie will make you and your cuddling realize how much you are closer together because the situation that the movie tends to present that the love must be felt by each other.

    10. Crazy, Stupid, Love

    “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” is touted as a film about the dumb things people do for love when they’re in love: Cal Weaver(Carell, in what seems like a reprisal of his “Dan in Real Life” role) and his wife of 25 years, Emily (Moore) agree on the divorce and move on to disastrous results; their 13-year-old son, Robbie (Jonah Bobo, “The Backyardigans”), throws pride out of the window for the love of his 17-year-old babysitter, Jessica (Analeigh Tipton, “America’s Next TopModel, Cycle 11”), who just happens to be in love with Cal.

    What ensues is a sometimes funny, often long-winded mish-mash of intertwined storylines and misunderstandings. “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” would be a great movie to rent on a rainy day with your girlfriends and a few bottles of wine. That way you can fast-forward through many of the awkward moments and stop the film altogether right after all of the stories converge in one raucous, fast-paced and hilarious scene. Everything after that belonged on the cutting room floor.

    It wasn’t horrible; I laughed and gasped and “no-he-didn’t” at all the moments that called for it, but a must-see this film is not. It’s just a “kind see it if you have nothing better to do and it happens to come on TV.”Steve, you left “The Office” for this?

    The writer of this movie is Dan Fogelman who has put together an ambitious script. The dialogue is rather smart and the plot had all the potential to make this film with big success. The performances of Carell and Bobo were believable and are related to each other. The audience could sympathize as well with their characters. Ryan Gosling(also the romantic boy of the film “The Notebook”) as Cal’s “love doctor” and Emma Stone high paid actress as

    Gosling’s love interest also pulled off with their stellar performances; Gosling with that smug, attractive that he’s known for, and Stone with her uber-precise humor timing made some of the lame moments of the film, well, less lame. Even Liza Lapira, who played Stone’s best friend Liz stole

    the scenes in which she has appeared. Directing duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and editor Lee Haxall failed Fogelman in a big way by putting perfect much into the film. Writers tend to be wordy but he has touched this with perfection. That’s where a good film editor along with a good film director and insisting on necessary cuts for the sake of a good end product with fine perfection. So you should watch this movie at least in this valentine’s season.

    11. Dirty Dancing

    Well, when you hand it to “Dirty Dancing” and for at least one thing and it’s as well got a great title. The title and the promos seem to promise a guide you to imagine this movie to the adult content, but this movie actually is about the story of love between kids from different backgrounds.

    The movie gets shorted at a resort hotel in the Catskills. The hotel belongs to Jack Weston, who wants his obnoxious son to play matchmaker. He immediately introduces his partner to Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey), who was the daughter of Dr. Houseman.

    In this movie, you will be able to use the word “sequence” advisedly due to the fantastic flow of the story in the movie. The actors playing as the staff of this movie are many good dancers, such that you may also feel, their dancing is so overchoreographed, and there’d not be any question and these are just ordinary kids in love who can dance pretty well. They’re out in the real world from the movie.

    The movie makes some kind of twist with the half-hearted attempt to rip off “West Side Story” by making the girl Jewish and the boy Italian.

    Although the movie has not focused on race and never, ever uses the word “Jewish” or says out loud what obviously is the main point of the plot. The main theme of this love story is the family’s opposition to her boyfriend of low social status and their struggle to be together. I guess people who love such a clash on a love story about such things would love the presentation of the story.

    The performances are pretty good. Swayze being a great dancer, and Grey, who is also a great dancer. But the filmmakers like to depend heavily on clichés, on stock characters in classic situations, and it’s as if they never had any confidence in their performers.

    This movie could have been about romantic subjects and it round over the soothes with the great dance performance. You may love the movie with plays like one long, sad, compromise; it places packaging ahead of ambition with the relaxing romance making the moment of valentine season with the unique perception of the romance

    12. Love actually: –

    in this season of the valentine if you want to raise the oxytocin level in your body and feel more feeling of love then the movie Love actually would be the best choice for you. In this movie, love is shown through many perspectives with several stories and examples, and might be you can get the matching point of your love in every character.

    This movie shares almost every feeling of love and tends to represent every type of love that exists in the world. This movie only tends to show the topic is that no matter who we are or no matter from where we belong, but the main motto of our life is love and happiness in this, so for this many roles and their different chemistry is shown through this movie.

    This movie has no main role but every role of each play makes this movie the perfect romantic-based movie ever. This movie flow to each role so smoothly such that at the end all the character seems to be relatable to each other. It is the story of the land of Britain and shows social, political, and romantic species of Britain together in this movie of the almost two-and-a-half-hour play. So I am sure that you will surely enjoy this movie for this valentine’s season…..

    13. Romeo and Juliet

    William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has always been an excellent introduction of Shakespearean drama; especially famous among teenagers and they can relate to its characters,

    plot, and themes. The movie’s action can be easily understood and the character’s ideology is clear, and many of the themes get matched with current today as there was in Shakespeare’s time. Therefore, it can be watched on a variety of levels, allowing all the viewers to enjoy it.

    This movie would make the great experience that is the fantasy of the swash-buckling action and investigation the themes of parent-child conflict, sexuality, accessibility to teenagers, able readers can view the play from a more literary perspective, that examine the themes of hostility and its effect on the innocent, with the use of deception and its consequences, and the immediate effects of faulty decision making. you can study how the characters function within the drama and how

    Shakespeare has used language to develop plot, characters, and themes. The ablest viewer can develop skills involved in romantic criticism by diving into the play’s comic and its tragic elements and its classically tragic themes on the role of fate and fortune, and the inevitable nature of tragedy, and the isolation of the tragic hero. The film ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has its set created on the world of Verona Beach which is also a violent, and different other-world set that would neither appear in the future nor in the past where the Montagues and Capulets share a common enmity that has become the common birthright of their offspring.

    In the movie, the heroine Juliet belongs to a wealthy, selfish, ruthless, and powerful family that has shown the frequently corrupt world of businessmen and politicians against which is also another to be noted part of the well-known love story. Stylistically, the film deliberately tends to echoes recognizable film genres with which the modern cinema-going audience is familiar.

    The most recent filmed version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet which is directed by Baz Luhrmann and it tends to link the language of the original play with modern-day themes such as violence in society, love in dangerous situations, and personality. In making the film, Luhrmann has adopted the style which is complete of the 90’s’ action scenes, music, soundtrack, etc. but it tends to blend with Shakespeare’s words. Before we look at the film itself, it is worth thinking about the films which are so often applied to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is the ‘tragic’ and ‘love story.

    ‘Romeo and Juliet’, baing Shakespeare’s second tragedy, that was written between 1594 -1596. This tragedy is brought about by fate rather than the characteristics of the young lovers which makes this tale domestic rather than a political tragedy. It is believed to have been written at around the same time as ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which contains the essence of the Romeo and Juliet tragedy like in the ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ play. the intensity and passion of this love story into the drama ‘Romeo and Juliet’. For the first time, Shakespeare was not making a story drawn from ancient classical history, nor he used royal characters.

    He has also written particular parts with certain actors in mind. Other parts, for instance, Mercutio and the Nurse, with their clear characteristics were expanded and has developed like the true story, probably with the movie audiences in mind who would have enjoyed their wordplay and rude joke. So it would be a great idea if you like to enjoy the classic romance and literature depicted in the movie, then this movie would be the best choice.

    14. Beauty and the beast

    This is the fairytale, on which the action of the tale is packed film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is based, has also fascinated both storytellers and to children for hundreds of years. Since the original story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was French, the filmmakers choose the Loire Valley in France as the setting of the movie. Even if you had not been told that this film was set in France, you may have guessed the names of some of the characters.

    For the character of Beauty, Emma Watson makes the charms in her big opening number, in which the heroine has to be experienced with a village-worth’s of idiots sharing (what should be) and their inner monologues which are also presented through the song. Watson as Beauty faces one difficult sequence after another like full-throated songs, tussles on talking wardrobes, emotional exchanges with the grouchy Heffalump, but she puts just the right combination of innocence and grit. Plus, she doesn’t even sound like Fran Drescher, which is an immediate advantage. So you will get to experience the French fairy tale imagination and literature as well with the romantic scene.

    1991, Beauty And The Beast is the film of big, memorable set-pieces, and the challenge there was to outdo them. It’s not been always successful the tavern singalong with Luke Evans’ self-loving bully and his acolyte never quite hits the beast giddy heights with the 2D version.

    The film has done many struggles to make its coterie of animated inanimate objects visually appealing and perfect.

    With smart reworkings and co-play of some plot strands and a clutch of new songs, the movie is 45 minutes longer than its play. The triumph is that extra runtime flies by. An unabashed musical can run through heart on its sleeve and energy to spare, and the romance is decidedly not beastly. So I am pretty much sure that, this movie will bring you back to your childhood and for sure in the set of the romance.

    15. A walk to remember

    This movie is based on the novel “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks, which movie is a romantic drama with profound depth. It expounds on the virtues of love and faith on how these can miraculously transform the life of a spoilt, misguided teenager. Convicted with the life-threatening prank, Landon Carter is asked to partake in social services and the school play for punishment.

    It is here that he truly gets to know from close with Jamie Sullivan, the reverend’s daughter. He gets touched by her simplicity and kindness. Heget falls in love with her and it seems just like a teenage romantic movie until there is another dramatic revelation by Jamie. When the drama unfolds, there come some touching moments too as both try to come to terms with the reality.

    A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks is one of the blockbusters which can attract viewer’s attention. Accordingly, the question of what elements of romance attracts readers in choosing A Walk to Remember as their watching gets raised. The pragmatic approach is used to help find the romance formula based on the viewer’s responses from internet sources.

    The result of the study showed that the viewer o this movie was interested in romance since it was not merely a love story, but it was also a story that presented moral values. In addition, this movie was able to attract readers since the romance story in the story didn’t end happily. This movie was considered as more than a romance, it could also be considered a drama. that can be considered as a romance formula since they are capable of attracting viewers’ attention.

    The elements between Jamie’s and London’s different personalities, the view of belief, romantic story, the ending and moral value such as knowing the inner quality of someone and love being a power to change someone’s personality.

    The viewer comments and reviews show how readers can smile and cry because of the story and the best direction. This evidence proves that the movie is successful in moving the viewer’s emotion. The way the story moves its readers is through many formulas such as dialogue, description of the atmosphere, and the character itself. The character and characterization, however, are the main factors in attracting their attention.

    While analyzing this movie, the personality of the character has an important part rather than the physical appearance. It can be concluded that this novel has the capability of attracting the viewers’ attention by presenting the character’s personalities. the relative excellence with the romance is the function of its treatment of three different aspects of the story.

    These include the personality of the heroine, the character of the hero, and the particular manner in which the hero pursues and wins the affections of the heroine. From this theory, it obviously shows that the personalities of the character of the movie have an important part in inviting the most viewers. This is seen in the fact that the major wars only focus on the personalities of major characters, Jamie and Landon. Jamie is very innocent and pure. This condition

    is totally different from Landon who is depicted as a rebel and known as a bad boy. On the other hand, Jamie is also described as a coopinionsto Landon who always cares about other’s opinion. It is totally different from Landon; his personality is obviously contrasted to Jamie’s. Landon is depicted as a boy who is always aware of people’s judgment about peers who think popular and does care about what his peersthink of him, which different personalities during this story. attractferentpersonalities of Landon and Jamie attract readers because they invite the viewer’s emotion into the movie.

    The reason why that it presents contrasting the movie is that it presents the contrasting personality the lies of the major character which is familiar in the viewer’s life.

    In this case, it means that viewers may adore the movie because they can get involved in the story– the story of Landon and Jamie, two teenagers from very different backgrounds, A Walk To Remember does that. It takes you on a journey of discovery and through an emotional rollercoaster. it can be concluded that the different personality of good and bad personality between Jamie and Landon becomes an important aspect of the novel and it has the capability in attracting viewers’ attention. Hence this movie can be your great choice in this valentine’s season.

    16. Muna Madan

    This movie is based on the poetic story Muna Madan is one of the best creations of Nepali poet, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, popularly acclaimed as “Mahakavi” (great poet) in Nepali literature. He has graduated in Arts in 1930 and Law in 1933 both from Patna University, India. His early story and poem were influenced by the English Romantic Movement and his later poems start to speak with a powerful modern voice.

    Muna Madan’s movie is derived from the poetic version in 2007. This movie was best among the creations of the Nepali film industry which has challenged other film industries that dominated the Nepalese film industry. This book received recognition from the Ranas at that time.

    Through this movie, it is tended to describe the life of a poor society in the rural area of Nepal. Madan, the main and the most important character of the book, represents all the youths of Nepal who go abroad to earn money to earn their living. Madan is such a character who is compelled to go abroad as he is jobless because of the problems of unemployment and poverty prevalent in his country.

    The wife of Madan, Muna is the queen of love and sacrifice. She loves her Madan a lot so she is upset as she has to send him to a place, Lhasa, where there are lots of obstacles and risks. But finally, she accepts this challenge and stays in the country with her mother-in-law who is old and weak.

    Madan goes to Lhasa but his journey is not easy. He faces a lot of obstacles and difficulties during his journey and this is beautifully described in the movie. The book has tried to show the ups and downs of life by illustrating the problems of Madan’s life. Life is not that easy and only the one who lives a meaningful life who accepts the challenges of life and who never runs away from such challenges.

    While moving through different countryside areas, Madan catches a deadly disease but his friends don’t help him turning out to be selfish. Finally, he gets rescued by a man who is considered to be of lower caste in the tradition of Nepal. This story will make the viewer the realization that a man is said to be great not by caste or race but by a heart full of love and humanity. After Madan gets rid of the disease, he returns to his home but his mother and his beloved wife had already died.

    Through the story of Muna and Madan, poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota wants to stabilize the facts of traditional societies, unscientific beliefs, and the negative impacts of unemployment and poverty in Nepalese society, and this is naturally shown in the movie. He has shown the love between a mother and a son too. The poet has wonderfully defined love by writing about the relationship between Muna and Madan.

    Because of the combination of all these categories of human life, this book has earned a great successful journey in the Nepali film industry. At the time of his death, Laxmi Prasad Devkota asked to preserve his book, Muna Madan, even if all his other works faded away since this book is one of his favorites and he shows the love of the poet towards this book.

    Muna Madan is the most popular of Nepalese works today and though Devkota felt that he never achieved anything possession in his life, he is remembered in his wonderful creations like Muna Madan and he is alive in the hearts of every citizen of Nepal, and the director of this movie has presented his best through this movie. You can purchase your copy of cd from the Nepali film distributor or online buying. But this movie is worth watching since they depict the pure tragic love that can be ever imagined, so that you may feel so graceful after watching this movie, with your valentine for being together.

    17. Rebecca

    The long and troubled production history of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940) – the film generally ascribed in this way to the director – has given rise to critical debate about authorship. Rebecca’s success and critical acclaim signaled the growing appeal of the

    gothic romance narrative. By the onset of the Second World War, Hollywood had begun to draw upon heightened anxiety about feminine identity and expression. In many ways, Rebecca’s release fed off similar tensions between romance and freedom of expression and the ambiguity regarding women’s role in society. despite the greater screen time allotted to the heroine and the greater devotion to her perspective in the film. While there seems to be a focus on locating female identity in the 40s, films like Rebecca nonetheless sought to establish that identity within the context of male hegemony and traditional gender roles.

    Rebecca is still popular with audiences today. The film has been shown three times on the BBC since 2004, and of the novel itself, Alison Light reports ‘thirty-nine impressions and translations into twenty-two languages in as many years’ (‘Returning to Manderley’, Feminist Review no. 16, April 1984, p7). The recent British Film Institute postcard of Rebecca displays a familiar image from the ‘confession scene’ of the couple in love, with its inherent evocation of female subordination.

    This romantic vision, even after decades of leveling gender roles, continues to draw audiences. Light suggests that romances are too often regarded as ‘stereotyping narratives which invite the reader to identify with a passive heroine who only finds true happiness after submitting to a masterful male,’ and insists that narratives like Rebecca ‘query as well as endorse social meanings.

    Regardless of whether audiences revel in the subjugation of the unnamed heroine or detect instead elements of social unrest in her narrative, Rebecca’s concerns with sexuality and domesticity are seeming as relevant as ever, and while talking about the romance, it depicts the way of the romance of women who in another phase is struggling for her identity.

    18.  Closer

    The Closer is the inspiring and fun taking of women in business, with plenty of ceiling smashing along the way. The Closer movie as well refreshing is a movie that exposes the difficulties that common women face in industries that are dominated by men.

    This movie tends to reflect the real-world difficulties that women face as leaders of businesses. The movie Closermoves quickly with its events, problems, and resolutions, which rarely resting too long on any particular problem. Vivien finds his fast solutions thanks to friends, her mentor, and few genuine coworkers. Even faced with manipulation and outright lies, Vivien typically picks the higher road, following her dad’s advice: “Be great and be good.” Still, she isn’t the saint; she occasionally loses her temper and plays into the game, and even takes revenge.

    The story has some inspiring turns, including Vivien’s participation in a Wharton-founded secret club, the Ceiling Smashers, which also functions as the place to maintain alliances with different women in business. Anecdotes about the women’s experiences at these meetings read as realistic and give credence to the bonds of sisterhood highlighted throughout. Character relationships are developed with depth and emotion. Many of the novel’s tragedies are glossed over quickly, though, including deaths, breakups, and accidents, which impedes the narrative’s momentum.

    Characters are made to cope with tragedies rather than dealing with them, resulting in unrealistic pictures of reactions like grief. Sports analogies, jargon, and quotes are also used throughout, giving the story a unique, entertaining quality. They serve as an alternative way to work through workplace problems and successes. Kahng’s is a fresh approach to stories about CEOs and business dealings.

    Those not well versed in sports will have no trouble following along; everything is concisely contextualized, from named athletes, including Michael Jordan, to terms like “the Sunday punch.”The Closer is the inspiration and fun take on women in business, along with plenty of ceiling smashing along the way. Here, along with the romance, this movie will leave you with the important message of equality of gender.

    19.  Life is beautiful

    Life is Beautiful (or La Vita è Bella in its native Italian) is a film produced in 1997 by Italian director and actor Roberto Benigni.

    Worldwide, the film grossed $229,163,264 in the box office. Until 2011, it was the highest all-time grossing film in Italy. In 1998, the film won the grand prize (known as the Grand Prix) at the Cannes Film Festival in Paris, France. The same year, it won three Oscars in the 71st Academy Awards including one for best foreign-language film.

    The film itself is a fable about love. Benigni masterfully separated it into two distinct parts. Each follows the main character, Guido Orefice. The first part of the film is set in Tuscany, Italy where Guido incessantly attempts to win the affections of Dora, a wealthy schoolteacher who is supposed to marry the fascist town clerk. The film then skips ahead five years. At this point, Guido has married Dora, and they now have a five-year-old son named Giosue.

    Whereas the first part is characterized by clownish humor (there is even a scene where Guido is in the school where Dora works, masquerading as an inspector from Rome who is meant to speak on the topic of Italian superiority. the second is better characterized by a need to survive and protect. Rather than following Guido through city streets as he tries to impress his love interest, the second part of the film follows Guido through a Nazi concentration camp as he courageously faces gargantuan odds in his attempt to protect his son at all costs.

    This is my argument: Life is Beautiful is a courageous film that portrays a fable of love and one man’s determination and dedication to his family; the film inspires laughter despite its setting rather than at the expense of its setting and ultimately attempts to convey the message that there is always a place for love and hope, even when it seems futile.

    First, I will show how the film is a fable of love by comparing Guido’s characteristic disposition with the five types of love that Erich Fromm speaks of in his highly-acclaimed book, The Art of Loving. Next, I will prove that the subject matter of this film is the human spirit, in particular, the strength of Guido’s spirit through Giosue’s eyes. In doing this, I will also bring up the crucial idea that the audience does not see the events of the film as they actually happened but rather as Giosue perceived them to happen. Finally, I will talk about the validity of this film in real life.

    To begin, Fromm mentions that there are five different types of love. First, there is brotherly love. This type of love can be thought of as the type that exists between close friends and siblings. It is also the most important type that underlies every other. Next is motherly love, characterized by unconditional care and affection. The third is erotic love. This is the kind of exclusive love that exists between two romantically engaged people (in this case, Guido and Dora). Fourth is self-love while fifth is the love of G-d.

    Self-love is a topic that would make many critics of Guido’s character laugh. They would argue that he loves himself too much: always eager to impress, talking constantly, throughout the entire film My next point calls to attention the subject matter which the film is truly commenting on the human spirit. Some critics believe that Benigni attempted to portray the Holocaust as a comedy in Life is Beautiful.

    This is all done in the midst of the Holocaust, but the humor is not present to trivialize it. The humor is present because it is the one thing Guido believes he can do that has any chance of keeping his son safe.

    Hence we can taste this movie in a lot of sense, with the romanticism that Guido present with his girl, along with the love for their son, no matter what, his character will give us the lesson of family spirit that must be there for the happy family, so why don’t we make our valentine time more dedicated with love, watching this movie.

    20. Casablanca

    Casablanca is considered to be a very blockbuster movie right from the time of its release in 1942. Since the1960s it has generally been considered a great movie. But it has not been considered great art. I shall endeavor to convince you, here and in the succeeding chapter, that not only is Casablanca important as art, but that movies, in general, are the most important art form of the 20th century.

    There is a category of movies that are considered to be art; they are “art films”. The very existence of this term tells us that other films are considered to not be art — except, perhaps, “popular art”. We would do well in this regard to remember Shakespeare. His plays, containing, in addition to their lofty thoughts, spectacular and sentimental elements, were extremely popular. Theatre (like cinema in our own day) was a relatively new form. The intellectual elite enjoyed the plays but didn’t consider them to be in the same class as the really

    great art of Virgil and Horace. The texts of the plays barely escaped oblivion. (An interesting parallel to how originals of early movies have been allowed to deteriorate.)

    It is a mistake to assume that because art is popular it cannot be great. Truly great art resonates on several levels.

    Movies are so central to American life, shaped the American mind, and “Casablanca” is as much about movies as a romantic adventure. It taps our sense of love of movies, our involvement with them, our dreamy bond-age with them. Some movies innovate whereas “Casablanca” culminates. It brings to a peak the between-the-wars imperative that one was obliged to live life with a sense of style.

    The style at work in “Casablanca” is marked by witty poise, but the sophistication of café society be-tween the wars, with its white linen suits and baccarat in private rooms and also its helplessness before corruption, its impotent sleekness. One of the many extraordinarily potent resonances comes when we notice that the croupier at Rick’s is played by Marcel Dalio, the same Dalio who played the nervous aristocrat dancing on the edge of a crumbling world in Jean Renoir’s “Rules of the Game” in 1939. There are more than a few homages to French films of the period.

    It’s his controlled exterior that makes Rick’s wild romanticism acceptable. He talked a good game of noninvolvement, but obviously, he was nuts about her, still wound-ed deeply by her abandonment of him after their fling in Paris (the flashbacks were skilled montages by Don Siegel, who went on to become a well-known director in his own right).

    His is the emotion you feel when they meet up again in his club, over Dooley Wilson’s piano that source of so much garbled legend. Hence with this classic movie, you can get the classic romance, and it would be a great idea to watch with your cuddling over the valentine’s season.


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