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Yahoo Mail Not Working In iPhone! Fix Errors With These Steps


    Recently, many users have complained about their problems with the iPhone. One of the common problems that users face is that Yahoo Mail does not work on their iPhones. When they discover that Yahoo Mail does not work on the iPhone, they immediately go to the Yahoo support forums to find solutions. While Yahoo always tells users to download and use their latest Yahoo Mail application on their iOS devices, but here we will present some solutions that could help solve the problem for iPhone users.

    In this technologically evolved world, it’s hard to imagine life without a valid email ID. Being in the market for so long, Yahoo Mail has that old-world charm to it. If you have got a new or existing iPhone, and you have no idea how to add Yahoo Mail to your iPhone, or if your Yahoo mail does not work on iPhone, then you have got the right place. We will discuss the best solutions to solve why you cannot get Yahoo Mail on iPhone.

    Most problems with the iOS mail application are due to inappropriate/invalid settings on your iPhone or some problem with your Yahoo mail ID that you intend to add to your iPhone. These solutions will help you greatly.

    Basic solutions to fix Yahoo Mail Not Working In iPhone

    If the Yahoo Mail features do not work properly, you can follow this guide, which has some basic solutions to solve this problem. The following are just some of the other troubleshooting solutions you can choose from if you prefer not to use third-party software;

    Yahoo Mail Not Working In iPhone fix

    1. Sign out and then sign in to the Yahoo account

    If you cannot receive messages in your Yahoo inbox, signing out and then signing back into your Yahoo account has been known to work. To do so, go to Yahoo Mail and tap “Sign out of your account.” Wait a few seconds and sign in back into your account.


    2. Delete and re-add Yahoo Mail

    If that didn’t work, you should consider deleting the Yahoo Mail account from the iOS mail and then adding it again. Here’s how to do it;

    Step 1: Open Settings on your device and then tap “Account and Passwords”.


    Step 2: Select the Yahoo account and tap “Delete” to delete it.

    Step 3: Now, on the Accounts and passwords page, tap “Add account” and choose “Yahoo” to log in with your email address and password and re-add the account.

    3. Enable cellular data

    Yahoo may not work properly if it is beyond the reach of our Wi-Fi and, therefore, is not connected to the Internet. In this case, the best thing you can do is connect to cellular data.

    To do this, go to Settings> Cellular and activate “Cellular data”.

    4. Update iOS to the latest version

    Updating the iPhone to the latest version of iOS is one of the best ways to eliminate some of the errors that could be causing the problem. To update the device, follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: go to Settings> General> Software update.

    Step 2: If an update is available, tap ‘Download and install” to install it.

    5. Set SMTP server

    The SMTP server configuration can also solve this problem. Follow these simple steps to do it;

    Step 1: go to Settings> Accounts and passwords.

    Step 2: Tap Yahoo> Account> SMTP outgoing mail server> Other SMTP servers.

    Step 3: The hostname must be

    Step 4: Enter the username and password and set the port to 465 or 587 and SSL to “Yes.”

    6. Use the Yahoo Mail application

    If all of the above solutions do not work to solve the problem and you still cannot access Yahoo mail on your iPhone, consider installing the Yahoo Mail application from the App Store.

    Step 1: Open the App Store on your device

    Step 2; Search for “Yahoo Mail”.

    Step 3: Install the application on your device.

    Step 4: Launch the application after installation and log in to your Yahoo email account to access your emails.

    7. Generate passwords of third-party applications

    Sometimes, Yahoo may ask you to use a third-party password when accessing Yahoo mail from other applications. If this happens, follow these simple steps to generate the passwords;

    Step 1: Log in to your Yahoo account on the web and click on the “Account security” option.

    Step 2: Click on the option “Generate application passwords” (it can also be “Manage application passwords”).

    Step 3: Select the application for which you want to generate the password and then click “Generate”.

    Step 4: Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process. You can now use the generated password to log in to Yahoo in the Mail application.

    The above solutions can help you overcome the problem of Yahoo Mail that does not work on the iPhone. It is important to select a solution that you want to use and follow the instructions to fully implement it.

    8. Keep your Yahoo Mail application updated from the App Store

    If the iPhone’s default mail application does not work, you must download a separate Yahoo application that is available in the App Store. If you do not want to go to the Yahoo application, wait for the apple to answer your question.

    9. Force the closure of the Yahoo Mail application

    If the Yahoo mail application is stuck and does not respond on the screen of your iPhone, Force close the application from the screen. On the iPhone home button, double-tap the home button to move the application switcher screen, and the home button without the iPhone user can swipe from the bottom bar up on the iPhone screen, to that you see the application selector screen. Swipe up your application to force the closure from your device.

    10. Restart your iPhone hard

    Normally, some Internet software errors and software failures that we can solve with the complete restart of the iOS / iPadOS device. This technique is really useful to solve the problem at once. According to the Apple iPhone model, follow the steps below in Full Reset,iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X / XR / XS Max, iPhone 11 / Pro / Max:

    Restart your iPhone hard

    • Press and quickly release the button to increase the volume.
    • Now, quickly press and release the volume down button.
    • After that, just press and hold the side / Sleep-Wake button until you see the Apple logo on the screen after the black screen. That’s it. Wait for your iPhone to request to enter an access code.

    iPhone 7/7 Plus:              

    • Press and hold the volume up button and the Start button until you see the Apple logo after the black screen.

    Start button iPhone 6/6 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus

    • Press and hold the home button and the sleep / activation button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

    Yahoo mail notification settings are not displayed in iPhone settings

    Remove the application and reinstall Yahoo mail on iPhone

    This is the only solution that we solve if notification settings are not available or missing in the iPhone configuration application. Apple’s iPhone allows us to manage notifications of different applications in one way. Settings> Notifications> Scroll to Yahoo mail in the Notification style section. Enable notification to get an automatic notification for the account key or new email alerts. But Yahoo Mail is not shown in the Notification, then delete the application from your iPhone and re-download / install it on your iPhone. Check again in the configuration application of your iPhone.

    Enable Yahoo account key from the Yahoo mail application for iPhone

    We can enable or disable the Yahoo mail account key from the Yahoo mail application for iPhone. To use the account key feature, your iPhone must enable Push notification for the Yahoo mail application. If the notification is not displayed or does not work properly, follow the previous solution. These are the steps to enable the account key in the Yahoo iPhone mail application.

    1. Open the Yahoo mail application on the iPhone.
    2. Touch the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Touch the Blue Account Password option, Next, Go with the Account Settings Password option.

    Set the account key option in the Yahoo mail application for iPhone

    3. Touch the Yes Gree button, Continue with the account password. Alternatively, we can use two-step verification instead of the account key.Enable Yahoo account key in the iPhone mail application

    4. That’s it.

    Yahoo mail account key settings below;

    • Continue installing the Yahoo application on iPhone and do not log out

    • Automatic notifications must be activated

    Turn off or disable the account key in the Yahoo Mail iOS application

    Not for the specific reasons, some Yahoo mail users are not comfortable with the account password, they want to verify the phone number instead of sending notifications on the installed device of the application as two-factor authentication. To use the Phone number, we must deactivate the account key. Follow the steps to disable verification of the account key.

    1. Open the Yahoo mail application on the iPhone.
    2. Touch your profile icon. and find the “Account key” option.
    3.  Go with the password option Manage account.

    Manage account key on iPhone to disable or turn off.

    1. From the bottom of the screen, tap Disable account key. And verify to disable the account key option.Disable account key in the Yahoo mail application for iPhone.
    2. That’s it.

    Enable the two-factor iOS application in Yahoo Mail: Mobile Number Verification

    The verification of two factors for the mobile number is an alternative option of the account key. This method does not need any internet connectivity. To successfully log in to another desktop or mobile application, we must enter the verification code that we will receive in the Messages application. Alternatively, we can make a call to obtain the verification code if the message was not received on your phone number. [To use this two-factor verification, we must deactivate the account key]. In addition, we do not need to keep the iOS application installed on the iPhone.

    1. Open the Yahoo mail application on the iPhone.
    2. Next, tap the Profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
    3. Now, touch the Manage accounts option.
    4. Then, touch Account information, just below the account name. In the account information settings, tap the Security settings option.
    5. Find the section for verification in two steps. And next to the phone number, enable the toggle. Now, your iPhone asks you to enter your mobile phone number to verify this time. In the future, every time you log in, you will receive a verification code on your mobile phone number.Enable two-factor verification in the Yahoo Mail iPhone application.
    6. That’s it.

    Add third-party mailboxes in the Yahoo Mail application: Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo

    Some Yahoo mail users like to use other mail inboxes in the Yahoo Mail iPhone application. The Yahoo mail application allows you to add new third-party email accounts such as Google Gmail, Outlook, AOL, and Yahoo.

    Add another mailbox in the iPhoneYahoo mail application

    – Open the Yahoo Mail application on the iPhone.

    – Touch the Profile icon.

    – Now, touch Add another mailbox.

    – That’s it.

    Stop subscription to Yahoo Mail on iPhone, iPad:

    Yahoo’s mail on the iPhone allows users to buy a premium subscription that helps remove unwanted ads within the inbox. In addition, we can restore or stop the application store subscription in this way. Follow the steps below to remove the Yahoo mail subscription from the iPhone.

    Restore purchases from the Yahoo iPhone mail application

    1. Open the yahoo mail application on iPhone.
    2. Touch the Profile icon.
    3. Then tap the Settings option and scroll to open “Restore purchases in the app store”
    4. That’s it.


    Manage all app store subscriptions from the iPhone setup application, tap your profile name> Subscription> Tap active subscription> Cancel subscription> That’s it.

    Settings to add Yahoo Mail in the Apple Mail application

    • iPhone setup application> Passwords and accounts> Add account> Select Yahoo and enter your Yahoo email ID and password to log in to the iPhone mail application.


    Set password if necessary for third party application

    It is a third-party application for Yahoo If you are using the iPhone mail application. Therefore, set a third-party password by following the steps.

    • Step 1: By logging in to “Yahoo” and opening the “Account Security” page.

    • Step 2: Touch Manage application password / Generate application password.

    • Step 3: Choose the application and click on “Generate”.

    • Step 4: Follow and read the instructions below the password.

    • Step 5: Click Done.

    • Step 6: Your password is now generated and you can use this password and email address to log in to the email application.

    Log out and restart the device

    Start the mail application and log out of your account and then force the application to close. After that, restart the device and then restart the mail application and log in with a similar mail ID.

    Check mobile / cellular data

    You cannot approach emails from the inbox without an internet connection. For that, you needed a better data connection. Then, if it is out of the Wi-Fi range, then allow the application to access mobile data.

    • Step 1: Go to “Settings”
    • Step 2; Open the option “Cellular”.
    • Step 3: Click on the Mail application to activate.

    Configure SMTP servers on your iPhone

    • Step 1: Start the “Settings” application
    • Step 2; Tap the option Accounts and passwords.
    • Step 3: Then click on “Yahoo” and then open the option “Account”.
    • Step 4: Next, click on the option SMTP outgoing mail server.
    • Step 5: Enter your username and password.
    • Step 6: Set SSL to yes and set port to 465.            

    Toggle on Allow applications that use less secure login

    • Step 1: Go to the “Yahoo” application and log in.
    • Step 2: Touch your name and then touch “Account information”.
    • Step 3: Open “Account Security”.
    • Step 4: Now search for “Allow applications that use less secure login” and activate it.

    Update the iPhone

    Each update comes with some bug fixes and solutions. Therefore, there may be chances that your problem can be easily solved by updating the iPhone.

    • Step 1: Go to the “Settings” application
    • Step 2: Tap the option “General”.
    • Step 3: Click on the option “Software update” and check if there is an availability of update.

    Update the iOS firmware for your iPhone

    Be sure to update the firmware of your iPhone, so that any application you install on your device runs smoothly and without failures. The process to update your iOS is not complicated at all; You can do it with simple steps, without the help of any technology expert. So, here’s how to do it: through iTunes and wirelessly.

    Tip: Before updating your device, it is recommended that you back up all your important data using iTunes or iCloud.

    IOS update through iTunes

    Step 1: First, you must update the iTunes firmware to its latest version or install it. Now, start iTunes on your PC.

    Step 2: Take an impeccable lighting cable and connect your computer to your iPhone. Open the iTunes interface and tap the icon of your “device” in the upper corner. Click on “Summary” in the side panel to view your iPhone information and click on the “Check for updates” tab.

    Step 3: Touch the “Download and update” button in the pop-up window, just after clicking the “Check for update” button.

    Step 4: Confirm your actions after pressing the “Download and update” button. Once you did, your iPhone will be updated with the latest iOS.

    IOS update wirelessly

    When you receive an OTA update message that says the iOS update is available, tap the “Install now” button to update it to the latest version. Or, it can also be done by entering the system configuration of your iPhone, let’s see how:

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a stable Wi-Fi connection after turning it on to access the Internet. Go to “Settings”, then select the option “General” and click on the option “Software Update”.

    Step 2: Now, tap “Download and install” and the latest software will be installed on your iPhone. If you run out of space, the pop-up window will ask you to delete some data, confirm by touching the “Continue” button and delete unwanted applications. After the iOS update, you can reinstall the applications that were removed during the iOS update.

    Step 4: Choose “Install” and get the iOS updated dramatically. Enter the access code if necessary and that’s it.

    We are sure that the above solutions would help you solve the problem of Yahoo mail that does not work on the iPhone without problems.

    Add Yahoo Mail to iOS through IMAP

    There are situations in which you want to connect to your Yahoo Mail account on your iPhone, but the system does not automatically retrieve the correct information from the server. In such cases, you must enter the information manually. The problems of Yahoo Mail on iPhone become frequent with the increase in iOS updates. You can solve the problem of Yahoo mail that does not work on iPhone in 2 steps: first, delete your Yahoo Mail account from iOS mail and then manually set up an account in iOS mail through the Yahoo Mail IMAP settings.

    Remove your Yahoo Mail account from iOS mail

    Go to “Settings”, then tap “Accounts and passwords” and choose the “Yahoo Mail” account you want to delete, and press the “Delete account” key. Touch the “Delete account” button again to confirm. Now, you have successfully deleted your Yahoo Mail account from your iPhone.

    Through Yahoo mail IMAP manually set up an account in iOS Mail

    To manually set up a Yahoo Mail account on your iPhone using IMAP, access “Settings” and select “Accounts and passwords.” Go to “Add account” and tap “Other” and then tap “Add email account.”

    Now, complete the details and tap “Next.” Select “IMAP” and provide the incoming and outgoing server information. Your iPhone will establish a connection between the SMTP server and the IMAP server. Finally, Yahoo mail that does not work on the iPhone problem will be fixed.

    IMAP is for bidirectional synchronization, here are the IMAP server settings for Yahoo Mail:

    Incoming mail server (IMAP)

    • Requires SSL: yes

    • Port – 993

    • Server:

    Outgoing mail server (SMTP)

    • Port – 465 0r 587

    • Requires SSL: yes

    • Requires authentication: yes

    • Server:

    Login information

    • Email address: your (your name is the username you chose)

    • Password: login password

    • Requires authentication: yes

    Check if your account works outside the application

    When you face Yahoo Mail problems on iPhone, as you cannot access emails or Yahoo Mail does not work on iPhone. There is another interesting solution to ease the load, that is, try to open Yahoo Mail outside the application. You can do this by logging into your Yahoo Mail from a desktop computer using a web browser such as Safari or something. Compose and send an email to your own email ID and wait 5 minutes, whether it arrives or not. There is a possibility that your Yahoo mail account does not really work outside the application and, therefore, your Yahoo mail does not work on iPhone either.

    Remove and re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail

    Sometimes, the configuration responsible for connecting Yahoo Mail and the iOS application may be corrupted or configured incorrectly. Yahoo mail problems on iPhone that occur in such cases can be solved by removing the existing Yahoo Mail account from iOS mail and then adding Yahoo Mail back to iOS mail.

    Add Yahoo Mail to iOS mail again

    Go to “Settings”, tap the “Accounts and passwords” tab on your iPhone and click on “Add account”.

    You will see a list of email services; Click on “Yahoo” and simply log in to your mail using the Yahoo login interface.

    Use the Mail app of Yahoo from the App Store

    If nothing works in your favor to get your Yahoo Mail back into operation, you can download the Yahoo Mail application and use it. When you can’t get Yahoo mail on iPhone, go to the App Store and get the Yahoo Mail application instantly. This should solve all your Yahoo mail problems on your iPhone and solve everything.

    An alternative way to fix Yahoo Mail does not work on iPhone

    The problem that Yahoo Mail does not work on iPhone can also be solved using alternative ways.

    One of the safest and most advanced data recovery tools, iMyFone D-Back can help you solve this problem. This software is compatible even with the latest iPhone running on the latest version of iOS. You can use D-Back to solve several problems that arise on an iPhone.

    Fix Yahoo Mail does not work on iPhone with the standard mode function

    Step 1. On your computer, open D-Back and choose the option “Fix iOS System”. With the USB cable, connect your iPhone to the computer.

    Step 2. Choose the standard mode and the software will ask you to enter DFU mode / recovery mode.

    Step 3. When the device enters DFU or recovery mode, you must update the firmware of your iPhone. Your device will be automatically detected by the software. You just need to click “Download” to update your device.

    Step 4. After downloading the firmware, click on “Start to fix”. The firmware will be verified and iOS problems will be fixed automatically.

    You may wonder why D-Back is recommended. The most important is that it is trusted by many professional users and websites. Here is only part of them.

    Professional tip: iPhone recovery after fixing Yahoo Mail does not work

    If you discover that you have lost some data after troubleshooting Yahoo mail problems, you can easily recover with iMyFone D-Back. It is known that you recover your lost data completely and safely in a few minutes, no matter how they were lost.

    Step 1. Open iMyFone D-Back and click on the option “Recover from iOS device”. Click on “Start”. Connect your iPhone to a computer with the USB cable. Click “Next” after your iPhone is successfully detected.

    Step 2. Choose the types of data you want to recover and click “Scan.”

    Step 3. All data will be displayed when the scan is complete. Select all the files you need to recover and then click “Recover.” You will be asked to select the folder to save the recovered data. The selected data will be recovered successfully.

    With these methods, you can easily solve the problem of Yahoo Mail that does not work on iPhone issues on any iPhone. Check the above methods carefully and then choose an appropriate one to solve the problem. Many Yahoo Mail users have reported difficulties using the mail service on their iPhones. The service does not show the “Yahoo Mail Not Working” error on the device.

    This problem is often caused by a conflict in the iOS system, which causes the Yahoo mail service to fail.

    Do you want to try the best solution?:

    The best solution to this problem is to repair the iOS system, eliminate the conflict and make the device work normally again. FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is the best tool to repair an iOS system. This tool is safe and effective.

    To use Fixppo to solve the Yahoo Mail problem that does not work on your iPhone, install the program on your computer and then follow these simple steps;

    Step 1: On your computer, open FoneGeekand in the main window, click on “System Repair”. Connect the iPhone to the computer with USB cables and unlock the device.

    Step 2: The program will then detect the device and offer several firmware options for the device. Select an appropriate one and click “Start” to download.

    Step 3: After downloading, click “fix now” and the program will begin to repair the device immediately.

    Once the process is complete, the device will restart and the Yahoo mail problem should disappear.


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